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Five years of Ficwad

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A quick frerard one shot to commemorate five years of me writing on this site. I feel so old :') - So, Frank is a secret fanfiction reader, but it's not gonna be secret for very long...

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Hey guys!
So I realised today that yesterday was my five year anniversary at this happy lil site and I didn’t even do anything to commemorate it! Well, I couldn’t let that happen, this is half a decade of piling my ridiculous frerard fantasies onto you guys so I had to celebrate somehow.
This site has changed a lot in the five years I’ve been writing on here but one thing has remained the same, the amazing support everyone gives to each other and if it wasn’t for all the incredible reviews and rates I’ve had over the years I wouldn’t still be here annoying you all ;)
So this is just a very quick one shot I wrote in the couple hours I had before my next lecture so it’s a little rough around the edges, but hell, I hope you guys enjoy it anyway :)
-throws confetti-

“Hey Frankie, what’s that you’re reading?”

“Hm? Oh, nothing.” Frank quickly closed the lid of his laptop and turned to flash an innocent smile at Gerard who quirked an eyebrow in return. “Just some old guitar article I found, nothing interesting.” Frank quickly clarified, this seeming to content the singer as he smiled and gave a small nod.

“Oh okay, me and the guys are gonna head out for something to eat. You coming?” He asked brightly, Frank considering the offer before shaking his head with a small smile.

“No thanks Gee, I’m just gonna stay in I think. Get rested up for the show and everything.” He said as innocently as he could, though he rarely refused to go out with the others. It was pretty much tradition when they reached a new city that they’d go out for lunch in the afternoon, see some of the sights and maybe buy a couple things before coming back to the bus to get ready for that nights show. Frank only ever didn’t join them when he was -

“Are you sick?”

“Course not.” Frank chuckled, smiling at Gerard and shaking his head fondly. “I’m just tired is all, I’m gonna take a nap and I’ll be ready for the show tonight.” He said sweetly, Gerard giving him a suspicious look before the sound of Mikey and Ray yelling for him to hurry up forced him to drop it.

“Alright then, I’ll see you later.” He said slowly, continuing to search Frank’s eyes for a moment before he shrugged and moved to the door. “Call me if you need anything kay?” He asked softly, Frank nodding and promising he would before the older man disappeared down the bus. A moment later Frank heard the door slamming shut as the others left, the sounds of their chatter and laughter getting quieter and quieter as they walked away from the bus.

As soon as he was certain he was alone Frank turned back to his laptop and opened it up again, waiting impatiently for it to reload after its shock hibernation. As soon as it had he tapped in his password and his home screen opened up, the tabs along the bottom still holding the one he was after.

Frank clicked up the webpage and settled back in the couch, resting his laptop on the arm of the sofa so that he could simply rest his hand on the mouse pad and relax. He found where he had left off and continued to read the writing on the screen. It was just a simple white background with black writing across it, clearly not a guitar article... or any kind of article for that matter. It was in fact some fanfiction, something that had been a guilty pleasure of Frank’s for a long time.

The site was a little known one, “ficwad”, but Frank liked it. He had found it some time ago... God, how long had it been now? About a year into the Black Parade tour he would guess, Jesus... five years? It was hard to imagine Frank had been secretly reading fictional stories about his own band for that long.

It had all began one quiet, lonely night, sat in his bunk and feeling bored out of his brain. He had never suffered from insomnia and he rarely had nights where he couldn’t sleep, so when he did he wasn’t very good with coping with them. In the end he had logged onto his laptop and sat in bed for hours just browsing the internet looking for something to do.

He had turned to fanfiction purely out of curiosity. Of course the band knew that stories about them existed, they also knew about some of the weirder ones, but none of them had ever read any. Frank had been unable to resist the curious tug at his psych and in the end he had turned to google. He had typed ‘my chemical romance fanfiction’ into the search bar and clicked on the first one that had multiple authors.

Since that night Frank had never looked back, happily reading fanfiction every day, sometimes for hours. Since making a secret account on ficwad he had heard of other sites like Livejournal, apparently they had large MCR fanfic categories too, but he had never moved from ficwad. He supposed it was fear mostly, he didn’t want anyone to know he was reading fanfiction so he stuck to the one place he knew and was content with it.

Ficwad had changed a lot over the years. Many authors who Frank had originally favourited had moved on to other places, what had once been pages and pages of incredible stories started to dwindle down until hardly anyone seemed to be writing anymore. Frank had considered forgetting the site then, but slowly new authors began to arrive and the dying category flourished again.

When Frank had first arrived all of the stories had been to such an incredible high standard it was a shock to the system when the new authors weren’t quite to that standard. But he had found he read even more because of it, like an addict with a favourite drug he just kept coming back. He watched as with every new story, every new chapter, the faceless writers honed their skills and built them up into something incredible. Everyone seemed to improve so fast and Frank took great pride in knowing that the people writing these stories were fans of the band. He was like a proud of father.

At first Frank had read simple adventure stories, or horror stories. He avoided any with character deaths, knowing that if the story was good enough he’d get so into it when it came to the character death he’d just die inside. He didn’t want to read about his band mates dying, or suffering some critical disease so he skipped over those stories. He stuck to good old fashioned vampire stories and exciting adventure fics where he and his friends would be kicking ass everywhere.
As time went on though Frank’s curiosity had come to attack him again. There were many stories Frank avoided like the plague, despite deep down desperately wanting to read them...

The dreaded frerard fics.

Frank’s hands would get sweaty when he hovered his mouse over one of them, particularly ones with the ‘X’ warning. He wanted to read one, read what these people assumed his and Gerard’s sex would be like but God... if he read one and enjoyed it he’d be forced to admit how badly he wanted the singer when he had spent so long forcing himself to deny it.

After a year or so on the site though Frank was forced to make an account and start to access the nc-17 stories. He never left reviews, never rated, never did anything that would allow his account name to appear on the site. Although he provided no information on the profile page anyway he was paranoid someone would find out that he was there. But of course no one did and Frank began to secretly read the forbidden stories whenever he had a moment alone.

Frerard had become somewhat of an addiction for him then. The next four years he had read anything that had promised frerard within it, soaking it all in like a sponge. It was a little strange for him, to read about himself. Sometimes the things people wrote would make him cringe inwardly, but he always enjoyed reading about Gerard. Some pinned his fantasies perfectly, some made him cover his mouth in shock and quickly press the back button. But there were none he wasn’t willing to try.

Over time he became aware of other pairings with him in it, particularly Frikey, but it just made him shudder at the thought and he would ignore those stories entirely. He adored Mikey of course but he was like a brother to him... The same with anyone else in the band for that matter.

He also skipped all Waycest and Baycest and what have you. He didn’t even know what Baycest was, he assumed the Way brothers and Bob? But if that wasn’t the case then he certainly didn’t want to know what the B stood for.

Infront of him now was a new frerard story Frank hadn’t read yet. It was a one shot but a lengthy one and he was greatly enjoying himself as he got lost in the erotic story. If any of the guys knew he read this kind of thing he’d never live it down, but the risk of being caught made it sort of more exciting.

This story happened to involve a shower and Frank sighed as he thought of how wonderful it would be to have a shower right then. Even if it didn’t involve being pushed up against the wall by Gerard he’d still enjoy it, he felt like he hadn’t had a shower in years though of course it had only been a few days. He decided he’d look for one after that nights show, he even smirked to himself at the thought of inviting Gerard to come with him but obviously he couldn’t do that. He and Gerard were both married men...

Frank sighed and turned back to the story, finishing it quickly and going back to look for more but there was nothing new to read. Reluctantly he turned off his laptop and went to take the nap he had told Gerard he’d have. Now he had some time to kill he supposed nap wasn’t a bad idea.


The show that night went off without a hitch and Frank grinned as he stumbled back to the dressing room after hugging the others tight. They were all laughing and chatting breathlessly, thrilled with how well the show had gone, unable to feel their exhaustion whilst adrenaline was still pumping through them.

They had a few hours to kill whilst the roadies dismantled the stage and got everything packed ready for the next show. There would be fans outside waiting for autographs no doubt, but Frank was gunning for the shower he had checked was in the dressing room earlier. The thing was tiny and a little grubby but he didn’t really care. He had showered in worse places.

Mikey and Ray agreed they would go out to greet the fans first, meaning Gerard and Frank could use the shower first. The four of them traipsed to the dressing room and Frank wiped the worst of his sweat away with a towel before he sat down on the ratty old couch in the room to drink some water.

Mikey and Ray dried off and changed quickly, giving themselves an hour limit to talk to fans before they would return to wash properly. In the mean time Gerard dived into the shower room before Frank could get back to his feet, laughing as Frank whined.

“I’ll be quick!” Gerard called from inside the tiny room, Frank scoffing and rolling his eyes fondly as he heard the water get turned on.

Since he had time to kill Frank grabbed his laptop and switched it on. He always brought it with him to their dressing room so that he could check his facebook and twitter and the like before they went on stage. This time though he went back to trust ficwad and started browsing through the few stories that had been added since he last checked.

From inside the tiny shower room he heard Gerard humming to himself and he smiled fondly, clicking on a new frerard story that had been uploaded. He read it quickly, eager to read through it all before Gerard came out of the shower. He got lost in the flow of the words and the delightfully naughty scenes as he scrolled down, his eyes whizzing from line to line as he devoured the story like a starving man.

When the shower got shut off he heard it but continued frantically reading anyway. He was so close to the end of the one shot that he couldn’t bear to not finish it. He grew more and more excited as the climax approached, but suddenly the shower room door burst open and Gerard strutted out in nothing but a towel.

Frank jumped slightly in shock and instinctively slammed the lid of his laptop down before Gerard could see what he was reading. He turned and smiled innocently at the older man, his cheeks tinged slightly. Gerard raised an eyebrow at him, wondering what it could be that Frank was so obviously hiding from him, but before he could try to ask the younger man simply got to his feet and pushed past him into the shower room.

Gerard closed his mouth from where he had been about to speak and frowned to himself. He felt a niggle of worry in his stomach, wondering if Frank was alright. The way he was acting seemed... strange. Gerard grabbed a spare towel and idly rubbed it over his hair as he wandered over to the couch and opened Frank’s laptop again. He watched the screen intently as it loaded up, revealing Frank’s name and a white box for the password.

Gerard clicked the password hint button, pondering over the little hint for a moment before trying a few things. On his third attempt the password was accepted and he smirked to himself, sitting down as the home screen loaded. Frank was just too easy to read.

Across the bottom of the screen a few tabs were open, facebook, twitter, the usual. But there was one Gerard didn’t recognise. Ficwad. Curious, he clicked open the tab, revealing a passage of writing similar to what Frank had been reading earlier in the day. This was clearly what he was trying to hide from Gerard, and so the older man looked about to make sure he really was alone before he started to read the writing on the screen.


Frank sighed in delight as the hot water of the shower poured over him. He knew he shouldn’t spend too long in there, needing to get out and dressed so that Mikey and Ray could come back, but damn it felt good to be stood under the blessed hot water.

He hoped that Gerard hadn’t thought anything of him dashing past him like he had. He hadn’t meant to act like such a paranoid moron, but he had just panicked. He would make sure everything was okay when he went back out though. He was sure Gerard probably hadn’t even noticed, they had been best friends for years, they knew when something was up between them and Frank could tell that there wasn’t.

Closing his eyes Frank faced against the back wall so that he could wash the soap off his chest and shoulders, tipping his head back to feel the warm water against his throat. His tattooed hands slid down his body, helping the water wash the bubbles away as a tender kiss was pressed to his forehead.

“Mm...” Frank smiled softly, before realising what had just happened and his eyes flew open. “Gerard!?” He gasped, spinning round and using his hands to cover his manhood although the whole band had seen each other naked at one point or another. “What are you doing here?” He squeaked, the older man smirking softly as he stepped closer to him, backing Frank into the wall. Gerard’s towel had been left outside, the singer just as naked as the guitarist.

“I saw what you were reading.” He purred silkily, Frank’s cheeks flaming red.
“H – How –”

“I guessed your password.” Gerard chuckled a little, Frank’s blush intensifying. He didn’t feel any anger at Gerard for invading his privacy like that, only embarrassment at being caught out. “How long have you been reading stuff like that?” Gerard asked curiously, stepping up to Frank until their bodies were touching and Frank positively trembled.

“A – About five years...” He whispered shyly, the truth just slipping out like it always did around Gerard. “It was just curiosity mostly.” He added in a desperate attempt to make it seem like nothing, but Gerard wasn’t an idiot and he knew exactly what it was.

“Five years?” He repeated, his voice showing his surprise and Frank turned his face away, squeezing his eyes shut as his cheeks blazed. “You managed to keep it a secret for that long?” Gerard asked, stunned, if a little impressed.

“Please Gee, I don’t feel comfortable like this. Can’t you get out?” He asked, his voice a little whiny. He wasn’t sure he could handle being pressed against Gerard’s wet, naked chest much longer.

“Why?” The singer asked, a shit eating smirk on his face as he teased the smaller man. “If that story was anything to go by this is exactly what you want.” He purred, Frank opening his mouth to retort but he couldn’t find his tongue when Gerard suddenly cupped his chin in one hand and turned his face back to face him.

“Five years...” Gerard sighed, shaking his head in bemusement as Frank stared up at him with wide eyes. “Incredible.” He added before he leant down and crushed his lips to Franks, taking advantage of the younger mans open mouth and pushing his tongue inside without a moment’s hesitation.

Frank gasped and stumbled back, ending up with his back pressed tight to the grubby shower wall as Gerard pinned him there with his own body. Frank groaned and squeezed his eyes shut, barely able to respond as Gerard kissed him with a passion usually reserved for the stage. His tongue was hot and coaxing against Frank’s, tempting him to play and soon Frank found his hands tangled deep in Gerard’s wet hair.

“Mmph...” He groaned, pushing his hips up against Gerard’s and whimpering into his mouth. His stomach sank back against his spine before expanding again with the force of his breathing and intense pleasure. His cock was already starting to harden, just from being against Gerard’s soft one. He submitted completely to the older man, tugging gently at his hair and wrapping the dark locks around his fingers.

Gerard smirked against Frank’s mouth, sucking on his tongue for a moment before he began to nibble gently on his lower lip. Frank’s hips were pushing and rubbing slowly and sensually against his, tentatively seeking friction as his heart pounded.

Gerard sighed and began to kiss Frank passionately again, but without tongue this time. He sucked gently against his lips and parted them with his own, Frank following his lead with tiny sighs of delight that made Gerard’s body tingle. He had always been attracted to the guitarist, as far as he was concerned it wasn’t really a secret. But it was the first time he had really acted on it.

Frank gasped and groaned as Gerard pushed a thigh between his legs, giving him something to rub against and he groaned desperately into the older man’s mouth as he rubbed his crotch against it. The water helped slicken his movements and soon his cock was hard and pulsing as he slid it along Gerard’s leg.

“Unng... G – Gee...” Frank groaned as Gerard broke from his lips and began to ravish his neck in playful bites and hungry sucks. He slid a hand down Gerard’s back and squeezed his ass softly, groaning a little in delight as Gerard bucked forward in response. Frank felt for the first time how hard the older man was and he eagerly moved his hand round to grip the singer’s length and start stroking his fist up and down.

Gerard sighed and moaned huskily into Frank’s ear, delighting in the ripple it caused to go down Frank’s spine. Both men knew they had to be quick, but that was fine with both of them.

Moving his leg away Gerard pressed one hand to the back of Frank’s neck, and slid the other down to wrap around his erection. The hand on the back of his neck pulled Frank forward until his lips were pressed against Gerard’s again, their kissing heated and desperate as they both pumped their hands at a shared, rapid speed.

Frank sighed into Gerard’s mouth and trembled as the older man moved closer, forcing their lengths to rest side by side and Frank bucked his hips automatically. The sensation of their erections sliding against each other in the wet heat of the shower was almost too much and within seconds both men were desperately grinding against the other, their hands slipping and sliding as they jerked each other off at the same time.

Frank felt like he had just been transported back to his teenage years as he wrapped his free arm tight around Gerard’s neck and groaned against his heated kisses. It was all a little awkward and sloppy but still electrifying. Frank supposed it could even seem amusing, the way two full grown men rubbed so desperately against each other like a pair of rutting animals, but what did it matter? It felt as if he had been waiting for this to happen his entire life.

“A – Ah... I’m close...” Gerard huffed against Frank’s mouth, the shorter man nodding his agreement, his cock twitching with more force against Gerard’s. He could feel a tension building in his abdomen, spreading right through his entire body until his thighs trembled and he began to choke on the moans that were half words and half just noise.

Gerard laid his forehead against Frank’s, breaking the kiss but both men continued to pant harshly into each other’s open mouths. Pre cum was starting to make their hands slip even more, Frank’s body trembling as he came first.

Gerard gasped as Frank howled his release and came hard over his erection and hip bone, thick creamy ropes of cum shooting from his tip over and over again. His hand fell still against Gerard’s dick, unable to process anything in his scrambled mind. He sighed and slumped back against the wall as his orgasm subsided and Gerard batted his hand away so he could take care of his own aching cock.

Frank slowly opened his eyes and gazed at Gerard’s pleasured face, coming back to his senses slowly and he laid his hands over Gerard’s hips, drawing him closer and tiptoeing up to join their parted lips in a sweet, tender kiss that had Gerard’s hips jolting as he crashed into his own climax.

Frank sucked Gerard’s moans into his mouth as the older man fell forward, supporting his body against the wall with one hand whilst the other milked his orgasm, his cum spattering against Frank’s midriff and dripping down onto his softening penis before he slumped against him with a soft ‘oh’ of relief.

Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard’s neck and kissed him tenderly, Gerard’s arms sliding around his waist and for a long moment the two men just held each other in the dizzy after glow. Frank wasn’t sure what this meant for them but it didn’t really matter in that moment, he was just content to let the water rinse them off as they shared tired, giggly kisses.

“Mm... You know something?” Gerard asked softly, his voice husky from his climax and Frank sighed, nuzzling up against him like a kitten.

“What?” He asked, his voice equally as husky and he giggled a little. He felt so stupidly happy, like a smitten teenager.

“This should’ve happened five years ago.” Gerard chuckled, Frank grinning at him and sighing in delight as Gerard cupped his face and kissed him lovingly beneath the warm water. He couldn’t deny it... the guy was right.

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