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The Kids Of The Shadows

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You're the zombies of your own apocalypse. [EDITED]

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Hi guys...this has been bubbling away at the back of my mind for a little while, and I've finally written it out. Feedback is extremely appreciated :)

The Kids Of The Shadows

We linger in the dust,
The soulless sighs and shed skin,
Lamenting, whispering,
Choking on your sins.

We are the silent; the impassion; the harsh, bleak confession.

We snarl through the wind,
The spiked words and spat contradiction,
Screaming, hissing,
Choking on your evictions.

We are the angry; the broken; your stupid outcast tokens.

We cry out the rain,
The silenced tears and distilled blood,
Shaking, fearing,
Choking in your salted flood.

We are the anxious; the silenced; your dead-eyed audience.

We are the invisible;
Honesty’s widows.

The unheard.
The nobodies.

We’re The Kids of the Shadows.

No one wants to hear.
No one wants to see.

Because we are the truth,
We are what no one wants;
We are society’s un-poisoned youth.

Call us




And never let us speak.

‘Cause we’re just plain-faced kids,
Not perfect or pretty or cool,
But fuck, that’s what makes us sing.

We live in the shadows,
We follow you,
And haunt you with your force-fed truths.

But you’ll always ignore us,
You wish we didn’t exist-
Wish we weren’t here to highlight
This life you’ll never admit.

Dollar-sign souls sold for fashion,
Plastic lies and barefaced aggression,
Glossed lips and diseased hearts,
Stitched up shame of body-parts.

Hollow. Dead. Lies.

You’re the zombies of your own apocalypse.

We’re the only ones left alive;
Our hearts aren’t plastic,
Our souls aren’t dollar-signs,
Our dreams aren’t empty,
Because we don't lie;
Our beings are honesty-defined.

You don’t want to see that.

After all, who wants to realise their own, ugly truth?

But honey, the truth doesn’t have fairytale endings.

So, perhaps, for once in your life, you should look

At the shadows.

See the destruction.
See the poison.
See the truth.

See us.

The kids of the shadows.

See your truth.

And see




Uhm, thoughts? I have no idea if this was okay or not...hope it was. Anyway, pretty please drop a rate and a review if you feel like making my day? Rates are especially appreciated :3 Actually, both are, so I'll just shut up. Thanks so much for taking the time to read.

CosmicZombie xo

P.S. Readers of ToB, I'll try and update as soon as I can, but I'm still feeling pretty shit.I've started work on the next chapter, though :)
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