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Another Nameless Face Back At My Place

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Frank has a bad habit of bringing home random girls and Gerard can only take so much. Frerard One-Shot for NateTheGreat.

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The crappy pop music playing from the low quality speakers surrounding the crowded club fill Gerard's ears and make him wish he would have stayed home watching the rest of season 3 of Dr.Who on Netflix. This isn't even his scene, why he agreed to tag along with Frank in the first place is beyond him. But then he remembers Frank's undeniable puppy dog eyes, pouty lips, hushed pleads as he tugs on his lip ring and oh, yeah, that's why.

Frank's never been one to turn down an invitation to go out partying, so when Bob called him up and told him about this apparently amazing club that opened up downtown, Frank just had to go. Gerard wouldn't have cared if Frank would have ventured out alone tonight. It's basically been a routine for him ever since their senior year of high school. Once he turned eighteen it was like being at home for more than two hours at a time might give him some life threatening disease.

No, he didn't mind one bit. What Gerard does care about however, is that he was forced to join. It's not the invitation within itself, but the reason Frank wants him there. It's not to hang out and spend some quality time with his best friend and room mate, no, he just wants to make sure he has someone to get him and whichever poor, innocent girl he decides to take home with him this time safely back to our apartment. He doesn't exactly say it out loud, but Gerard knows. Oh, he knows.

The second Frank strides inside the depths of the club, strutting along like he owns the place, Gerard knows it's just a matter of time before he makes up some lame excuse in order to ditch him.

"Hey, um, I promised a friend I'd meet her here. Said she wanted to talk about something important. You should go ahead without me, I'll probably be a while."

Gerard rolls his eyes, not caring if Frank notices or not, because really? He should have at least bothered to come up with a more creative excuse. Like maybe there's a fire breathing dragon cornering a damsel in distress in the back alley behind the club. Or a swarm of extra terrestrial honey bees are attacking the city and only he, Captain Midget Man, can save the unsuspecting city of New Jersey.

Gerard mumbles a barely audible "Right" and pushes past Frank, heading towards the bar in the back. He really needs a drink.

Gerard spends the next two hours chain smoking by the bar, sipping on a couple beers, and striking up conversation with the surprisingly friendly bartender. He had spent most of the time refusing to acknowledge his surroundings, because he knew the second he did, he'd spot Frank grinding up against some slutty girl in the sea of sweaty bodies on the dance floor. Sure enough, once Gerard drags his hazel eyes in the direction of the dancers, he sees Frank pressed up against a short girl with strawberry blonde hair and wide, dark brown eyes. She's giggling uncontrollably at whatever it is Frank tells girls to get them under his spell and she occasionally batts her long lashes in his direction. Disgusting.

Frank meets eyes with Gerard after a moment, and he looks relieved to have found him in the midst of all the people. Frank places his arm possessively over the petite girl and drags her in the direction of the bar.

"This the girl you were meeting up with?"

Gerard says as soon as Frank's within ear shot. The girl looks up at Frank slightly bewildered, facial expression matching his own.


"Remember? You told me you were meeting up with a girl who wanted to talk about something important?"

Frank's eyes widen in realization and he stammers over his words.

"O-oh, yeah. T-this is, um, uh…"

The blonde looks over at Frank, obviously annoyed that he forgot her name before butting in.


"Right, of course! Lisa."

Frank tickles the girl's side and whispers something in her ear Gerard can't make out. Telling by the blush that shades her cheeks and the giggle that accompanies it, Gerard probably doesn't want to know.

"So, having fun Gee?"

"Yeah, tons."

Frank obviously misses the sarcasm in that statement because he smiles and looks a bit relieved.

"Great. We should probably head back to the apartment, it's getting late and I know you have to meet with that client early tomorrow morning."

Gerard could agree, because it's true, he does have to get up at ass-o-clock tomorrow, but something makes him want to make this more difficult for Frank this time around.

"It's not that late, I could stay a bit later. What's the rush?"

"No rush, I just don't want to inconvenience you."

Frank's eyes are pleading, and Gerard knows he's sending him subtle signals, but Gerard just chooses to ignore them all.

"No inconvenience, Frankie. Go enjoy yourself."

Gerard winks at Frank before swiveling around on the chair he's sat in at the bar and turning his back to him and his arm candy. A few seconds later, Gerard feels Frank pull on his Misfit's shirt, a bit more roughly than necessary to get his attention. Gerard turns around, a raised eyebrow aimed at Frank, and he motions at Gerard to follow him to a quieter corner of the club, promising the girl that he'll only be a minute.

"What the fuck is your problem?"

Frank's hostility angers Gerard. He has no right to be upset just because Gerard refuses to take him and that whore bag he picked up back to their apartment.

"My problem? What the fuck is your problem? Is this all I'm good for now, serving as your chauffeur?"

Frank snorts at Gerard's response, as if it's the most ludicrous thing he's ever heard.

"Of course not, asshole. But you are my friend. Don't friends do favors for each other?"

Gerard tries to focus on the anger brewing inside his chest at his short room mate and purposely ignores the yearning to be more than just some meaningless "friend" he constantly tries to hide.

"Not when that friend's being a complete man whore."

"Man whore? Are you fucking serious right now?"

One look at Gerard's stern face and Frank's question is answered. Gerard is very fucking serious.

"Whatever Gerard, you're just being a jealous prick."

"Jealous? Why the hell would I be jealous of you?"

The corner of Frank's mouth turns up in a lop sided grin and he takes a step closer to Gerard.

"When was the last time you got laid?"

Gerard tries to turn his now burning face away from Frank but it's no use. Frank has always been able to read him like a book.

"Thought so. Now, you can either grow the fuck up and take me home, or stay here and smoke yourself through another pack of cigarettes when we both know you rather be locked up in your room. I'll be outside."

Frank heads over to the girl who is still stood in the same spot, anxiously awaiting his return. He puts his arm around her once again and leads her outside. Gerard is frozen to the spot at first, Frank's harsh words leaving a stinging pain in the center of his chest. The Frank Gerard grew up with would have never said something as cruel as that, no matter how true it may be.

After mentally preparing himself for what is sure to be a torturous ride home, Gerard makes his way out of the stuffy club and towards his beat up car parked half a block away. He sees Frank following not far behind from his peripheral vision.

The entire duration of the twenty minute car ride from the club to Gerard and Frank's apartment is spent in silence apart from the soft moans and wet smacking sounds of lips on skin coming from the back seat. Gerard's knuckles turn bright white as he grips the steering wheel with all the strength he can muster. It's the only thing that keeps him from kicking Frank and his little slut out of the car and making them walk the rest of the way to the apartment.


Gerard awakes the next morning with raw, irritated eyes and a killer headache to match. That may all be due to the fact he got a grand total of one hour of sleep last night. He's never hated the fact that the walls of their apartment are literally paper thin until this very moment. Frank has always been one to be loud in bed, unfortunately Gerard doesn't know from experience, just unintentional observation, but last night was just ridiculous. It's almost as if he was doing it on purpose, knowing Gerard would have no choice but to listen in.

What Frank doesn't know, is how badly it hurt Gerard to helplessly lay there in bed, trying to drown out the noise by plugging in his headphones and turning up his iPod full blast. It may have given his ears some relief, but the rest of his body was still suffering with the knowledge of what was going on just a few feet outside his bedroom door. No amount of music could have stopped the salty tears from escaping Gerard's eyes and cascading down his pale cheeks as he stared at the wall opposite him, wishing he had more drinks at the club.

The apartment sounds quiet enough now, so Gerard assumes it's safe for him to go out to their small kitchen and fix himself some coffee before he has to meet up with his new client. Maybe he'll even have time for some pancakes. After last night, Gerard deserves a nice stack of pancakes.

While Gerard is leaning against the kitchen counter a few minutes later, reading through some junk mail while he waits for his coffee to brew, he hears Frank's bedroom door creak open. Gerard squeezes his eyes shut, praying to the heavens that he some how won't have to deal with seeing Frank in his tight boxers and wild sex hair right now, especially not this early in the morning.

Once he opens his eyes, he's surprised that his gaze doesn't land on Frank, but the next best thing (or worst, depending on how you look at it). The girl from last night is sat on their leather couch, dressed in nothing but one of Frank's old band t-shirts that fits her like a dress. She yawns loudly and looks around the room, confused when she only spots Gerard.

"Where's Frank?"

Gerard resists the temptation of just ignoring the whore all together and not answering her question, but something about how vulnerable she looks right now pulls at his heart strings and makes him answer.

"I don't know, wasn't he with you?"

"No. He wasn't there when I woke up."

You can almost see the awkwardness hanging in the air. This girl is probably waiting for Gerard to give her some positive, reasonable explanation when in reality, they both know why Frank wasn't there when she woke up. Gerard is quickly searching his head for a polite way of saying Get the fuck out of my apartment, now. Please. when he hears a strangled sob.

The blonde has her face buried in her hands and her small frame is shaking violently. Gerard may not be a fan of girls who give themselves away so easily to random guys they meet at clubs, but he's not a heartless bastard either. Gerard sits down next to the sobbing girl and places a reassuring hand on her back.

"Hey, don't cry, I'm sure he just went out for a second and'll be right back."

The girl lifts her head slightly to pear at Gerard through her hands, face smeared in last night's make up that's now staining her porcelain skin, making her look like a raccoon.

"Don't lie to me, we both know he left cause I was nothing but a one night stand to him."

Gerard's surprised at the girl's sudden boldness, but he doesn't know how to respond to that, so he just directs his gaze to his lap and fiddles with his fingers. Annoying nervous habit of his.

The girl wipes her eyes with the back of her hand and stands, looking at Gerard from the corner of her eye, like she's ashamed to make eye contact with him.

"I've been fucked over by enough guys to know that I shouldn't be here when he gets back, so I should probably get going."

She leaves the kitchen without another word and heads to Franks room. By the time she gets back, fully dressed and face clean of any running make up, Gerard is done making a fresh batch of pancakes. The girl almost reaches the door before Gerard grabs her attention.

"Lisa, wait."

Lisa turns around, looking just as surprised as Gerard is that he remembered her name.

"Uh, yeah?"

"You've gotta be starving, come have some breakfast."

"Thanks, but I'm not really hungry."

The whole purpose of that statement is ruined when Lisa's stomach growls loudly, making both of them laugh hysterically.

"Okay maybe I will have some breakfast."

Gerard smiles and walks towards one of the cupboards to reach for an extra plate.

"Great, I hope you like pancakes."


Gerard doesn't see Frank again until late that night. He doesn't even expect him to show up, which is why he was blissfully enjoying an old horror flick Mikey lent him on the television in their tiny living room when he hears rattling keys and hushed laughter outside the apartment door. Frank stumbles in with his arms wrapped around a girl's, brunette this time, waist.

Frank mumbles something against her neck and she quickly heads over to his room, closing the door behind her. Frank heads into the kitchen, grabs a water bottle from the refrigerator, and joins Gerard on the couch by lazily throwing himself onto Gerard's lap.

Gerard pushes him off and gives Frank his best death glare.

"Don't you have something to be doing other than annoying the shit out of me?"

"I think you mean someone."

Frank's stupid joke is lost on Gerard, who is just looking down on Frank like he's the most disgusting human being he's ever laid eyes on.

"What bit you in the ass?"

Gerard ignores Frank and reaches over him to grab the remote and turn up the volume on the television. Frank looks at Gerard like he just kicked his puppy in the face, but Gerard doesn't care. Frank's an asshole, he deserves it.

Frank takes the remote out of Gerard's hands and hits the mute button. All the lights in the room are turned off, so their only source of illumination is the light from the screen a few feet away. Frank looks at Gerard seriously for the first time in weeks, actually looking concerned for once.

"Seriously, Gee, what's wrong?"

Frank's sudden interest in Gerard should fill him with joy, but all it does is make him more angry.

"What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong. I'm sick of you showing up with random girls you pick up. Incase you forgot, we share this apartment and I can hear everything that goes on in your room. And it's not enough that you don't give a shit about me, but you don't give a shit about these girls you fuck either. Have you ever once thought about how worthless you make them feel? Lisa cried her eyes out this morning and it was me who calmed her down. She's actually a really nice girl but you wouldn't know that, cause you never even got past her first name.

I don't know what's changed you, but I miss the old Frank. I miss Frankie, my best friend. The guy who never disrespected anyone cause that's just not the type of guy he was. The Frankie that always put others before himself and hated guys that treat women the way you're treating them now. The Frankie that I lov-"

Gerard quickly shuts his mouth as soon as he realizes what he was about to say. It felt great to get all of that off his chest, but he's not ready to dwell into feelings that deep. Frank will only tease him and use it against him anyway. It's pointless.

Once Gerard catches his breath, he looks over at Frank. The silence is surprising, Gerard had expected Frank to retort with his usual sly remarks and insults. But all he sees when the television casts a dim light upon Frank's face is a stray tear falling off the edge of his sculpted chin.

"Frankie? I-"

"Stop. Just…stop."

Frank escapes to his room before Gerard can say anything else, and not long after, the unnamed girl leaves the apartment.

Gerard knows he should just let Frank wallow in his sorrow and finally face the fact of what he's become, but he can't bring himself to stay glued on that couch and act like nothing happened. As the words he said finally sink in, he realizes he's being a hypocrite, calling Frank an asshole when he's acting like a class A one himself. Gerard's not sure how he can fix this situation, but he figures it's worth a shot.

Gerard hasn't been inside Frank's room for quiet a long time, but not much has changed. He still has his geeky Batman action figures lined up on his book shelf, some of which Gerard gave him as gifts on various occasions. He recognizes the titles of some of Frank's favorite albums scattered around the room, partially hidden by articles of clothing.

He finds Frank on his bed, hidden under a mountain of duvets and pillows.

"You think I don't know that everything you said is true?"

Gerard is caught off guard when Frank decides to speak up first. His voice sounds hoarse and strained, as if he's holding back tears.

"I know I've changed, and I'm fucking disgusted in myself, but I can't help it. This is who I am now."

"No it's not. I don't know who this is, but this is definitely not Frank Iero."

Frank just shakes his head in denial, and turns to face Gerard. His beautiful emerald eyes are glistening with tears, making them look like lost stars in the galaxy of his dark room. There's so much pain, so much confusion, hidden within it's depths that it's almost impossible to keep eye contact. But Gerard does, he has to, because for the first time in months, he's looking into the eyes of the boy he's helplessly in love with. His best friend who's been dead to the world for far too long.

"I miss you, Frankie."

His face contorts into a sad smile.

"I miss me too."

"Why do you do this to yourself?"

"Because, one night stands are all I'm good for. No one's gonna love a pathetic screw up like me, so I might as well have some fun."

By the looks of Frank's face, that statement was only half true.

"Fun, really? You're having fun doing this?"

The silence that follows says it all. Gerard knows Frank better than that. He's always hated one night stands.

Gerard shifts on the bed so he's laying next to Frank under the mess of sheets and blankets. Frank tries tearing his gaze away from Gerard, but Gerard grabs ahold of his face with both his hands so he can't turn away.

"What if I told you someone did love you, even through all the shit you've done?"

"I'd say you're a liar."

Gerard doesn't even hesitate before he takes the next action. He knows there's only one way to show Frank how truthful he's being.

Gerard brings Frank's face towards him until he's so close he can feel Frank's breath on his lips. That is, until Frank stops breathing all together. It's at that moment that Gerard realizes Frank wants this just as much as he does.

Frank finally closes the minuscule space between them and applies the tinniest bit of pressure on Gerard's warm lips. It's innocent and sweet at first, short kisses that linger. It isn't until Frank brings his hands up and knots them in Gerard's long, ebony hair that the kiss comes alive like a shock of electricity.

All the suppressed feelings between the two men come alive all at once in this single explosion of passion. Gerard wraps his arms around Frank's skinny waist and he moans as Frank tugs on his bottom lip that he currently has wedged between his sharp teeth.

Gerard parts his lips, giving Frank better access into exploring his mouth with his sweet tongue. He tastes like coffee and skittles, and Gerard knows it's quickly becoming his favorite taste, ever.

They both pull apart after a few minutes, equally breathless. Gerard would probably make a joke about how they're both grinning like love sick teenagers, but he just can't remember how to use the english language properly after that.

"Still think I'm lying?"


Frank places a sweet kiss on the corner of Gerard's mouth to prove his point. If Gerard smiled any wider he's pretty sure he'd break his jaw.

Frank and Gerard spend the rest of the night wrapped in each other's arms, talking about nothing and everything. It doesn't really matter, because this is the happiest the two of them have been in ages.

Just as the sun starts to rise, Gerard's eyelids begin to flutter shut against his will. The last thing Gerard feels before he succumbs to sleep is Franks breath, hot on his ear as he runs his fingers through his hair.

"It's pretty ironic if you think about it."

Gerard can barely form words in his hazy state, but he eventually manages a reply.

"What is?"

"I wasted all this time bringing people home that I don't care about, when the person I really wanted all along was just a bedroom away."

This was just supposed to be a short one-shot to help me get over my writer's block,
But it somehow turned into the longest one-shot and/or story chapter I've ever written xD
R&R and let me know what you think,
And thank NateTheGreat for the idea that inspired this.

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