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Peace keeping

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Something wicked this way comes...

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Somehow Gerard found himself in front of that blue front door, the paint started peeling years ago and the blue was almost gone, but in his memories of this house it will always be blue.
He pounded on the door, you had to pound for this door to ever open. The tenants were too occupied to pay attention to something as trivial as visitors. Agnes always said it was kinda ironic since the he was the only visitor they ever had.

"Hey, Gee," the door creaked and groaned as a middle aged man stood aside to let him in, he had Agnes's eyes, only his stopped sparkling years ago. Gerard never seen them sparkle, he just assumed they used too, "Hows it going man?"

"Its going," Gerard shrugged, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness. The curtains were never opened when Mr. Holden was home, he said it helped his creative process, Agnes said he was just too depressed to bother. Mr. Holden stopped bothering years ago.

"You wanna make some art?." Mr Holden smiled a smile that never reached his eyes as far as Gerard could tell.
Bangs and shrieks and muffled screams interrupted the ever pressing silence, making Mr. Holden roll his eyes to the ceiling, "I guess they're going at it again," he chuckled.

Gerard didn't bother asking what was going on, Mr Holden never knew anyways, "I better go make sure they don't kill each other."

Mr Holden shrugged and padded to the kitchen, his faded slippers making no sound as Gerard made his way up the stairs, two at the time. He found Agness sitting on a chair propped agains her sisters bedroom door, reading, completely unaware of the banshee shrieks escaping Fiona's room. When she looked up, she smiled at him, her smile didn't reach her eyes.

"What's with her?," Gerard motioned to the closed door when Fiona gave a blood curling wail.

"Oh you know, the usual," Agnes marked the page she was reading and closed the book with a thump, letting it slide to the floor.

"You caught her in bed with Junior again?," Gerard leaned on the floor, slightly amused by the scene.

Agnes shook her head, "She stole some whores outfit and tried leaving the house looking like one."

"Let me outtttttttttt," Fiona threw her body against the door, making the floor shake under their feet, "Let me out! You stupid ugly cow!"

"Mooo," Agnes rolled her eyes, "Teenagers."

Gerard chuckled, Agnes often forgot she was one, she acted like she was at least 38 and not 18, "Let her out, Agnes."

"Who's there?," Fiona stopped banging on the door for a just a split second, "Gerard? Help!"

"He's not gonna help you," Agnes snapped, "Change your clothes and you can come out. Its not like I'm unreasonable"

"Ugh," Fiona shrieked, for a tiny girl, she had some lungs on her, "You're not my mom!"

"Im the closest thing to one you ever had," Agnes jumped off her chair, the cool and calm drained from her, she clenched her tiny fists, "You spoiled little brat!"

"I hate you!," Fiona screamed back, her voice shaking.

Agnes turned red in the face, Gerard half expected steam to come out of her ears. Fiona told her she hated her on a daily basis, and every time it pushed just the right button for Aggie, "Well its not my fault your mom dumped you on me! I didn't ask for this! I don't blame her for walking out on you"

Fiona began crying instantly, this was usually the point where Gerard had to step in to stop the two sisters from beating the crap out of each other. He tried letting it run its course, thinking it was just siblings rivalry. Him and Mikey were sometimes just as bad, falling to the floor and wrestling and having the bigger man battle, but it was different with Agnes and Fiona. He realized it at some point two years ago, when their fight got really bad. Agnes gave Fiona a bloody nose, but instead of settling down, Fiona ran crying to the kitchen, trailing blood behind her and came back with a steak knife, trying to stab Agnes.
He tried telling Agnes to go easier on her younger sister, but Agnes pierced him with a stare, "If I don't, who will?"
She had a point, Mr Holden checked out of their lives ages ago, leaving 7 year old Agnes in charge.

"Fi, can I come in?," he knocked gently.

"I don't want to see that bitch!"

Gerard gave Agnes a look. she threw her hands in the air, picked up her book and stomped to her bedroom, slamming the door shut.
Gerard set the chair aside and turned the knob, "Whats up, Fi?" he had to take a double look, Aggie's baby sister wore a mini skirt that barely covered her...Well, you know...A cropped top, showing off the tattoo that almost led to Agnes's stabbing 2 years ago and ripped stockings, not to mention her thigh length black high heels. Her face was...she didn't look like Fi...Her baby face was covered in make up, now running. Gerard hated to say it, but it looked like a clowns make up kit exploded on her..

"I hate her," she sobbed, throwing herself on her bed, "I hate her! I wish she was dead!"

Gerard's stomach gave a little flip, "You don't mean it, Fifi"

Fi gulped, chucking on her saliva, "I do! Shes horrible, I hate her so much!"

"C'mon, Fifi," Gerard scooped her limp figure into his arms, tucking her head under his chin and rocked gently, "You don't mean that. She's your sister. Deep down you love her, you might not like her right now, but you do love her. And she loves you, that's why shes so hard on you. She wants the best for you."

"I wish she was dead," Fifi repeated, "My life would've been so much better"

Gerard sighed, petting her head. He didn't know what to say. They sat like this for a while, his eyes darting back and forth, between the sex toys she had on her dresser in plain view and the beer bottles scattered all over the floor . "Do you think my mom left because of me?," Fifi's greens looked up, full of heartbreak.

"Nah," he held her tighter, "You know she didn't. She said so in the letter she wrote you guys"

Fiona nodded and settled back into his arms, sniffling quietly.

Gerard began drifting into his own little world, thinking how unfair this was, when he realized what Fiona was doing. He jerked from his trance like state, pinning her wrists behind her back, "What the hell you think you're doing?!"

Her lips stretched in a wicked smile....
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