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I see your true colours shining through.

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Frank's living a lie. Gerard can see straight through it.

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Hello, you beautiful people. I have a new story. I'm not really sure where it came from and it's a bit random, but there you go :) Enjoy.
Aj xo

Frank went about his normal daily routine. It was Monday morning meaning he was awoken by his alarm ringing harshly in his ear, indicating that it was seven fifteen and that it was time to get up for school. Great he thought to himself as he threw his soft, black duvet off of himself sharply. He couldn’t be bothered with school today. His head was killing after the weekend he’d had, what with it being his best friend Joe’s eighteenth birthday, starting Saturday at about midday, all the way through to Sunday – about four in the afternoon drinking, with the odd hours sleep here or there. He was feeling rough as fuck. The fact that he hadn’t yet switched off his alarm wasn’t helping matters much either. Angrily, he grabbed the metal clock which was making his head pound and threw it on the ground with a heavy thud. He rubbed his eyes with a sigh of relief that the god awful noise had stopped. Only to be replaced with another one.

“Frank!!” Frank’s mother called from downstairs. He cringed at the loud voice.

“Yeah, mom?” He shouted back sighing again.

“Is everything okay? I heard a loud bang.”

“Yes, mom I just dropped something.”

“Alright, well get up or you’re going to be late!”

Frank stood up off his double bed, perhaps a little too quickly for his spinning heads liking, and made his way across his clothe ridden floor. The cool laminate floor was soothing on his aching feet making him feel a little better. Slowly, making sure not to trip on any of the clothes lying around, he went and grabbed a clean towel and walked into the bathroom.
The warm water hitting his toned skin was like a godsend in that moment. His body ached from the previous two days and the water seemed to wash all of that away. He washed himself and his hair before turning off the pouring water and stepping out into the bitterly cold air surrounding him. He wrapped the towel around his waist and wandered back into his bedroom to get dressed.
He found himself his clean Chino pants and a plain white t-shirt along with his white Vans. He gave his short, brown hair a rub with the towel before leaving it to dry of its own accord. He added his two leather bracelets, one brown and one black, to his left wrist and another black one to his left wrist which had NJP carved into it, checked himself once more in the mirror and made his way downstairs. He grabbed a couple of painkillers, said goodbye to his Mother and grabbed his car keys from the kitchen worktop. Grabbing his red Fred Perry book bag he made his way to his Black car and jumped in, turning on the engine and started on his way to pick Joe up.

Frank pulled up outside the two storey house that he knew so well and beeped his horn three times, as he usually does to let his friend know that he was there. After a couple of minutes, the familiar figure of his best friend, who was dressed very similarly to Frank, was walking towards the car. Frank smiled and waited for him to get in before complimenting him.

“You look like shit man.”


“You enjoy the weekend?”

“Yeah.” Frank knew that Joe’s short answers were because he was incredibly hung-over and was starting to feel the strain on the two days previous.
“I’ll be alright later, talk then.”

Frank chuckled and began driving the rest of the way to school.

When they got there, they met up with the rest of their group in the car park and made their way to homeroom together. There was about seven of them altogether but Frank and Joe were the obvious ‘leaders’ if you will. Anyone that got in their way, or they just decided they didn’t like at that moment in time, would be shoved into lockers, thrown to the ground or simply had harsh, cruel words spat at them. Much to everyone’s amusement.
These guys were part of the New Jersey Panthers football team and were certainly not to be messed with. Everyone was afraid of them, even the teachers.

Well that was the case until that very Monday morning. Now, most people would be quite intimidated by seven jocks walking towards them in a big group. Most people would turn in the opposite direction, try and get as far away as possible or try really hard to become invisible. Not Gerard Way though. He was much too mature for things like that. So as he headed towards his locker on his first day at this school, he didn’t even bat an eyelid at the seven young men walking straight in his direction. In fact, Gerard was going to have to walk through the gang to get past. This didn’t faze him one bit though, he just kept on walking. Now both he and Frank were expecting the other to move out the way, so when neither did they ended up colliding into each other, with a surprising amount of force. There was a very noticeable height difference between the two boys and Gerard almost didn’t see which one of them he’d walked into, until a voice piped up from around his chest.

“Watch where the fuck you’re going!” Frank snapped pushing Gerard to the side and walking past.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you down there, Shortie.” Gerard replied sarcastically. People walking passed actually gasped at the fact that someone had said something sarcastic to a leading member of the NJP!

“You wha…” Frank turned back around but was cut off by the bell indicating the start of the day. Frank just scowled at the taller boy and walking in the direction of his class. They all made their separate ways to their Homerooms and agreed to meet up in their usual spot at lunch, as not all of them had classes together.

Frank took his usual seat in his class next to Joe who was talking about some chick he’d fucked last night after Frank had gone home. He was just nodding along, not really listening to the conversation. His mind was pre-occupied with that beautiful boy he’d walked into not five minutes before. His pale skin, his short, choppy jet black hair, his slightly chapped lips and the fact that he could hold is own and wasn’t a coward. Unlike Frank.

“Dude, are you even fucking listening to me?!”

Frank snapped out of his daze and realised that Joe had still been talking but he hadn’t taken a word of it in.
“Uh, yeah sure.”

“Whatever.” Joe gave up with his story in the end.

Everyone had come in and taken their seats and the teacher had just started talking about whatever the fuck he was talking about, when the door opened again, revealing the boy Frank couldn’t take his mid off of. Gerard. He noticed Frank straight away too. How can he not notice someone that damn cute when he’s right there in front of him? Of course he’d never admit he thought that to anyone. He was a cocky little shit who dressed like a twat and hung around with other people who Gerard though dressed like twats.

“Can I help you?” The teacher asked after a minute of awkwardness.

“Uh, yeah.” Gerard realised he’d been staring and turned his attention to the teacher who was looking at him expectantly. “I’m new today.”

“Ah yes, Gerard isn’t it?” Gerard nodded. “Well take a seat in front of Frank and Joe and I’ll give you your timetable at the end.” Gerard just raised his eyebrow at the teacher, how was he supposed to know who ‘Frank and Joe’ were?
“Those two there.” The teacher pointed in the direction of the cute boy.
He made his way over to his seat staring at the black haired boy all the way, who also happened to be staring back. So Gerard knew he was either Frank, or Joe he just wasn’t sure which. In Gerard’s opinion he looked more like a ‘Frank’. He sat down in the seat by the window and leant against the wall so he was sat sideways rather than forwards, it was easier to watch people this way.

“Isn’t that the guy from earlier?” Joe nudged Frank with his elbow to get his attention.

“Yeah, I think so.” He was trying to act cool and not like a twelve year old girl whose crush had just come and sat in front of.

Gerard could feel the four eyes glaring at boring into the side of his head, so very calmly he turned to face them.

“Take a fucking picture, it’ll last longer.” He turned all the way round in his chair to face the front properly this time, with a lopsided grin on his face.

The bell rang again, indicating that it was time for their first lesson. Frank didn’t have any of his gang in his – English – so he made his way to his class by himself after a quick goodbye from Joe. He wandered down the corridor towards his next class minding his own business, when suddenly someone just their locker and quickly turned and smacked straight into him. Twice in one day. Really? This time it was a nerdy, fragile looking boy with glasses hanging on his nose, messy brown mousy hair and books filling his arms, some which had fallen onto the floor.

“Woah, sorry. I didn’t mean to run into you dude.” The boy stated while bending down to pick up the rest of his books. Before Frank has time to register what had been said he noticed Craig – another of the NJP’s – was next to him. His foot heavily clamped down on one of the books the kid wanted to pick up. Frank knew something bad was probably going to happen, it always does when Craig’s involved. The fragile boy looked up from his kneeling positing and slowly slid his glasses back up his nose as they’d fallen slightly as he was leant over. His big, brown eyes looking up at a very scary looking jock, he was stocky and tall and muscley and looked as though he could crush the smaller boys frame with one squeeze.
Suddenly Craig grabbed the boys coat and pulled him up into a standing position holding him against his now shut locker, not letting go when he was there, also causing the books that had just been picked up, to fall back onto the floor again.

“What’s your name, kid?” Even his voice was terrifying.


“Well, Mikey, you made a very big mistake running into my friend just now.”

“I’m sorry, I wa..wasn’t watching where I..i was going.”

“Damn right you weren’t! I’m gonna teach you a little lesson on being more careful!”

Frank just stood there, kind of awkwardly. To be honest, he wasn’t really too bothered and would’ve quite happily just carried on walking. Providing his friends weren’t around obviously. They’d never let him live it down if he was to just walk away from a nerd. He actually felt kind of sorry for the kid, who he has now learnt to be named ‘Mikey’. His eyes were full of fear and confusion, and they actually looked just like someone else’s who he’d met not that long ago. Frank wondered where Gerard was, what class he was goi..

“What the fuck, do you think you’re doing?!” Oh, there he is.
Everyone in the corridor turned to a very angry looking Gerard storming towards where the three boys were stood. When he reached them he looked both Frank and Craig in the eyes alternatively and repeated his previous question.

“What does it look like? Teaching Mickey here a lesson, on not walking into people. That’s twice Frank’s been walked into today!” Craig replied sarcastically. “Now if you don’t mind.” He turned his attention back to Mikey.

At least we know which one’s called Frank now.

“His name is Mikey.” Gerard stated calmly.

“Excuse me?”

“I said; his name is Mikey. Not Mickey.”

“Yeah? What has it got to do with you?” Craig had half let go of Mikey now and was starting to turn towards the older of the two Ways.

“It’s got a whole fucking lot to do with me, since he’s my little brother, you prick.” Gerard grabbed hold of Craig’s collar who had let go of Mikey now and was being held up against the lockers in a very similar position to how he was holding Mikey up, he wasn’t keen on being on the receiving end either.

“Now, Little Frankie over there has happened to walk into both me, and my brother in less than an hour, under completely different circumstances, so maybe, he’s the one who needs the lesson on walking into people. I’m gonna let you off this time, but you go anywhere near or talk to my brother again, I swear you will regret it. Understood?” Frank mentally rolled his eyes at his new name and watched the scene in front if him and Craig simply nodded, wide-eyed at Gerard who let go of him quickly, not wanting to be touching that bit of scum for much longer. Just as Craig was about to turn and walk away, Gerard stopped him.

“Books.” Gerard said simply.


Gee rolled his eyes dramatically, “You made my brother drop his books; now pick them the fuck up.” The look in his eye made everyone see that he was being deadly serious.
Craig just stood there for a short moment trying to comprehend that he was being told what to do by someone who’d only been in the school for about an hour. Gerard raised his eyebrow expectantly and folded his arms over his chest. Craig took this as his cue to start picking up the books. A few kids who were standing watching started to giggle, as they saw one of the guys who would usually give all the shit out, actually on his hands and knees picking up books for someone else.
He handed them back to Mikey who just looked at him blankly. Gerard smirked, patted Mikey on the shoulder and walked down the corridor to his next class.

Frank walked into the classroom not long after and realised that Gerard was sat in the seat next to his, he mentally jumped for joy when he realised he was sharing the same class with this cool, beautiful human being, but tried his best to act normal while walking over to his seat. Gerard glanced at Frank briefly before looking back up at the teacher, not really listening or caring what was being said though. Frank found the courage to speak first.

“That was ace what you did back there, Craig’s not one for taking crap off of people either, and I’m surprised he just did what you asked!”
Gerard stayed silent for a moment, thinking carefully about his answer before replying.

“He’s doing more damage to himself than anyone else.” He stated simply.

“How is he?” Frank was confused.

“He’s lying. That’s not who he really is. It’s a front, an act. Trying to fit in by being someone else.”

“And you’d know that from that quick encounter?”

“Well, I’ve figured you out, and I was with you a shorter amount of time than I was with him.” Gerard stayed completely calm throughout their conversation, just answering whatever he was being asked, knowing it was probably confusing Frank more with his answers, but not really caring.

“What do you mean you’ve figured me out? There’s nothing to figure out!”

“You’re just like him. Hiding who you really are to try and fit in with the majority. So people will like you. But it really makes people like you less.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m hiding nothing; this is who I really am!” Gerard smirked at Frank’s defensiveness.

“Die, die, die my darling, don't utter a single word..” Gerard started.

“Die, die, die my darling, just shut your pretty eyes.” Frank replied quietly, but loud enough for Gerard to hear.

“I’ll be seeing you again..” Gee continued.

“I’ll be seeing you in hell..” Frank finished. “The Misfits.”

“Now, would ‘the real’ you know the lyrics to a Misfits song?”

“The real me would. This me wouldn’t.”
Gerard just raised his eyebrows.
“You’re a cool guy Gerard.”

Gee turned and looked Frank straight in the eye. “I’m not ‘cool’. I never want to be ‘cool’. Being ‘cool’ is overrated. I’d rather just be.. me.”

They didn’t speak for the rest of the lesson, Frank just sat there thinking about what Gerard had said, and Gerard sat thinking of ways he could make Frank come out of this mask and be himself.

So here's the first chapter, please rate and review and let me know what you think. Any critisism is welcome too. Love you Beauts Aj xo
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