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"It twirls over the pebbles, caressing them with it's shine." A poem about the sea. Written because its currently my next door neighbour. Feedback? I would love some.

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The waves kiss the shoreline
As the foam erodes the harbour
The blue beast rolls back out
And everything seems calmer

But then, before your very eyes
Like a cat waiting to pounce
It rolls back in, fighting back
With a splash, crash and bounce

It calms itself and there it lays
Swaying in the breeze
The golden eye shines down upon it
The ripples now at ease

It twirls over the pebbles
Caressing them with its shine
Trickles between the valleys of rock
Unperturbed by time

It trundles on forever
This blue monster on the shore
You look with your eyes and see no end
Just more and more and more

But a monster it truly is
Leaving destruction in its wake
It teases you, sneaking up
Before the harbour bears its weight

It bursts against the sturdy walls
Foaming and rolling and crying
But amongst the sound, the swirling motion
Someone lays dying

They died in the once soft, gentle ocean
Dragged by the beast to an early grave
Lying, floating, drifting, no motion
No-one ever uncovers the secrets of the waves.

So, I've lived by the sea nearly my whole life and I was sat on the harbour the other day and this idea popped into my head and I just had to write it down, and here it is. I would love to know what you think.
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