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:) Auditions...Again

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This new story is based around the tragic tale of the ill fated RMS Titanic, which I been interested in since I was a young child. I went to see the Titanic, which has always been a favourite film of mine, in 3d in the cinema the other day and was struck by the idea for this story. Gerard who is from a wealthy family is engaged to a woman (audition part) but is very unhappy and is secretly gay, something which he is deeply ashamed off. He and his bride to be journey on the Titanic and are due to be married shortly after they arrive in New York to start their new life together. On the ship he meets Frank, a poor, low class man who wins his ticket in a card game and they fall for each other.
The parts I need are Gerard`s fiancé and Frank`s friend who also wins a 3rd class ticket. Please bear in mind that it is 1912 when filling this in.
For the fiancé

Name (something sophisticated and rich sounding that would fit in with the times please):
Hair colour (remember this is 1912 so please no crazily dyed colours):
How hair is usually worn (like a fancy up do, down, plaited ect include any hair accessories like fancy jewelled clips or whatever):
Dress(must be an elegant and sophisticated looking dress but other than that go wild):
Brief description of body, like height, weight, skin tone ect:
How do you feel about Gerard? do you love him, love him like a brother or a friend or do you hate him?
How do you feel about having no choice but to marry him?
Do you know/think you know that he is gay? How do you feel about it?
How do you react when you find out about him and Frank?
Does your family come from Britain? If so, where and if not where do you come from?
How does your family have so much money?
What are your opinions on the lower class (poorer) people?
Are you excited about going to America?/
What do you think /feel when you hear lower class people talking bad about the rich being all snobby and mean ect?
What do you think of the Titanic (the ship)
Anything else:
For Frank`s friend

Hair colour:
How hair is usually worn:
Clothing (must still be a dress but more plain than the fiancé)
Any jewellery:
Brief description of body, like height, weight, skin tone ect:
How do you know Frank?
How long have you known him?
How/when did you find out he was gay? Did he tell you, did you walk in on him ect?
How do you feel about him being gay?
How do earn money?
Where are you from?
Are you excited about going to America?
What do you think about the Titanic (the ship)?
Do you have a family? Where are they?
Opinion on Gerard?
Opinion of the higher (richer) class people in general?
Anything else:
thanks I`ll try to get results up soon I am sorry there is only two spaces if you feel you have a part that could be important that I have missed please let me know.
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