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Jump. I dare you.

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Falling off the ledge
Not wanting to stay up
wanting to bleed
Wanting the pain to stop

To numb the hurt
To blind the eyes
To cloud the judgement
To scream over the hate

A burst of passion,
A moment of fear
It's a permanent choice
for a temporary problem

It's a revulsion
Not towards the world
It's the churning of your stomach
The twisting of your heart
The loathing settling in your gut
It's not about the world
It's about you

It's yours, isn't it yours?
Can't you be selfish in a world all your own?
It's not a pleasant world,
You want the world to end

A world of wreckage,
a world of waste
a world that focuses
on the barren plains of your heart

It's no wonder you're always so

A leap off the edge and the world is no longer ours
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