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7- Drunk

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“It’ll keep the taste of the alcohol down.”

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Frank's hand tightened when I heard the voice that I recognized and knew belonged to Mikey Way, whom I'd met earlier. "What the fuck happ-" I felt Frank move and then Mikey groaned in pain. "So nice to see you both!" He said, sarcastically.

“Hi Mikey.” I responded, attempting to smile without faking it.

“Dear Isabella, come right in.” Gerard said, emphasizing each word with a dramatic tone. “For it seems tonight it shall just be Mikey, Frank, myself and you. And as the girl of the group do you know what you have to do?”

“Hopefully nothing kinky.” I mumbled, blushing as the words came out. I didn’t mean to say that out loud! It was a ... strictly in my mind kind of thing.

Frank laughed, walking behind me. “Well... Gerard does have a maid outfit in his closet from last Halloween.”

“You were a maid on Halloween?” Well, that’s sort of strange... But then again, what did I know? I’d never celebrated Halloween, though I’d always wanted to.

I mean, who wouldn’t want copious amounts of sugary candy?

“My ex-girlfriend was.” Gerard said, laughing as well. “She used to wear it for me until we broke up and... it was the best part of the break up.”

“Well, unfortunately I don’t play dress up.”

“Sad.” Mikey said, and I imagined that he was probably currently pouting. His tone sounded dramatically sad. Gerard and Mikey seemed to be big on the ‘drama’ thing. I was enjoying it.

“So, what is it that I’m supposed to do?” Curiosity was getting the best of me.

“Help us!” Mikey screamed.

“With?” I was a little startled with how loud he had suddenly gotten.

“Sit down, the couch is right behind you.” Frank whispered in to my ear, guiding me with his hands. I sat, feeling the couch sink as he sat next to me.

“We need girl advice.” Gerard admitted. “Girls are quite confusing.”

“Well... I- I don’t really know how I could help. I don’t really know anyone at our school, besides Frank.” I couldn’t exactly get them ‘in’ with the girl crowd. Hell, I wasn’t even ‘in’ with the girl crowd... or any crowd for that matter.

“Yeah but you’re a girl.” Mikey said it as if he were being so obvious and I was slow to catch on, which I guess I was because I still didn’t quite understand what he wanted.

“We just want your girly insight.” Gerard informed me.

“Think of it as a Q&A of sorts.” Mikey said. “So?”

“So what?”

“So, can we question you?” Mikey asked, sounding extremely impatient.

“Sure.” I would do my best to answer their questions but it was going to be my personal insight and each girl was different so I wasn’t sure it would do them any good...

“Do you like flowers?” Gerard asked.

“They smell nice. I like anything that smells nice.” I replied, sighing. “I’m a huge fan of candles but I’ve never really... been allowed any...” I trailed off, quickly adding. “Clean Linen is my favorite scented candle.”

“Mmm clean linen.” Mikey hummed something then I heard him jotting something down.

“Are you writing this down?” I suddenly felt slightly self conscious. I didn’t want my answers recorded, for fear of them sounding stupid compared to any other person’s answers.

“Of course!” Mikey wrote something else down. “Have no fear. It’s simply personal research.”

“Fine.” But I didn’t particularly like it.

“So, you like basic smells?” Gerard asked.

“I guess.”

“Since you’re blind-“ Frank shifted and Mikey grunted, as if he’d been hit. “Pardon the question.” He quickly added, “But do you only date guys ... who are, like blind or deaf or something?”

“Why would I date someone who is deaf if I’m blind?” I couldn’t understand how he even came up with that question. “Those are two completely different things. I mean, I wouldn’t rule it out but it’d be right there with dating any other guy who was different from me, or from your perspective... any normal guy.”

“Noted.” Mikey mumbled.

“How can you tell if guys are attractive?” Gerard asked, “Like, how do you know they aren’t ugly? How do you... get crushes on people?”

It was a fair question I suppose but I didn’t really judge off of looks, since I couldn’t see anyone. Therefore it was hard to answer. “I rarely get crushes.” I admitted, “Because people rarely talk to me and without someone talking to me... I know nothing of them and therefore, can feel nothing for them.”

“But like, have you ever wondered if Frank was good looking?”

“Frank is good looking.” I could feel a flush grow in my cheeks as the words left my lips. Frank shifted, and I had the feeling that he was staring at me.

“How do you know?” Mikey asked.

“I just... I don’t like this question.” I didn’t know how to answer. “But I’ll answer to the best of my ability. I’ve felt his face-“ I heard a quiet mumble that sounded like it came from Mikey but I didn’t catch what he said since I’d been talking. “It’s proportionate and everything. Um... I’ve been around when a girl, or girls, have hit on him.”

“Fair enough.” Mikey seemed pleased with the answer. “Are you a virgin?”

“Mikey, that’s none of your fucking business.” Frank snapped.

Mikey groaned, “Fine. I give up. You guys are no fun. I figured sex would be better. I mean, you’re all touch, no see-“ I heard a smacking noise and then Mikey spoke again, “Gerard, don’t fucking hit me!”

“Go to bed Mikes, you’re drunk.” Gerard said, sounding annoyed. “Sorry, we started drinking before you guys got here.” Well, that made more sense.

“I don’t smell alcohol.” Usually my sense of smell was a lot stronger.

“The alcohol is downstairs and we sprayed a bunch of shit and lit candles because we weren’t sure who you were when you first pulled up.” Gerard admitted..

“I’m flying!” Mikey called from the background, followed by a crashing sound.

“Don’t mind him. He just fell off of a table.” Gerard said. “So, wanna get drunk?”

“Nope.” Frank leaned back. “I’ve got to drive us home tonight plus, aren’t your parents around?”

“They are out of town again.” Gerard replied, coughing. “Come on! You can both stay the night!”

Frank sighed, “I don’t think so... Bella, did you want to?”

I paused, thinking it over. I’d never consumed alcohol before but tonight did really suck and I didn’t have a place to go to tonight. It would feel a lot more natural staying over at a friends house after being invited than it would to stay at Frank’s, simply because he knew what my father was like.


“Okay then... bring on the alcohol.” Frank said, still sounding fairly hesitant.

Gerard’s footsteps disappeared and I heard Mikey groan but he sounded like he was in a different room. “Are you sure you’re up for this?” Frank asked, sounding worried. “Don’t feel like you have to do it. We’re the most nonjudgmental group of people you’ll find and I’m completely fine with not drinking.”

“I’ve... never gotten drunk before. It’s kind of something I’d like to experience, unless you think I shouldn’t.”

“Do you want me to stay sober so that we can go to my place tonight or do you wanna sleep here?” Frank was worrying over nothing.

“Just drink, enjoy yourself.”

I heard Gerard’s footsteps return and then he slammed something on to the table. “Isabella, you’re first.” A small glass was placed in to my hand.

I brought the cup to my lips, inhaling the harsh scent. With one gulp the liquid was burning down my throat, my nose wrinkling in disgust.

Frank chuckled, “Here, take a drink of this.” He put something else in my hand.

I was hesitant at first but once the liquid began it’s way down my throat I drank more, realizing it was coke. “It’s a chaser.” Frank informed me, “It’ll keep the taste of the alcohol down.”
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