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The New Face of Failure

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This is the beginning of a really bad day for Pete Wentz.

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“PETE! Spencer stole my Skittles!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

I rubbed my temples and closed my eyes. I was so close to snapping the younger boys’ necks, but exhaustion anchored me to my battered couch. Late nights of partying and drinking had left me about as worn-out as the couch. He made me do it. It was involuntary on his part but it was still his fault. I just wish it wasn’t.

“Pete? Are you okay?” I opened my eyes to see Spencer standing over me. His voice was quieter than it was a moment ago. Concern filled his baby blue eyes and I barely managed a smile. I couldn’t let him see me like that. So sad and depressed, hating the world and everything that inhabited it.

“I’m fine, Spencer. Really, I am.”

“Whatever you say.”

“Now give Brendon those Skittles.” Just then, Brendon stormed into the room and snatched the package from Spencer’s hand. He did a little victory dance before bolting out of the room with Spencer in pursuit. Brendon was such a little kid. He was so carefree and reckless, just like I used to be. Emphasis on used to. Ever since he left...

Don't y'all freak out or anything, the rest of fall out boy will come in later. This is just the intro. (P.S: Virtual cookies for anyone who can guess the mystery man!)
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