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Him and Me

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"The social superstar and the social reject." GABEKEY one-shot. Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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Him and Me

It’s always him. He’s the one who gets drinks bought for him by the bucketful; the one who gets compliments like a fire gets water; the one that could have any kid on the face of the planet doing whatever he wants them to. In short, Gabe Saporta is the teenage, Belleville equivalent of God. Apart from a lot less saintly.

And then there’s me; Mikey Way. The weak little one too shy to make so much as a pebble-sized ripple, let alone the kind of tidal wave that Gabe can cause with a single wink of those almost-obsidian eyes. Hell, without Gabe I doubt anyone would even know that I exist other than Gerard.

It was him that first approached me that Saturday night all those months ago at Pete Wentz’s birthday party. I hadn’t wanted to go, understanding that Pete only invited me because we used to be best friends before he shot to high school fame and that he felt like he at least owed me a chance at getting that same kind of popularity. Gerard, being the assertive big brother that I sometimes hate him for, forced me into going; told me that I had to at least try making friends before giving up on the world entirely. Just as I had predicted, I end up sat alone in the corner, an ice-pack to my eye from where one of Pete’s mates thought I was a gate-crasher because, let’s face it, who’d invite me to their party? Gabe, though; who wouldn’t invite Gabe?

It was me who fell prey to his undeniable charm the split second I saw him swanning towards me, a slight smirk slanting his lips and tanned skin glistening with diamonds of make-out-induced sweat. It wasn’t his sinfully good looks or angelic smirk that made me take an instant shine to him though, it was the fact that he was actually being nice to me. As in; someone hot, popular and openly bisexual was interested in why I was holding ice to my rapidly swelling cheek. At first I thought it was a joke, that he was just pretending to be kind so that he could make an idiot out of me in front of all of his friends, but when I started crying on his shoulder and he didn’t immediately laugh in my face, I realised that he meant it when he said he wanted to be my friend. I don’t even know what it was about him that made me open enough to uncork my tears to him, perhaps it was something to do with a certain spiked punch, but it felt good to have someone listen. Listen and not think I’m a stupid little shit for feeling lonely.

It was him who found me at school the Monday after the party, apparently begging Pete to show him where I’d be. He’s a junior, one grade above me, and set to be the next big thing for the school’s sports department. Put bluntly; he’s everything that I’ve learnt to fear. But I just couldn’t be scared of him when he sat down next to me in the library, asking if I was alright after my mini-breakdown at the party. I, of course, apologized profusely and he in turn told me not to worry about it, that he’d seen me around school a few times before. That he thinks I’m cute.

It was me that got beaten up that lunchtime. Just like always, but worse because I had ‘infected’ their precious weekend party. And Gee wondered why I didn’t want to go. But, in the long run, I guess it was a good thing that they beat me for a good few extra minutes than normal. If they hadn’t, Gabe wouldn’t have found all six of them towering over me and kicking my ribs until my skin was burnt blue. I’ve honestly never seen anyone so angry; I seriously thought the tanned beauty was going to kill their ringleader. Their ringleader who used to be his best friend. A best friend that his since become Gabe’s worst enemy. Because Gabby says he doesn’t ever want to be associated with someone who hurts me.

It was him that took me back to his house after fighting off the jocks, forcing me to skip classes for the first time in ever because he thought I was way too hurt to stay in school. I was; I could barely breathe from both injury and panic. And the breathtakingly unbelievable idea of Gabe Saporta actually caring about me at a time when I thought nobody ever would, outside of my big brother. He insisted on carrying me up to his bedroom, a lavish room swarming with more CDs than I thought ever even existed, and on making me lie down on the marshmallowy mattress of his double bed. Perhaps if I hadn’t been so out of it at the time, I would have felt something deep within me tingle like a burning star at the thought of lying on Gabby’s bed for the first time whilst he pulled up my shirt to inspect the bruises. To stroke the bruises with his willowy fingers, carefully brushing them with his dandelion-fingertips and sighing as though it broke his heart to see them.

It was me that fell asleep on his bed, too exhausted from the beating to even stay awake whilst he cleaned the blood from my skin. Meaning that I fell asleep shirtless, his hands rubbing soothing circles on my seething skin and then woke up the next morning in Gabby’s bed for the first time. And he was lying next to me, propped on his elbows with a content look of confident intent on his defined face. When I went to get up, a blush ravaging my face in a far harsher way than his eyes were, he pushed me back down on the bed, the very lightning strike of his fingers on my chest knocking me flat on my back. He refused to take me to school, saying that there was no way I was in any fit state to take that on all over again. So we just relaxed in his bed all day, after having texted Gee my whereabouts, and simply chatted. Like there was no Him and Me, the social superstar and the social reject, just Us as two kids chilling.

It was him that took me out for dinner the Saturday after the party that started it all, after us spending a week practically joined at the hip and him actually flirting with the unlovable boy of Belleville High. He made me order the most expensive thing on the menu, some thirty-buck steak platter thing, just because he said he wanted me to owe him something. Turned out that something was a kiss at the end of the night when he walked me up to my front door. He trailed his fingers around my jaw, using it to pull me up to his strawberry-bootlace lips and then dusted them up to tangle in my like shooting stars weaving through the midnight sky.

It was me who kissed back like my life depended on it, refusing to let my one chance at love slip away from me. It was my first ever kiss, one made harder by the fact that Gee and his boyfriend were wolf whistling at us from the living room window, but Gabby told me that I did just fine. Fine enough for him to push me against the front door, working his hands around my thighs like he wanted to tear my skinny jeans clean off of me and go at it right there, apparently finding the fact that my big brother was watching an incentive to take it further. And honestly? I wouldn’t have minded in the slightest if he’d end up taking my right there and then, against a door in the cold New Jersey night. I’d do anything for Gabby.

It was him who asked me to be his boyfriend.

It was me who said yes.

And now it’s just Us.

A/N: Thanks for reading, I hope that this was alright! I have an insatiable addiction to Gabekey right now and there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it out there, so I’m really hoping that it will catch on. Anyone, I hope you liked it and please let me know what you think! Reviews and rates make me smile! :)
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