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He wondered just what was waiting for him at the end of his journey.

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Gerard didn`t manage to get any sleep at all that night. The crimson haired, failed artist, wanna be singer kept tossing and turning, his twisted, excitable brain working on overdrive, filling his impressionable head with vivid, colourful images and thoughts all about one thing and one thing only.
The lost city claimed so many years ago now by the icy cold, treacherous sea, never to be seen above water again. He had spent so many years of his so far uneventful, boring life trying to prove its existence, just like his much loved, wrongly deemed insane grandmother, Elena Lee Rush had done before him, like her father and grandfather had done before her. But soon, very soon all of that was about to change. For he, Gerard Arthur Way was going to find it, he and a select, highly trained, and incredibly gifted crew were going to find it and prove the entire world wrong.
The night passes all too slowly, the pitch black night sky outside Gerard`s bedroom window slowly growing brighter with each passing hour that dragged by almost impossibly slowly. The worn, silver hands on the clock that had once been Elena`s that was hung on the badly painted wall seemed to be taunting the young red head, moving at a snail’s pace or possibly even slower. But morning finally came, announced by merry little song birds chirping away happily, bringing with it a feeling that Gerard hadn`t encountered in a while; hope. Fresh, positive, untainted by misery and past failures, hope.
The overweight tabby cat with the bright green eyes that Gerard adored so much was the too great her excited, sleep deprived owner when he stepped out of his cluttered, untidy, book filled room, rubbing at his tired, bright eyes and yawning and mumbling to himself.
“Good morning Elena.” He pats his beloved pet on the top of her huge head happily and she meows even louder, clambering all over his bare feet in her early morning quest for breakfast-a whole half a can of Felix.
“Sleep well?” He questions, knowing fine well that she couldn`t talk back, especially with her be-whiskered mouth full of meaty chunks, but it was comforting to have someone, even if it was only a severely overweight tabby cat to talk to.
Gerard would miss her dearly, but Frank had assured him that a friend of his, A Mr. Robert Bryar, a cat behavioural specialist and a retired vet would take good care of her while he was on his once in a lifetime adventure.
Swallowing down his own breakfast hastily, a small bowl of sugar coated cereal that was actually designed for young children, Gerard gets to his feet once more, the consequences of getting no sleep the night before really starting to kick in and take effect as he makes his way to the bathroom to get a quick shower, shave and get dressed and finish off his last minute packing.
Before leaving last night just after ten, Frank, the slightly (well more than slightly in Gerard`s humble opinion) strange short, chocolate eyed man he had returned home to find sitting calmly in his living room had told him that he was to make his way to the nearest airport for one, where he would be greeted by himself and the rest of the crew.
He couldn’t say that he wasn`t nervous, because he was. Gerard had never been on a plane before, he had never travelled anywhere far away enough to, and he was worried. What if the other crew members didn`t like him? He hadn`t many (or any if he was being one hundred percent honest, friends or even close acquaintances. Unless you counted a fat, talkative feline of course.
But upon leaving, locking his battered looking front door for what would be the last time for a long while; as he made his way to the car, dragging his heavy bags and suitcase with the wonky, noisy wheels behind him.
He drove away, only just minding the strict speed limit, not wanting to get pulled over today of all days in the direction of the airport, adrenaline pounding through his veins as he wondered just what was waiting for him at the end of his journey.
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