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Chapter 5 Jack Jack's New Life

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Violet and Brooke's new sitter has a sister obsessed to the brink with Jack Jack and she'll do anything to have him.

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Incredibles FF
The next day Helen grabbed a breifcase as Bob was dressed in a suit both of them ready to go to work leaving Jack Jack with Violet and Brooke.
Helen: If they aren't awake in 10 Mins wake them up and feed them Cheerios and peaches, then they are allowed to watch TV and play all day until lunch time.
Jack Jack: Do I have to stay here with them all day?
Helen(Nodding) If you want your $50.00 you will, now I'll be home at 6:00 for dinner and I expect a good report from Brooke and Violet for last night and today.
Before Jack Jack could respond Brooke and Violet shuffled down the stairs and kissed Helen and Bob goodbye.
Helen: Aww aint they sweet now we have got to get going so have fun sweeties you and brother must have a fun day planned.
Helen and Bob were gone in a flash as the girl's smiled dimples and all as Violet grabbed Jack Jack and Brooke got pots and pans out.
Brooke: Our robably ondering hat the pots and pans are for rother?
Jack Jack: Well yes seeing Cherios don't go in pots and pans they belong in bowls.
Violet(Stretching around Jack Jack) We no ant O's we ant ancackes ith aple yrup, ounds of utter, and hocolate hips.
Jack Jack(Squirming) I never asked what you wanted I told you what you were eating, now let me go Vie.
Violet(Kicking Jack Jack) BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and own oes rother to the loor.
Jack Jack fell to the floor as Brooke and Violet laughed pulling out ingreidents for chocolate chip pancakes.
Violet: If you ant us to ive you a ood eview to mama hen our oing to do hatever we tell you to.
Jack Jack(Smirking) Go ahead tell them I was a bad babysitter $50.00 A day is not enough to babysit you two brats.
Jack Jack angrily shoved Violet off of him and stalked off as her and Brooke giggled their plan working perfectly.
Jack Jack(Skipping off) Stupid babies think I care about that money, I could make more being a super hero.
The girls crawled up to Jack Jack with smirk's on their faces as Helen rushed into the house angrily looking at Jack Jack.
Helen: They wanted pancakes why couldn't you just make them pancakes?
Violet: Mama he cared us ast ight too, he ade us leep in the ark with the creechy ree ranches and a hunderstorm.
Helen(Grabbing her cell phone) I'm calling reeinforcements and I think you and the reeinforcement may have a lot in common.
Brooke and Violet puckered their lips making kissing noises and giggling as Helen talked to Jack Jack's reeinforcement.
Helen: Yes just hurry and get here I can't wait for him to see you again.
Jack Jack: All right exactly who are you hiring to help me babysit?
Helen: She'll be here in five seconds, till then you'll just have to wait and see.
Violet and Brooke sneered knowing all too well who the reeinforcement was.
Helen: I'm off now make them pancakes and give them whatever else they want, your reeinforcement has the same orders.
Violet and Brooke put angel smiles on as Helen left and they giggled pointing to the ingredients.
Violet: Just hink his is ust one hing e're oing to you oday, fter hat you put us hrough ast ight rother e're oing to ake ure you are ortured eyond our magination.
Brooke just nodded hugging Violet with a smile on her face.
Jack Jack(Grumbling) Geez you make them sleep in the dark and the next day their controling you.
Violet shot Jack Jack with lightning and giggled at seeing his hair stand on end.
Jack Jack: All right all right keep your diaper on would ya?, I mean pancakes aren't exactly the quickest thing to make you know.
Violet: Hop hop ike a unny Ack Ack me hungy and so is Rooke, we ant our ancakes now.
Jack Jack mixed the ingredients together as the girls licked their lips in anticipation of their pancakes when the doorbell rang and the girl's sneered knowing who it was.
Jack Jack: All right the pancakes can wait because I hear the doorbell and I'm hoping it's my reeinforcement with all that is in me.
The girl's used Dash's super speed and was at the front door before Jack Jack the sneers never leaving their faces.
Jack Jack: Please be the reeinforcement, please be the reeinforcement, please be the reeinforcement.
Jack Jack opened the door and when he did he wished he hadn't when he saw Kari Mckeen smiling back with her little sister also grinning at Jack Jack.
Jack Jack(Gulping) K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Kari and Pasadena what are you two doing here selling Girl Scout cookies again?
Kari(Grinning) Such a kidder, you were always the funny boy even when I babysat you, you just had to make me laugh.
Pasadena(Wrapping her arms around Jack Jack) Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Jack Jack, I bet you thought you'd never see me again after daycare huh?
Jack Jack(Laughing) Seriously put me down for ten boxes of Thin Mints.
Kari(Taking her jacket off) I'm the reiinforcement your mom called Jack Jack, now I can riase these two the same way I raised you kiddo.
Pasadena: Soooooooooooo how's about a tour of the house preferabbly your bedroom Jack Jack.
Jack Jack was relieved that he had to cook breakfast for Violet and Brooke as he went into the kitchen with Violet and Brooke following him.
Jack Jack: Gee Pasadena I would really love to but my sisters are first on my list and they want chocolate chip pancakes right now.
Pasadena(Grabbing Jack Jack) Haven't you heard you're being replaced by Kari, she can make them pancakes and you and I can make our own fun.
Violet and Brooke cackled waving goodbye to Jack Jack as Pasadena led him upstairs wondering what room was his.
Pasadena: Now you direct me to your room and that's where the real fun can begin.
Jack Jack(Smirking) Nope looks like you'll have to find my room yourself.
Brooke giggled slinking up the railing using Helen's powers and pointed to the room in front of them.
Pasadena(Grabbing Jack Jack around the middle) Well what are we waiting for Valentines?, let's go learn more about each other.
Jack Jack blocked the doorway to his room as Pasadena pinned him to the wall grinning.
Passadena: I don't think you want to deny me Jack Jack, I mean you're ten and prime dating age for boys is in two years sweetie.
Brooke used her giant power and grew huge picking Jack Jack up and throwing him into his room with Pasadena following behind and the door slammed with Violet wrapped around the doorknob acting like a lock.
Pasadena(Curling up with Jack Jack) Well looks like we have nothing but time now.
Jack Jack moaned as Pasadena applied lip gloss and puckered her lips ready for Jack Jack to kiss her.
Pasadena:(Pulling Jack Jack into her) I love boys that play hard to get, that just makes me play harder to want.
Jack Jack: Look Passadena can't we just sit and talk?, I mean your ten too and why would you want to start kissing at an early age?
Passadena(Puckering her lips) Because I'm a Mckeen and we're flirts.
Jack Jack gulped as Passadena curled up next to him her eyes dancing wildly with his.
Passadena(Removing her shirt) Let's get more comfy Jack Jack.
Jack Jack screamed in fear as Passadena ripped his clothes off of him a smile a mile wide on her face.
Passadena(Kissing Jack Jack) We may be young but we'll be dating in no time flat.
Jack Jack(Gulping) We- will?- I- mean- what- about- cooties?
Passadena(Kissing Jack Jack's lips) Welllllll you know my cooties are a special breed.
Jack Jack felt himself shrink as she grew inches taller than him and she giggled down at him.
Passadena(Pinching Jack Jack's cheeks) You're soooooooooooo cute, now you're probably wondering how my cooties can make you smaller huh?
Jack Jack(Screaming) What- have- you- done- to- me?
Passadena(Kissing Jack Jack) Well I made you younger again, and I made sure that I carry the Mckeen tradition of babysitting the Parrs starting with you.
Jack Jack gulped as Passadena picked him up a cackle echoing through the house as Violet and Brooke's cackle joined Passadena's.
Passadena: But lucky for you your mom is sick and tired of having you torture your sisters so I pressent to you Jacqouline Mary Mckeen.
Kari: Come on sweeties soups on, and it's a figure of speech.
Passadena: And we have a little sister to shower with love, at least I do I'm not sure what Kari has in mind for you Jack Jack.
Kari: Well Passi I think you can find things to torture the new little sis with, I mean besides I tortured you when I babysat.
Passadena(Kissing Jack Jack's head) Yep and I learned from the best there is.
Jack Jack(Squirming) Let me go Passadena.
Passadena(Placing Jack Jack in a high chair) With pleasure now sit still while sissy gets you some breakfast.
Jack Jack whined trying to wiggle from the high chair and he saw that Passadena's plan was working as he just became smaller still whining.
Passadena(Pushing a plate in front of Jack Jack) Here you go sis now eat up and then you and I have a day of bonding to share.
Jack Jack grinned knowing kids could get away with murder and tantrums if they wanted as he curled his lips and screamed thinking he still had the super scream but what came out was a strangled cry.
Passadena(Grinning) Is that the best you got?, I told you Jack Jack you're a Mckeen and that means zero super powers.
Jack Jack screamed his strangled cry again as Passdena had a booming laugh and playfully rubbed Jack Jack's hair.
Passadena(Swirling a fork under Jack Jack's lips) Open up for the airplane landing in the hangar Jackie.
Jack Jack held his mouth shut seeing pink liquid on the pancakes and Pasadena and Kari giggled knowing sooner or later he was going to have to open his mouth.
Passadena: Fine but until you open up that breakfast will sit in front of you while the others go and watch cartoons.
The little kid in Jack Jack made him open his mouth as Passadena shoveled pancakes in his mouth.
Passadena(Rubbing her stomach) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yummy for your tummy Jacqouline, after this you and I have a makeover to get through.
Jack Jack felt himself grow smaller but he couldn't help but allow Passadena to feed him more pancakes.
Passadena(Taking the plate) Good girl Jackie now let's go and get you dressed like the princess you are.
Jack Jack was carried upstairs by Passadena shuddering to think what Passadena was going to make him wear as a new and improved little girl.
Passadena(Plopping Jack Jack on his old bed) You know Jack Jack you could have avoided this if you had just started dating me like I wanted you to do.
Jack Jack whined as Passadena sneered pulling out a diaper, a pink onsie, a purple bow, and a glittery pink shirt and skirt with pink shoes to match.
Passadena: Welcome to your new favorite color Jack Jack pink, pink, and even more pink.
Jack Jack was forced into the all girl wardrobe as his hair changed from blonde to brown and Passadena snickered seeing she took the boy that always bullied her and she turned him into her little sister.
Passadena(Eskimo Kissing Jack Jack) Welcome to the Mckeen flock newest edition, I'll be Passadena your big sis and babysitter.
Jack Jack giggled a girly giggle as Passadena carried him back downstairs with an evil sneer on her face knowing his friends were doomed to Kari and one of those friends of Passadena's choice was going to be her boyfriend.
Passadena(Giggling) I really should be thanking you for saying no Jack Jack, I mean you just helped me gain a boyfriend in a boy who may actually want to be with me unlike you.
Jack Jack laughed his baby head off as he was placed in front of the TV with Brooke and Violet.
Passadena(Pulling a Wonder Woman suit from her backpack) All right boys let's see how many of you can resist Wonder Woman he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeeee.
Violet and Brooke became giant as Jack Jack gulped knowing he had no more super powers and they had super powers up the butt.
Passadena(Smiling) You three play nice now, and Jack Jack forget the Mckeen thing your mom wanted a normal little girl and now she has one.
Violet and Brooke's laughs boomed as they looked down at Jack Jack their shadows swallowing him up with Passadena running off to find the nearest bathroom to get changed into her nightmare attire.
Violet(Grabbing Jack Jack) Ome on issy we ave a fun day lanned for you and the irst hing e're oing to do is atch Uss In Oots ntil unch ime hen e're oing to ave a tea arty ntil mama ets ome.
Jack Jack tried wiggling out of giant Violet's grip but she just squeezed him tighter as Brooke now a small baby again wrapped herself around Jack Jack cackling at him.
Violet(Giggling) See here's no way out ecause Rooke ill do nything to ake you our ister ecause she ates eing the uper ower unching bag to me.
Jack Jack eeped as Violet placed him on the couch with Brooke still wrapped around him a smile on her face the whole time.
Brooke(Gripping Jack Jack tighter) Uss In Oots, Uss In Oots, Uss In Oots I so an't ait to atch it.
Passadena emerged from the bathroom in her Wonder Woman suit and Jack Jack had to admit that if he was still a boy he would date her without thinking twice.
Violet(Chuckling) Too bad you ecame our ister Ack Ack, ust ait till mama ets ome he's oing to other you ith ove, hugs, and isses and ake Rooke and I ealous of you mama's pet.
Jack Jack gulped as Violet and Brooke copied him cackling their heads off both of them stretching their arms holding their only normal sibling in place.
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