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I'm just going to add this one here, though I have it published singularly.

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It's under my skin
It's filling my mind
It's not for the earth
It's for covering me
It's for haunting me
It's for scaring me
It's for tainting me

That's just how I am
That's just who I am
That's just what you see
That's just what you've made me
That's just how I'll always be

Covered in dirt, and they ask
"Why so dirty babe?"
That's right, I'm so dirty
But it's not the kind of dirt
You can wipe off your face
Clean off your shoes

It's the dirt that consumes your mind
It's the dirt that breaks you down
It's the dirt that eats your soul
It's the dirt that never leaves you alone
No matter how hard you try, you're still dirty
So incredibly


Not the dirt I had before
But there's more
No one can stop the dirty feeling
The unclean cloth that gags my mouth
The purple stripes on my wrists
The bruises that shouldn't be
The tears that won't promise not to hurt me anymore
And I'm so dirty
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