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"The darkness that gleams, and silence that screams." Just a poem I wrote. Would really love to hear what you guys think (:

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The tears that stream
And souls that dream
The darkness that gleams
And silence that screams
Feelings, corrupting, flowing, destroying
With your mind they seem to be toying

Thoughts; infected
Emotions; destroyed
Soul; tainted
A fate you can't avoid
But searching wont help
Help you won't find
You can't stop the riot
Inside your mind

So you make one outside
To be even, you know?
As you cut, you cry
And watch the blood flow

Writhing inside
A monster hides
Never see, never find
Ones of that kind
But no-one looks because no-one cares
They don't even point, or snicker, or stare
They can't see the monster
They never will
Can't understand
What makes you ill

Friends drift and family fly
They don't understand
Don't see through your eyes
They leave you alone to die

Because they never saw through her eyes
She said no final goodbyes
Before she was eaten alive
By the monster inside
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