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Let the words pour out, so I don't have to cry.

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Hi,so I wrote this last night while listening to The Black Parade...thoughts would be much appreciated, as it's pretty personal and...I don't know. Venting something. Hope you like :)


Let the words shout out,
So I don’t have to scream.

Let the words pour out,
So I don’t have to cry.

Let the words weave out,
So I don’t have to dream.

Let the words spill out,
So I don’t have to lie.

Let the words bleed out,
So I don’t have

Let the words out,
Let the blood out,
The screams and the fears,
The sellotape-mended dreams,
The angst-drenched tears,
Let the hurt out,
The sorrow,
The anger,
The ever-dreaded tomorrow.

Let the words cry out,
From nothing but a slowly-shattered soul,
Scribing salt-glossed metaphor,
A cheap, black biro to unfold
Metallic-red melody
And lung-aching cold.

Let the words fall out,
So I don’t have to collapse.

Forever keeping my silence.

Let the words trickle out,
So my composure won’t elapse.

Oh, let my words out,
Let them illustrate my self-loathed compliance,
My endless, bitter silence.

Let the words pour out,
So I don’t have to cry.

Let all these words drown me,
So just for a moment,
I can forget,
I want




So...was it okay? I'd really love feedback, and also let me know if you'd like me to keep posting poems on here/not. But yeah, this was quite personal to post, so thanks so much for taking the time to read :) ...hope it made sense!

CosmicZombie xo
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