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Can't Face the Truth (I Blame You)

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If you want to blame someone, try looking in the mirror. Feedback hugely appreciated. :)

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Can't Face the Truth (I Blame You)

You know I don't care,
About here or there,
About take and share.
Yeah, I'm your nightmare.

I am your perfect liar,
Sinned for Holy Father,
Died for what I'd rather.
Black-hearted wrist-carver.

Can't look past looks,
Caught on my hooks,
I learnt from books.
My legs like crooks.

I'm not your friend,
Just an empty trend,
Just a forgotten end.
A rose for you to send.

Put me in the ground,
So I can't hear a sound,
So my heart can't pound.
Happy I'm not around.

Ignore all my cries,
The look in my eyes,
The forlorn sighs,
My dwindling size,
My gone disguise,
Lack of prize,
Lack of rise.

No hope,
For scope.
No chance,
Of romance.
No love,
From above.
No need,
For speed.

No care,
Just dare.
No trust,
Only lust.
No strong,
Lone wrong.
No choice,
Silent voice.

I'm not sorry if I hurt you,
For I am lacking in virtue.
I am sorry if I tricked you,
Into thinking that I'd miss you.

You'll be sorry when you see,
You're the one,
Who cut me.

A/N: Please let me know what you think/how to improve. :)
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