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A Lesson (Prompt 15)

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Gerard is a man-whore and Frank's fed up! (Frank/Gerard)

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Another show, another drunken night. Another girl coming on the bus with Gerard. Then again, it wasn't always a girl. Sometimes it would be a dude. Seems like Gee was just taking what he could get, because regardless of gender, the sounds of moans soon flooded the bus. And I was completely and utterly fed up with it.
I was hopelessly in love with this whore of a man, and I was sick of listening to others enjoy what I wanted so much, but could never had. So, obviously, I had to teach him a lesson. And the one night he didn't score was my perfect opportunity.
We were staying in a hotel that night, and Gee and I were sharing a room since we couldn't afford another one. I saw this as my chance to let him know just how I felt about his slutty ways with my own slutty ways.
About an hour after the show, Gerard stumbled into the room. To my surprise, he was actually almost completely sober and not completely hammered, as usual. Of course, this meant his judgement wasn't at all impaired, which could hurt my plans. But I wasn't about to give up. And this way, he was more likely to remember what I taught him.
"Hey, Frankie," Gerard giggled when he saw me sitting on the hotel room bed, waiting for him to return.
"Hello there, Gerard," I replied, "And where have you been?"
Gerard giggled again and said, "Oh, y'know, just having a few drinks with old friends. Just a good time."
I got up from where I was sitting and stalked over to him. "Seems like you've been having a lot of good times lately," I purred in his ear, "Too many if you ask me."
Gerard chuckled nervously, and asked, "What do you mean?"
"I think you know what I mean," I continued in a voice seductive even to my own ears, "And I'm sick and tired of it. I think I need to teach you a lesson." With that I roughly grabbed Gerard's hair, causing him to yelp, and dragged him over to the hotel bed. I shoved him down onto the cheap mattress and crawled on top of him, straddling his waist. I bent over so my mouth was next to his ear, and huskily whispered, “And this is a lesson you won’t soon forget.” Gerard whimpered slightly, but I could see the lust hidden in his surprised eyes, and took that as consent.
I reached to the headboard of the bed, and brought out the pair of handcuffs hooked around one of the bars, where I had set it up earlier. I snapped them around Gerard’s wrists, and then lunged down to his mouth. It started off hesitant on Gerard’s part, as he was still working through the initial shock of it all. But soon he began to respond, and our lips started to move together in a frenzied passion. I shoved my tongue into his mouth suddenly without warning, and felt him gag a little, but it just turned me on more. I loved to be in control, and having Gerard completely submissive to me was fulfilling my wildest fantasies.
I could feel Gerard growing hard beneath me, and my body was having similar reactions. I decided it was time to move on. I got off Gerard, and he moaned at the loss of contact. I smirked to myself. He was totally under my control now.
I quickly reached under the bed and grabbed a bag of “purchases” that I had made earlier that day in preparation for this evening. I slowly pulled out a silk scarf, flaunting it. I saw Gerard’s eyes widen at the sight of it, and heard him whimper slightly. “Raise your head,” I ordered, and Gee willingly complied.
I wrapped the scarf around his head on his eyes, blinding him. After I had tied it, I literally tore off his shirt, his arm restraints preventing me from simply taking it off. Ah well, I though, He can always buy a new one. I flung the useless material to the floor, and got to work.
I started sucking at Gerard’s neck, purposefully leaving hickies, marking him as mine. Apparently, that was one of his turn ons, as he was soon a writhing, moaning puddle beneath me. Then I moved onto his chest, gently nipping at the skin around his nipples, before taking one into my mouth. I heard him gasp sharply, and his back arched up in pleasure. Seeing him like this, it was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen in my life. But there was also a lesson to learn, and I decided to start teaching it.
I got up and stood next to the bed, reaching into my bag once again, this time bringing out a whip. I trailed it lightly down his exposed flesh, causing him to gasp in surprise. “You know Gerard,” I said, “You’ve been a bad little slut lately. And you know what sluts deserve?” Gerard shook his head /no/. “They deserve to be punished,” I said in a near whisper. And with that, I brought the whip up, and gave my first blow.
Gerard gave out a loud cry, and that just egged me on more, being the sadist I am. I brought the whip up again and smacked him again, hitting the exact same spot once again. When his chest was bright red, and my own cock was throbbing from the pure sight of him, I dropped the whip down on the ground next to me. “Did you enjoy that?” I whispered in his ear, enjoying the way he shivered when my breath made contact with his skin. Gerard nodded quietly, still shaking from the beating.
“Good,” I said, “Now, let’s get rid of these annoying pants.” I reached down and quickly undid the button and zipper on his jeans, whipping them off, taking down his boxers at the same time. His erection sprang forth, free from the confines of his skinny jeans. It was already weeping precum, and looked ready to explode. Now, I didn’t want that, but luckily I came prepared.
I grabbed yet another item from my special bag, this time a shiny metal cock ring. I fastened it on, and felt Gerard moan desperately when he realized what it was.
“I see you're a bit disappointed with my selection,” I said, “But I don’t want you to release so soon. I want you to wait, just like I did. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this night, Gerard. Now it’s your turn.”
As soon as I was finished with my speech, I bent over and began to lightly suck Gerard’s cock. Almost immediately, he started to buck his hips into my mouth, moaning like a porn star. I could tell he was trying to cum, and I felt proud that I was the one making him feel like this. But I wasn’t done just yet.
After a few more minutes of slowly torturing Gerard, I flipped him over onto his stomach. Then I drew a small pink dildo out of my bag, and aligned it with his hole. He gasped when he felt the gentle contact on his ass, and started to moan as I gently circled his anus with the object, getting the muscles to relax. Then I started sliding in gently. I knew it would be painful with no lube or preparation, but Gerard had to learn that his behavior simply wouldn’t be tolerated. Said man was now panting beneath me, painfully stretched.
I started to slowly thrust the dildo in and out, and as Gerard got used to it, he started to rock back onto it, trying to get more contact. Then he screamed as the dildo hit his magical spot. The sound of that scream got me ripping off my own pants, releasing my own dick. I just couldn’t wait any longer.
I decided to take mercy, and lubed my dick with my own saliva before lining up the tip with Gerard’s entrance. Then I thrust in, since he was already opened up by the dido. I hit his prostate almost immediately, earning another scream.
“So..tight..” I moaned huskily, picking up speeds in my thrusts.
I knew I wouldn’t last long, his ass was just too tight, clenching around me with every thrust. And I could tell Gerard wanted to come too. This suspicion was confirmed when he breathed out, “Please Frank. Let me come.”
I whipped the blindfold off him, wanting to see his eyes in the impending moment, and they were filled with lust, want, and need. Then I took the cock ring off.
Gerard came as soon as his cock was released, screaming so loud I knew everyone would hear. His ass clenched around my dick so hard, and it sent me over the edge as well.
“God, Gerard,” I practically yelled, not caring who heard at this point.
I milked the rest of my orgasm out, releasing everything I had. Then I pulled out and collapsed onto the bed next to Gerard.
“Thank you,” he whispered, placing a little kiss on my lips. I knew my lesson had worked.
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