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After Midnight

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Thinkin' bout music for a change wrote this lil' shebang.

Category: Bubblegum Crisis - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2012-04-23 - Updated: 2012-04-23 - 293 words

The noise was silent. Nothing could be heard, no matter what it was. Words mingle into nothing, back to the original ever changing form. Darkness reigned, and they realised they were blinded, almost painfully so.
In a flash, darkness ceased. In that moment, that fucking moment, that’s when everything changed.
Suddenly everything was clear, it made what was coming real, after all those months of waiting it was finally here. Oh the crowd, those motherfuckers jumping their absolutions, the lights, bright, beautiful, home.

Those reasons of existance, they cannot be ignored.

Screaming crowd, energy, the pushing and the pulling. Everything, nothing and everything again. Bodies join together for a while ceasing to exist. Those present are energy. Pure fucking energy, emotions turned visible, undicernable to the end. That magical moment, the first push, the first jump, the first fucking fall.

That is everything.

For a period of time, they are saved. Those fuckers know, they fucking know, everything they thought, everything they feared, all the answers they sought, it was all there. Caressing ears, soothing hearts. Everything was clea, bright, like the early hope rose like a beacon of light. Times were achangin’ they were achangin’ they’d swore.
Then the music stop, impositions fullfiled, and those fuckers went back in the shadows, blind, some willing, others putting a fight. Til the next time. If there’d be a next time.
This is why, this is the reason, their salvation, their passion, their hate. This is everything regardless of the denies in that statement. Don’t ignore it, don’t fucking run from it. Let it fucking absorb you, destroy you, whatever the fuck it wants to do.

And wait in the shadows, be blind, until the next time..

Attend your salvations.
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