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Chapter 8 - Hostage

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How will the killjoys react to the news of Ray's situation?

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Sorry it's been so long since an update! Here's a nice chunk of story for ya ;) Enjoy and R&R please!

A huge lump caught in my throat as I struggled to come to terms with what I’d heard. BL/ind. had Jet Star. They had Ray. He was alive, but he wasn’t safe… Somehow… Korse knew we were all out here and together, unless he was bluffing. But then… Did I mention how many Killjoys we were trying to find? I wracked my brains trying to remember, my head beginning to hurt. If they knew we were searching for 13 Killjoys they would easily figure out that if they stopped us four and took one that there’d be an even sixteen left. They didn’t know all of our names, or what we all looked like; they didn’t need to. They knew to expect sixteen and no less.
Six weeks. My ankle still wouldn’t be completely healed by then, but they would kill him if I didn’t go. I had to be there.

Everyone seemed to be in shock. Mikey looked down at me, eyes widened in terror. They had our Ray. The other Killjoys, from what I could see, were either looking around at one another, or staring at us, mouths wide open.

I was the first to speak.
“Poison. Party Poison.” I whispered, looking at Mikey, remembering that Gerard had missed the announcement. He still had no idea if Ray was dead or alive.
Mikey gave me a nod and then rushed off to locate him. My stomach gave a lurch. How would he react to the news? Would he just be happy that Ray was alive and forgive me? Or would he now tell Mikey? We all needed to work together for a plan of attack, which would be made all the more difficult if neither of them could stand to be in the same room as me. I was an involuntary traitor. But my intentions or recklessness wouldn’t matter. I’d probably just signed us all up for a death sentence.

This led me to an even bigger problem. Would these thirteen people; these people that I’ve only known for an hour or two, who Mikey and Gerard have only known for a week, who Ray has never known; would they be willing to put their lives on the line for him? Strategically, we would have a better chance of beating BL/ind. if we left it and kept our numbers at sixteen in order to attack when they weren’t expecting us.

But for Gerard, Mikey and I… Well, we would never forgive ourselves if we didn’t try.
After a few mumblings between the others which I couldn’t hear, Venom Rose turned to me and began wheeling my bed back towards the school.
“Hey! What’s going on?” I growled. I probably shouldn’t be hostile to the doctor who saved me, but I hated not being a part of the action, part of the planning. This was more my fight than anyone’s.

“If we have to go so soon then you’ll need all the sleep you can get. Your body heals more during sleep than any other time.” She said matter-of-factly, wheeling me into the first room I had woken up in.
“Open.” She instructed, and I did what I was told without question. She popped a pill into my mouth and tilted my head up to give me a drink of water from a bottle she kept with her.
“Now, just try and rest.” She told me before walking out the door and switching off the lights.
And I did as she asked, because she had just told me that we were all going to go and try to save Ray. And for all the trouble I was giving them, she deserved my trust.


“Okay, we have about five weeks before we attack, so we need to start training. Right, Hurricane, Spark, Bullet, Poison: you’re on punching bags. Rose, Fire, Rocket, Shadow, shooting range. Rain, Dragon, Fang, Flame and me, we’ll be going through some self defence. But before you all split up, I want ten laps for warm up!”
I could hear perfectly fine, but my eyes didn’t want to seem to open, the pill I’d been given kept trying to push me back into oblivion.
I tried to remember that voice as I struggled to open my eyes and regain full consciousness. I’d heard his voice before, but it wasn’t familiar enough for me to remember a name.
Finally my eyes sprang to life and I looked over to see a group of people running around what looked like a sports hall. Yep. We were definitely back at school.

I looked up to see Mikey looking down at me.
“Good, you’re awake. They didn’t want me to bring you but I said that if you weren’t asleep you might get some tips or something from watching.”
“Watching?” I mumbled, still feeling a little disorientated. Had the first voice said ‘about five weeks’? What happened to six weeks? Ho long had I been out…?
“Yeah, training starts properly today. They were just working on physical fitness first, running and stuff, y’know. I’m not allowed to train either because of my leg… Laser seems pretty organised so far. I think we have a good chance.”
Yeah, a good chance of all of us dying. No… I couldn’t think like that. If we could grab Ray and run, some of us may stand a chance.

Finally I put the voice to the face, remembering back to before I’d been asleep for what I guess to be a couple of days. Neon Laser. He had told me he was an ex-cop, so it figures he’d be the training leader.

I watched everyone run past on another lap, happily comfy in my bed, but still yearning to join them. A sudden questions sprang to mind and I turned back to Mikey.
“Where’s Dr D?”
“Oh, he’s in his office. Planning. Apparently he had a spy in zone 1 who sent him maps and blueprints of BL/ind. headquarters, so he’s trying to figure out where they could be hiding… Jet, and, ere, how we’re gonna get him.” His voice caught at Ray’s name, and he quickly turned away after speaking, but I was pretty sure I’d seen his eyes getting a little teary. I leaned out and patted his arm awkwardly, trying not to move my rib cage. A voice in my head kept screaming ‘It’s all your fault!’, and I took my hand away, feeling guilty for causing him, and everyone else, this pain.

“We’ll find him.” He muttered determinedly.
Maybe we would, but how many of us would return? Maybe Korse had no idea that we, well Dr D, has so much information about headquarters; but if he wants us to all go there he must know we know something. And… why does he want us there anyway? He knows we’re in zone 6, why not send a load of exterminators here instead? I’m sure he could find us quite easily if he wanted… He either wants us all fighting on his turf, where he has control, or it’s a trap. It could even be both. If we fight there he could take us all hostage, kill us in front of an audience, even. Just to send a message out, to show everyone what happens when you defy them.

“Mikey.” I whispered so no one could overhear. “I think it’s a trap.”
“I know.”
“You… You know?” He just nodded before looking away. Of course, whilst I was being put to sleep everyone probably figured it out. If I wasn’t so injured I’d go and somehow free Jet myself, I don’t care if they kill me. Maybe… Maybe I could go anyway. Just before everyone else sets off… I could get him back.

Okay, I've already started writing the next chapter, sorry this one isn't so exciting (in my opinion it isn't as exciting as some of the others anyway). Hope you enjoyed this part! xo
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