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Goodnight, Sweet Nightmares

by DisenchatedDestroya 2 reviews

"Can I teach you a lesson in death?" Feedback hugely appreciated. :)

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Goodnight, Sweet Nightmares

Can I crawl into bed and die tonight?
Just forget about it all tonight,
Tear away my skin tonight,
And show you what you’ve done to me?

Can I run out of breath right now?
Lose everything right now,
Bleed it all away right now,
And make you all feel guilty?

Can I not wake up tomorrow?
Not see dawn tomorrow,
Just have no tomorrow,
And leave you all behind me?

Can I leave it all forever today?
Be honest with you today,
Show you the scars today,
And actually ask for your help?

Can I drown in the noise alone?
Drag lines across my skin alone,
Sob my dead heart out alone,
And not let you anywhere near?

Can I not eat at all ever again?
Not make you worry ever again,
Have anything ever again,
And just let it all bleed away?

Can I teach you a lesson in death?
Feel at peace in death,
Finally happy in death,
And just never have existed at all.

A/N: Yeah, I was not a happy bunny today. And this was the result, sorry if it sucked. Please let me know what you think! :)
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