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Can I Come With You, Mummy?

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Why did you leave me? I need you. Can I come too? Angsty crap. Feedback hugely appreciated. :)

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Can I Come With You, Mummy?

Would you be proud,
If you could see me now?
Falling to the crowd,
Ready to take my bow.

You’re dead and burnt,
And I’m letting it kill me.
I’ve forgotten what I learnt,
About letting me be happy.

I’m a losing war,
They’ve already won.
Deader than before,
I’m just a clichéd pun.

I want to hate you,
You left me too soon.
My friends have no clue,
They don’t even know this tune.

Lonely little girl,
No lover to hold.
Broken worn-down pearl,
How’d I get so cold?

You’re not here with us,
You just don’t exist.
Life’s just meaningless,
So why should I persist?

A/N: Something I've had on my mind since yesterday when I was at a friend's house and his brother asked me what time my parents were picking me up. Resulting in me going "my dad lives at the other the end of the country and my mum's dead". Awkwardness ensued. During which I thought up this. Anyway, thanks for reading and please let me know what you think/how to improve.
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