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Teacher Vs Student

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Roxas is a young teacher, he is assigned to work at a runned down school full of misfits and there's one redheaded misfit in particular who catches his eye. Could this be the start of a forbbiden l...

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An- From Roxas' POV , chapter 1 , I don't own KH. Enjoy reading!

My name is Roxas; I’m sixteen years old. I finished all my studies at the age of fourteen and have been working as a teacher since I turned fifteen. You could say I’m a genius. But this building I was standing in front of certainly did not look like a school. It looked like a very old building where there would be rats and rodents hiding in every corner. I hated rats. By now you’re wondering, how on earth can a kid get a proper job? And at that a teacher! Well let’s just say I have my ways and leave it at that.

I made my way towards this so-called ‘building’. There was litter everywhere, I was going to have to tell the cleaners here to do a better job. I really hoped there weren’t rats. The building it’s self was a mess, smashed windows, broken down doors and mould. Christ there was mould growing up the sides, was this place even safe? I shuddered at the thought of actually having to go in.

I walked up the gravelled path to the entrance. The door opened letting out a very loud creaking noise. I let myself in, I was sure I had got the right address

“Hello there, you must be the new teacher,” A tall man with spiky blonde hair and piercing blue eyes stepped out of the shadows to face me.

“Yes, my name is Roxas. And who might you be?” The inside had been ten times worse than I thought it would be. The stairs didn’t look stable, the ceiling looked like it was going to cave in at any moment and what on earth was that ungodly smell? If you think I’m just being whiney and annoying then you should see this place for yourself.

“I would mind your mouth if I was you. My name is Cloud Strife, I’m a maths teacher.” Jeez what was his problem?

“Well I better get going. I do have a class to teach.”

“Hmph, have fun finding your way around.” Having fun was the last thing I had in mind. And with that Cloud turned on his heel and strode off. I had already made an enemy and I had been in this school for what five minutes? Ha I think that’s record time.

Be there at 8:45 sharp. You will be teaching class 7R. The classroom is the 3rd room to the right in the English corridor.

That’s what the letter had said. I had given myself 20 minutes to have a look around the place. The inside was just about as bad as the outside. I spent 15 minutes aimlessly walking around before I had found the right class. Everyone was huddled around outside sniggering at something. I walked straight past them towards the door to the class. They were all so …tall! Then again most people were taller than me, I will grow ok!

“Hey look there’s a new kid! I didn’t know we would have someone new in our class this year. What’s sup short ass!” Short ass? Ohh that redhead was so in for it. I coughed loud enough so I could get everyone’s attention.

“I am your new teacher. My name is Roxas.” The redhead’s eyes widened, people gaped at me, “I am not a ‘new kid’ and I am certainly not a ‘short ass’. You redhead detention lunch time in my room.”

“Oh ho well done Axe!”

“Shut it Dem. But this shrimp isn’t even old enough to be our teacher!” sure I wasn’t old enough to be their teacher but calling me shrimp? That was totally uncalled for.

“Do you want another detention after school? And yes I am aware I’m not old enough to be your teacher, but that’s none of your business. And you mullet head will also be having a detention at lunch.” This was going to be an amusing day after all.

There was a scurry of people walking into the classroom; I could hear some muttering about my age. But I wouldn’t let that get to me seeing as I had heard it all before.
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