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Heart Less.

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SEQUEL TO RESTLESS HEART SYNDROME. Do things ever work out for Gerard and Frank?

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Hello, so this be the sequel to Restless Heart Syndrome which if you haven't read there's not really any point reading this, go read that first. Sorry it took a while, but I got it done eventually. I hope you like it.

Heart Less.

Gerard Way sighed as he flicked the switch on his expensive, cream kettle, sparking the device into life. The kitchen of his New York home seemed quiet, with just the bubbling of water to invade his ear drums; it was too quiet. He leaned back against the counter in the near silence, wishing above all else he could just be back in bed, that today didn't have to happen, that what happened two weeks ago never happened at all. But that was merely a dream, it had happened, it was happening and there was nothing he could do to evade that. 
The kettle switch flicked up and the boiling began to cease, Gerard pouring the hot liquid onto the coffee granules in his mug. The aroma was comforting, somewhat calming the tentacles slithering within him, consuming him.
He wanted today to be bittersweet. He knew it would be bitter, how could it not be? But so far, all he felt was the bitter, not a hint of the sweetness he wanted to feel, he should feel, and he could sense more of it coming. Bitterness like the scalding black coffee he was clutching, eroding his throat as he swallowed.
He slowly walked into his living room, catching sight of the clock as he went by. 8:17am. In two and a half hours, things will be ready, he'll be ready, for the ceremony. Ready to say goodbye. Expect, Gerard doesn't ever think he'll be ready to say goodbye, not to Frank. Not to his caramel eyes and that adorable blush, the hint of innocence he had that was never really lost and his infectious giggle. His chest tightens as remembers the first day they met, in the coffee shop. They've spent hours in there over the years, on winter mornings or rainy Sunday afternoons, just together, no-one else. 
It was always seemed that way when they were together, as if no-one else, nothing else, mattered, it was just them. It made Gerard feel more alone then he ever had, more so than in his life before Frank. He just wanted him back, or he wanted to have gone with him, anyway they could be together. He sat down on the sofa, placing his mug on the coffee table and fiddling absentmindedly with the ring on the fourth finger on his left hand. When he realised what he was doing, a vivid memory came flooding back to him.


It was a cold, October evening, Halloween to be precise, and Frank's birthday. They were getting ready to go out, for a meal. Gerard was trying to do something with his dishevelled, ebony hair, but sighed at his reflection and decided it was a hopeless cause. 
Suddenly, a pair of small, soft hands ran through his hair, making Gerard gasp but sigh as he recognised the familiar tattoos on his boyfriends hands.
'I wish you would just...leave it sometimes, you know. I like it how it is,' he said quietly, causing Gerard turn round and slide his hands onto the younger mans waist.
'Okay,' he replied, 'and happy birthday, you old man.' He smiled as Frank slapped him lightly and cursed him.
'I'm only thirty, thirties still young,' Frank insisted, making Gerard chuckle lightly. They just stood there, in the middle their bedroom with Frank resting his head on Gerard's chest for a couple of minutes, Gerard rubbing circles on the small of Frank's back with his thumb.
'We'd better go, or we'll be late,' Frank sad, moving his head from Gerard's chest and standing upright, staring into the older mans eyes. Gerard smiled down at him.
'Course, but we're not going straight to the restaurant,' he said calmly. Franks features creased into an confused look.
'Where are we going, then?' he asked. 
'Well, I can't tell you that, it would ruin the surprise,' Gerard responded, he could see a childish delight spark in Franks soft eyes.
'You've got a surprise for me?' he asked, excitement seeping into his voice. Gerard nodded, a huge smiles gracing his lips. Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard's body.
'You're the best boyfriend ever,' he said, barely audible.
'No, that would be you,' Gerard said softly. Frank stood back and smiled up at him.
'Come on then! We have to go, you've got me all excited now.' Gerard's stomach twisted uncomfortably. What if the surprise he'd planned wasn't what Frank wanted? What if he'd be disappointed? He quickly tried to dismiss the thoughts as he took his boyfriends hand in his and walked towards the door of their house.

On the drive, Frank was mostly silent. The Smiths was drifting from the car stereo and Gerard could see the smile on his boyfriends reflection in the glass as he looked out the window. It made him smile to himself too. 
He parked the car at the side of West 34th street, right at the end.
'Are we here?' Frank asked excitedly.
'Nearly,' Gerard replied, unable to fight off the smile at his boyfriend excitement, 'we just have to walk a bit further on.'
They waked down the street hand in hand, earning them a few funny looks but after six years together, they were used to it.
They stopped at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Frank turned to face Gerard.
'Gerard...' he began, voice filled with disbelief, 'that's the Empire State Building.' 
'I know, that was the plan,' Gerard replied before Frank lunged at his boyfriend and wrapped his arms tightly around him.
'Can we go in?' he asked, pulling back suddenly, his honey brown eyes practically on fire.
'Nope, we just have to stand here and look at it from below.' Frank shot him a look before taking Gerard's hand and walking towards the doors.
When they entered the lift, Gerard hit the button for the 86th floor, waiting for it to slowly climb up the towering building.
They reached the right floor and Gerard guided Frank to the observation deck, stepping out to see the city spread out before them, lights shining from every building, twinkling like the stars in the inky sky. 
'Gerard,' Frank said, in awe at the view, 'this is incredible, thank you.' Gerard just went and stood next to him, taking in the beauty of the city in front of them.
It was a couple of minutes later when Frank turned back to look at Gerard, a peaceful smile gracing his face.
'Actually, there's something I have to ask you, Frank,' Gerard said. Frank eyes sparked with curiosity and apprehension.
'What's that?' Gerard knelt down on one knee and looked up into the shocked face of his boyfriend, who's mouth was now slightly parted in shock.
'Frank,' he began, pulling a small blue box from his pocket, 'will you marry me?'


Gerard fought back the tears that were forming at the memory and went to get dressed, just so he wouldn't keep thinking about Frank.
It wasn't long after he was ready that the doorbell rang. It made him jump in surprise and descend the stairs quickly, opening the front door to reveal one of Gerard's two sons, Oliver, stood on the doorstep with a sad smile playing on his features.
It was just a year after they got married when Frank and Gerard decided they wanted to adopt. It was still long after that though when they got their first son, Travis. Gerard cam still remember the joy on Frank's face and the way he was so delicate with the small baby, who somehow seemed to have yes remarkably similar to Franks.
'Dad?' Oliver asked, placing a gentle hand on Gerard's arm and dragging him out of his thoughts.
'Sorry, hello,' he smiled weakly at his son,' how have you been?' Oliver sighed.
'Coping, what about you?' Gerard just nodded in response and Oliver said no more on the subject.
'The cars are waiting to leave, are you ready?' Gerard looked behind Oliver and noticed the big, black hearses for the first time. They made goosebumps spring up all over his pale skin, making him want to run away, in the opposite direction of their patronising glare. He nodded and stepped forward, closing the door being him.

They arrived at the church on time and everything went smoothly, but it all seemed rather surreal to Gerard. It was almost as if he was out of his body, watching someone else's funeral, someone's else's grieving family, not Franks. When they time came for him to do his speech though, it hit him hard. His stomach was writhing within him, heart pounding as he stepped up to the front of the church. The crowd he saw before him all had tears in there eyes, smiling weak, shaking smiles at Gerard. He could see Travis and Oliver and Mikey, the sight of them calming him somewhat.
'Hello,' he began, voice cracking. He cleared his throat and continued.
'All of you are here today to remember Frank, one of the best men that ever lived. But he was really so much more than that. I met him for the first time not too long after the death of his mother, something I don't think he ever really came to terms with. It was early October and I quite literally bumped into him in a coffee shop. After that, we just kind of...clicked. And I'm sure most of you know that Frank went through a stage in a his life of doing drugs and the trouble that it caused, but I don't really want to think about that right now. I want to think about Frank's kindness, the way he would always put other people above himself. I want to think about his childlike giggle that couldn't help but make you smile every time you heard it. I want to think about his, his soft, brown eyes and the way they seemed to reach into your soul. I want to think about everything he was, everything he'll always be, how beautiful he was, how he could always make me laugh, no matter what. I want to think about how much I loved him and how much I know he loved me back. I just don't ever, ever want me, or any of you, to forget.' Gerard stepped down from the front of the church, a tear rolling down his cheek. For the first time since Frank had died, he felt okay, because he knew Frank was okay and one day, when it was meant to be, they would meet again in some weird coffee shop in the sky.
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