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Letting It Free

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Basically what i have been keeping in, i just need to let it out -_-

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Sorry for this

I just need this out

My life is pretty fucked because my friend took a full on fit at me for absolutly no reason

and i have been blamed on numerous things.

This. That. Here. There.
I was wrong, they were right
I have been overshadowed by my own voice
It does not have the strength anymore.

Locked down.

Inconsiderate. Your fault. Guilt
Can i even touch the line of innocence?
Too far away for my hand to reach
Being dragged down by so much lies


Attention seeking. Confused. Lost.
Her secrets, not yours to share
she's down your hole
Believing the little lies you spread.
She is on the road to hell


Noone left. Noone cares. Isolated.
My voice is unhearable.
Held my tongue because i thought different.
Slowly the hate gathers.


Strength. No sign of weakness.
You may have tried to turn against me
But they seen the light
Stuck by me through thick and thin


Darkness. Emotions. Careful
Tried to find myself
You just keep knocking me down
I get weaker with every push
But refuse to let the tears go

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