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Collars and Coffee

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The dangers of trusting Frankie with coffee

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The fan blades spun slowly, casting shadows over the white ceiling. A groan escaped my throat as Frankie bit down on my collarbone. “Good morning to you too.” I smiled at him.

He beamed at me. “Sleep?” he asked softly, his finger tracing the bags under my eyes. Not 'sleep well?' like someone would normally be asked in the morning.

I shook my head slowly, making it pound even more. He frowned and hugged himself closer to me. “Your insomnia is getting worse, Gee.” I sighed and rolled over, holding him like a teddy bear.

“I know. Mikey's getting worried, too.” I murmured into his hair. His kissed my neck softly, his fingers rubbing my back gently.

A sense of peace wafted over us for quite a while, like the fan blades was pushing it around the room with the slow beats of the five dark wooded panels. Frankie sighed against my skin softly, his warm breath making me shiver.

I pulled the sheet over our bodies with one hand easily. His breath got deeper and deeper as he fell back asleep. I looked at his peaceful face with a feeling of 'if only' and closed my tired eyes.

The hum of the fan's motor. His soft breathing. Our heartbeats mixing. The nearly silent swish of the blades cutting through the air.

It was all peaceful. But I still couldn't sleep. I let out a breath of irritation and carefully moved my arm out from under Frankie.

He sighed, not waking up. I padded out to the kitchen and sat on the couch. The cold material felt almost plush as I lean back, picking up a sketch pad from the table next to the couch arm.

Page after page I filled with sketches. The sun rose with every stroke of the pencil in my hand. When I got to the back of the small book, it was eleven in the morning.

Frankie was sitting next to me, sipping coffee from a black mug. “When did you come out?” I asked softly, blushing.

“About an hour ago. I like watching you sketch. You really get sucked into it, you know?” he smiled, taking the pad from me and flipping to the front. “So what all did you do?” he flipped through it slowly, taking his time.

As his light brown eyes looked over what I'd done, I felt more and more awkward. I loved Frankie, but I still didn't like it when people looked at my artwork.

Especially him. It was a portal into my mind, a place I really didn't want him in. His breathing hitched, making me look at him.

He was staring at a page. I tilted his hand back slightly to see which one. My cheeks were licked with flames as I saw the detailed sketch of him.

It was something I've had in my mind for a while now. It was actually a dog version of him. He just reminded me of a dog at times.

Like when he'd lay across my lap or jump at thunder. The sketch was a little cartoony, but I liked it.

It was him, with little pointed ears, his head tilted, a tail curling around his leg, hands up like a dog, with a black spiked collar on. My face was probably bright red by now.

What did he think? I looked at his expressionless face as he stared at the page. After a long while, he spoke.

“How'd you know I like collars?” he smiled at me. My chest relaxed slowly as he grinned. I returned it after a moment.

“Who doesn't?” I leaned forward, taking the pad from his subtly. He reached after it, his fingers brushing mine as I stood quickly.

“Hey!” he whined as I held it up high and backed away from the couch. “I wasn't done looking through it!”

“Too bad.” I stuck my tongue out at him. He jumped for it, not even close to touching it. “You're not gonna get it, hun.” I smiled at him.

“Oh yeah?” he breathed, tackling me to the floor. My breath left me in a huff as landed on top of me. His hand closed around my wrist, pulling my arm up to him.

He took the pad again and pinned my arms under his legs. “Frankie!” I whined loudly. He smiled down at me as I struggled under him. “C'mon!” I tried to lift my arms to free myself.

He was somehow stronger than me. Always has been. Once he'd seen it all, he tossed the book over his shoulder and leaned down.

“You, my dear, can draw. I really like the one of me though.” he whispered, his lips hovering over my neck. They brushed my skin softly, making me squirm. “Thank you.” he murmured and bit down hard.

Black dots danced in my eyes as I moaned, biting my lip. “Coffee?” he smiled down at me, his eyes bright. My head spun as I murmured a soft “Okay”

He stood and poured me a cup, taking longer than usual. I sat up as he came back, pushing myself up. He handed me hot cup and sat on the couch. I joined him as he pulled his legs up, tucking his knees under his chin.

The smile on his face made me nervous as I drank my hot addiction. Once the cup was empty, he was nearly beaming. “What're you so happy about?” I asked softly.

He laughed softly. It sounded echoed in my ears. My head spun. “How are you feeling?” his voice sounded like he was talking through a mouth full of peanut butter.

“What the hell?” I asked, sitting the mug on the table next to me and held my head in my hands. My vision was blurring. “What was in that?” I asked, my ears ringing.

“Roofies.” he murmured softly. I gasped and reached for him with numb arms. Everything went black.


I groaned and rolled over. My stomach flipped. I covered my mouth with my hand and opened my eyes.

The sheet was wrapped around me like a cocoon. As fast as I could, I kicked my way out of it. My head spun as I lept from the bed.

I ran to the bathroom down the hall and slid to a stop in front of the toilet, my knees gaining a bruise on each as I fell hard. I spewed and coughed and spat until there was nothing left in my stomach.

“Hey.” the voice made me look up. Frankie stood in the doorway, a small gleam in his eyes.

I wanted to choke him. If I had enough energy to get up, I would. But I could barely keep my head up. “Why'd you drug me?” I whispered.

He left for a moment and came back with a small plastic cup in his hand. I watched as he filled it with water and handed it to me. “You slept, didn't you?” I rinsed the bile out of my mouth and spat it into the toilet.

The smell made me gag. I flushed it, moving my face away from the bowl. “If you call passing out sleeping.” I murmured, my voice raw.

I pulled myself up to the sink to brush my teeth. Once the taste was gone, I washed my face with cold water. “Sorry for drugging you without your knowledge.” Frankie beamed at me from his perch on the tub's edge, muttering something under his breath about lipstick.

“You're so lucky I love you.” I sighed and bent to him. I took his chin in my hand, tilting it up. “But just wait. I will get my revenge.”

He gulped loudly, his shoulders shaking slightly. Oh, he knew I would. He just wouldn't know when or where, but he knew I would.

That out an evil smile on my face as I turned his head to the side and bit down on his shoulder.

I LOVE collars!!!! And I know I'm not the only one who's ever thought Frankie was kinda like a dog. Don't ask how I know what getting roofied is like. Let's just say I have some stupid family and friends.

Anyway, the last concert of the year is May 11th and 12th and if I don't go both nights, it'll lower my grade. And this concert is really different from the others.

We gotta dance and sing at the same time. ~sigh~

Speaking of dances, the guy I asked to prom said he'd have gone with me if he hadn't had a tournament in Oklahoma that day. So, in other words, I didn't go to prom.

Ah well. I guess as long as I'm playing Cinderella, my prince'll come along some day.

And as far as the fairy godmother is concerned, that old bitch can suck my nuts! The only magic I use is my own. And mine has no time limit.

Hugs and WiFi,
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