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Chapter 3

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Each of them have finally found someone who can make there lives better, each other. But are they mistaken? (once again, not very good at summaries) :)

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A/N: Hey, sorry it's so short again, it's just a filler chapter really, but please rate and review!!! Thanx for reading! :)
Franks P.O.V

The way i felt with Gerard is like what i've never felt before, i felt happy, safe, content! He was also amazingly cute and very funny, i had so much in
common with him, we liked the same music, bands, comics, he was perfect, i knew i liked him more than a friend but i couldn't tell him that, he was
probably straight, and i didn't want to ruin our friendship already by telling him 'Gerard, i know we've only known each other for a day, but i think
your so goddamn hot'. My thoughts were interupted by Gerard's sweet, compelling voice. 'see something you like?' he asked giggling, before he quickly
realised what he had said and blushed, once again. Now it was my turn to giggle at him, only just understanding that the reason he had said it was because
as we were walking i had been staring stupidly at him. Great, i bet he thought i had some sort of problem!

We turned the corner and i opened the gate that was at the bottom of the small pathway leading to my house. 'Here we are' i said rather over
enthusiastically! 'great' he replied trying to show the same amount of enthusiasm and looking at me kind of oddly. I turned the key in the lock of
the bright, red front door. We stepped inside and i threw my bags and coat on the floor, i urged him to do the same, as i walked over to the radiater a few
steps down the hall to take my shoes off. 'you don't have to take yours off, if you don't want' i was trying to sound polite, he walked over and stood
next to me leaning on my shoulder to pull his shoes off. Once he had finished i walked threw the door opposite us into the sitting room. I jumped on the
couch and he followed, but he sat on it with gentleness, him in turn trying to be polite. All of a sudden he smiled mischeviously and said 'did you mean
what you said, when you said i was your best friend?' he asked, eyes full of curiosity but that smile never faded. 'yes' i replied simply. His smile faded
almost as quickly as it had appeared. 'Whats wrong?', He was hesitant, he was about to say when he stopped himself. 'It doesn't matter' his voice had a
hint of anger in it, i was pretty sure that he was angry at himself rather than me. 'Please, you can tell me anything, your my best friend remember'
i said with a small smile. In return i got a huge grin. 'Ok, it kinda seems like a weird time to bring it up, but seen as your my best friend, i think i
should tell you! My face now mirrored his, i was grinning like an idiot. 'I kinda need your advice', 'okay' i said confused. 'i kinda have a crush on someone'
i could tell he was embarrassed, and i tried to cover up my dissapointment, even though deep down i knew i could never be with him because, well, he was
straight, and even if he did fancy lads, he wouldn't fancy me. 'do i know her' i asked casually. 'her?, what makes you think it's a her?' he asked with
an eyebrow raised. I had to stop myself from jumping off the couch, in a mix of shock and excitement. 'i i'm sorry' i stuttered. 'No, it's a he
actually.' He paused, 'are you okay with that' he questioned with a worrying expression on his face. 'yeah, i'm bi myself' i said with
a small smile. 'oh, really! Oh-uh i i m-mean thats c-cool!' I laughed i thought he ment that because at least he wasn't alone but i soon changed
my mind when he asked me kinda bluntly 'Frank, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?' 'Um, no, not right now' i replied. 'do you fancy anyone?'
'yeah, i guess i kinda do, i suppose. I grinned. His faced dropped. I ignored this and carried on questioning him before he could ask me anymore
questions, but he talked first. 'yeah, you do know him, quite well actually'. I was utterly confused, he had only been at my school for a day and he
didn't really meet anyone, didn't get chance to since we left school early. 'So, tell me who it is then?' i said eargarly. 'I can't tell you
because he already likes someone else'. 'andddd, i won't tell anyone, i promise' i held out my little finger and he linked his little finger with
mine, and we shook. 'ok' He paused cautiously, as if trying to find the right words but it came out very simply. 'It's kinda you!' He rubbed his neck and
blushed uncontrollably, my head shot up as soon as i heard him, i was so happy, so excited, but i wanted to make sure i had heard him right, i didn't want
to get my hopes up too much. 'What?' 'I'm s-so sorry, i can't help it, your so amazing, and beautiful. I understand if you like don't want to be my friend
anymore!' I saw a tear roll down his perfect cheek, i hesitated and then slowly got up, his head rose so his eyes could meet mine and he stood up too. I moved
closer towards him and his tears started to flow more heavily. When i got to him, i placed both my hands gently on his face. 'Good' i said slowly with a
smile on my face, i wiped his tears gently from his cheeks. 'i thought you would never like me the way i liked you' Gerards face lit up, and my smile
only grew bigger. Are lips collided softly, and thats when i knew that this boy, was the best boyfriend i could have ever wished for.
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