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3- The Game

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Freedom awaited me with what seemed like one small step.

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The next morning I woke up in a mess of warm blankets, despising the idea of getting out of bed. An arm curled around my waist, pulling me closer and I heard myself mumble, "Hey baby..." In a sickly sweet tone. God, was that my voice? And against my will I felt myself begin to feel warm affection towards Brendon. What was happening to me?

"How'd you sleep?" Brendon asked, sitting up slowly. His twinkling eyes searched mine with amusement and I knew he had done something to me. I felt as if I were his slave. I would do whatever he wanted and that idea made me sick to my stomach...

"Great! I'm warm." My own voice echoed through my mind, "I don't want to get up yet. I want to cuddle." Cuddle?!? I felt myself internally gag as I thought of the words I had just spoken to some... some freak that happened to be more in control of my emotions than I was!

"Is that right?" Brendon had a full on smirk covering his face now.

I felt Brendon's hand move over my eye's, closing my eyelids. I found the gesture odd but then I felt comforted, slowly opening my eyes and working my mouth. "You fucking creep." Came out immediately, much to my pleasure. I seemed to be in control of my speech once again.

Brendon laughed, "Yeah, it was too weird for me too."

"What the fuck is this? Are you some fucking... magical being?" I could barely believe the words left my lips and a deep pink instantly stained my cheeks, giving away my embarrassment.

Brendon looked confused. "Oh, fuck." He finally muttered, biting his lip.

"Oh fuck?" I repeated, eyes narrowing as I sat up realizing his bed was quite cold. It only took me a minute before I was laying back down, under his blankets and then... then I realized... "Brendon, why am I not wearing the clothes I fell asleep in?" I asked, extremely annoyed.

"I changed you." He said it as if it were no big deal!

"You..." I was cut off by knocking on Brendon's door. I promptly shut up, eyes flying to the door. Possible help?

"Come in." Brendon called, causing me to shrink further in to the blanket seeing as how I was only wearing a t-shirt now.

Another man came in. He was smaller than Brendon but still held that flawless look. "Oh shit dude. I didn't know you had a girl in here." The man said, turning away.

"Chill Ryan, she's basically my hostage." Brendon replied.

Hostage? I was a fucking hostage? Oh... this was so wrong.

"... your hostage?" Ryan asked, turning back around to look at us.

Why wasn't my mouth working? I should be formulating words to disagree with the current subject.

"Well, she could be so many things... I've been thinking maybe sex slave." He winked at me and I hoped to God that he was just looking to get a rise out of me. "But for now just a regular hostage works I guess... well actually, more just a regular slave. I guess I might still make her clean or something. I don't know. I don't really need her for anything but it's so fun to piss her off!" Brendon sounded extremely joyous as he explained this to Ryan.

Ryan rolled his eyes, "You can't be keeping humans. We've gone over this before." Humans? This has happened before? The confusion was building, continuing to anger me.

Brendon laughed, "She's different. She tried killing me. She's like a wannabe assassin or something." He said.

"I'm a reformed assassin." I snapped, annoyed.

Ryan sighed, "You tried killing him?"

"Yes." No use in lying.

"Dispose of her but you can't keep her." Ryan said, sounding frustrated with the situation as well.

Brendon pouted, "I don't want to kill her right now."

"Would you like me to?" Lovely, they were fighting over who would kill me. That sounds like a situation that would end well...

Brendon smiled. The smile wasn't friendly though. "She's my pet." He said, threatening tone encasing his words.

Ryan seemed to get whatever threat he was relaying because he nodded and walked out, slamming the door behind him.

Brendon immediately relaxed, smiling genuinely at me. "So, what shall we do today?" How could he sound so damn normal?

“How about you explain to me just what is going on?” None of this made sense. The questions inside my head just kept adding up and I couldn’t keep track of all of the things that I didn’t know.

Brendon grinned, “How about you earn the information?” His playful tone had returned and he did seem to enjoy pissing me off.

“Fine.” I replied, through clenched teeth. “How do you propose I earn information?” I braced myself for the answer.

“You could start off by making me something to eat.” Brendon stretched out on the bed, “Wake me back up when you’re done.”

I was more than happy to extract myself from his bed sheets. “Where are my clothes?”

“Don’t worry about it.” Brendon mumbled, already drifting off to sleep.

Oh, but I was worried about it. There was no way I would be exiting this room without pants on. By the time I had gone through Brendon’s dresser and found a pair of loose grey sweats he had started snoring and I realized... I could leave! The door was downstairs, near the kitchen... He wouldn’t even suspect a thing!

As I left the room, thoughts of freedom racing through my mind, Brendon’s snoring didn’t even slow down.

The hallway was empty and cold, just as cold as Brendon’s room. The cold seeped through my skin, in to my bones... It was as if the cold was stirring feelings inside of me and my stomach twisted at the idea of revisiting my feelings from last night. Whatever Brendon had done wasn’t good and I didn’t want to feel like that again. I would avoid those feelings at any cost. Facing them again seemed worse than death.

I descended the stairs and still could not hear a sound, causing apprehension to spike through my body. Where was Ryan? I’d seen him only moments ago. I couldn’t risk him seeing my attempt to escape. Brendon seemed friendly and almost childlike at times but I was not naive enough to overlook the danger he represented. I knew if I angered him I would surely regret it.

My feet led me down the small hallway and I forced my movements to come off as naturally as possible. I reached for the door knob, half expecting some foreign force to hold me back but it easily slid and the door opened...

Freedom awaited me with what seemed like one small step.

The only problem was I could now feel something cold sliding over my neck and without turning I knew it was Brendon. “I’m going to consider this to be nothing more than confusion.” Brendon whispered, tone losing all of the lightness I’d heard in it previously. He sounded like a cold blooded murderer. He had the tone of a man that I didn’t fancy crossing. “Let me show you to the kitchen darling.” Darling. Even the way he dragged out the simple word sounded dangerous, almost as if it were a threat instead of a cute nickname given to someone you adore.

I glanced outside before slowly closing the door, watching my freedom fade from sight. I turned, attaching a look of pure confusion on to my face, “So um, where was the kitchen?” The tone was convincing, unfortunately Brendon wasn’t stupid.

Brendon said nothing, gesturing for me to follow him. As I followed behind him I took note of every single thing I saw, mentally categorizing each item I passed. Who knew what could come in handy?

Inside the kitchen we found Ryan.

“Are you hungry? Madeline here was just about to cook something.” Brendon said, offering up my cooking services. God, he had no idea just how horrible of a cook I was...

“Sure.” Ryan didn’t bother looking up from the newspaper he was reading.

Brendon started busying himself with something in the corner of the room so I assumed I was supposed to be cooking. I rummaged around in the fridge, pulling out eggs and bacon. That constituted as breakfast, right?

Brendon peaked over, “Well?”


“Aren’t you going to even ask us what we want?”

Oh. “What do you want?”

Ryan looked over, “Eggs and bacon?” It sounded as if he were doubting my food choices so I became defensive.

“It’s protein and freakin’ meat. What more do you need?” I snapped, finding that in the kitchen I became easily annoyed. Oh, who was I trying to kid? I was easily annoyed anywhere, at any given time.

Brendon moved easily through the room and within seconds he was too close for comfort. “You’ve got a mouth on you, you know that?”

I opened my mouth to respond but Brendon’s lips crashed upon mine, cutting all communication to my brain off for several seconds.

Ryan cleared his throat, “Suddenly I’m not very hungry.”

“Aw, come on!” Brendon sent a dazzling smile in Ryan’s direction, “How can she not... stir some hunger up inside of you?”

Ryan’s tone became cold, changing the entire atmosphere in the room. “I’m not going to play a part in this sick act of greed.”

“Greed?” Brendon’s eyes narrowed.

“Greed.” Ryan repeated. “You yearn for her and against all reason you keep her despite knowing it’s not the best choice to make. You’re greedy, taking things for yourself when you shouldn’t have them.”

“Suddenly my hunger has become noticeably diminished as well.” Brendon said, eyes not leaving Ryan. “Make yourself whatever you’d like Madeline. I will be in the living room waiting for you.”

I put the food back in to the fridge, grabbing a piece of bread.

Ryan paused before speaking, in a tone that suggested he was concerned. “That’s all you’re going to be eating?”

I shrugged, “I’m not all that hungry. I’m only eating this to avoid a headache later.”

“Those headaches are a way of your body telling you it needs to be fed. Don’t just disregard them.”

After shoving a piece of bread in to my mouth I responded, “Let me get this straight; You’d rather Brendon kill me but here you are telling me to take better care of my body.”

Ryan cocked his head to the side, “You are correct.”

“You’re strange.”

A small smile broke free on Ryan’s face and he nodded, “Yes, I believe that to be true.”

“Madeline.” Brendon’s voice sounded in the doorway, surprising me. “I require your assistance for a moment.”

“Um, okay.” I followed after him, slowly eating the rest of my bread.

Once I noticed what was laid out on the table I stopped in place, clenching my fists. Brendon noticed but continued out, sitting on the couch. “I’m guessing you have the same fear of needles that most humans seem to share.” He commented.

“Just what exactly are you supposed to be, if not human?” I’d heard him and Ryan both refer to ‘human’s’ as if we were a different type of being than they were.

“You did not earn information yet. If anything, you’ve lost the privilege to learn anything by opening the front door.”

I was slowly learning his game and I was set on beating him at it, even if I had to play by his rules. The set of needles upon the living room table did leave me fairly apprehensive though.

Those most definitely were not going in to me.
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