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Rainy Days.

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Rainy days get the best of the way brothers. *Slight Waycest* Fluffiness at the end. :3 Dangerously short.

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The rain fell from the gray gloomy clouds overhead landing on the glass of the windows. Tear drops falling from heaven, dampening the Earth. Mikey parted his curtains and peered outside to catch a glimpse of the puddles forming in the streets causing him to stay inside for the remainder of the day. He laid back down upon the dark red sheets covering his bed and thought. 
Where did that comic go?
He had been searching for it for days and it had just now struck him as to who has it. He stomped down the steps to the basement door which was currently his older brother Gerard's room. He found Gerard sitting at his desk positioned in the far right corner of the room. He was clearly working on a drawing or painting. He always drew his better pieces of art when it rained simply because the calming sounds that rain brought. 
"Geeeee," Mikey whined,"Where's my comic that I bought Wednesday?"
"Why the hell are you asking me?" Gerard dipped his paint brush in a small glass of murky water and looked over his shoulder at Mikey. 
"Are you trying to say that I took it?" An innocent smile spread across his face.
"Who else would have, asshat?" Mikey shot back. 
"Hmm. Maybe you misplaced it." Gerard said. He rose from his chair and moved to the small drawers under his bed. Retrieving the comic from one of the few drawers he added,"Hey, look what I found!"
"Haha. Very funny Gee. Now give it back." Mikey reached for the new book as Gerard slid it behind his back and into the waistband of his dark gray lounge pants. 
"Come and get it, Mikes." Gerard teased. 
Mikey threw himself in the direction of his older brother in an attempt to tackle him to the ground and save his newly beloved comic he had not had a chance to yet read. Mikey landed on top of an in expecting Gerard causing them to both fall backwards onto the older Way's bed, getting tangled in a mess of unmatched sheets, blankets, and laundry in the process. After a moment of untangling themselves, Mikey jumps back at his older brother who now had the book hidden down the front of his shirt. Straddling the older Way, Mikey reaches his hands up Gerard's shirt. Mikey's cold hands sending chills up the elder's spine. As much as he hated to admit it, he quite enjoyed the manor in which his kid brother was straddling him. In an attempt to keep this little game going on longer, Gerard grabbed Mikey's wrists and tore the book from his other hand. Gerard then rolled over, the young Way underneath him. 
"Gee, get the fuck off." Mikey's cheeks flushed a pink blush. Gerard knew his little brother enough to know he was enjoying this as well. 
Mikey suddenly stopped squirming underneath his older brother whose pelvis was now squishing the younger boy's groin. Neither of them knew where exactly this would head, but they both were hoping for the same thing. Gerard slid his hands up Mikey's shirt. 
"W-What the h-hell,Gee?" Mikey's stuttering made Gerard realize how wrong this whole scenario was. This was illegal for Christ's sake. What If their mother came home and found them having sex. Gerard caught himself in the midst of thinking all of these horrible thoughts and climbed off of his younger brother's pelvis. He would not take his little brother's innocence. Mikey rolled onto his side and stared into the eyes of Gee. 
"Why'd you move Gerard? I kinda, erm, liked it." along with his confession, Mikey placed a kiss upon the older's cheek. He wrapped his arms around his brother and pulled himself closer to him. Snuggling into Gerard's sleeve always comforted him even when he was a little kid. It always made him feel safe and loved. Especially when his parents would fight, he would crawl into Gerard's bed and just cuddle him even if he was already asleep.
"I love you, Gee"
"Love you too, Mikes."
"No. Gerard, I love you."
Gerard was dumbfounded. At a loss for words. How could his kid brother feel the same way towards him? Was it possible? With every thought and question came a new wave of emotion. The rain continued with its steady rhythm on the roof of the small house, accompanying the music playing softly in the back corner of the room.
With no answer from his older sibling, Mikey continued,"Not only are you the best brother I could ever ask for, you're also my best friend." he looked up at his older brother who had a big smile on his face, revealing his small childlike teeth. 
"You do? Because Mikes, I love you too." Mikey leaned over his brother's face, their lips dangerously close. So he went in for the kill.

Yeah, my first (slight) smut. There was more but it never really had an end. It just trailed of so I said,"Fuck it!" and that's how it got up here, yanno? XD But, sorry for the fluffiness towards the end.
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