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In which there is a turn of events

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Peeta and Finnick have a little conversation... Ends in an argument.

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Chapter 2 

"What the hell are you talking about Finnick?!" exclaimed Peeta. Sat in a state of confusion, Peeta tried to gather up his things and move as far away as possible... But he couldn't leave Katniss. She ment the world to him and he would never leave her alone with Finnick, not like this anyway. He quickly tried to think what might be causing Finnick to behave in such a manner. Hasn't Finnick always been the one who tried to flaunt his good looks and muscular body to admiring women at any moment he could? Yes. That most certainly was Finnick. But not now... When Peeta's eyes met Finnick's, they both sat and stared. "What's wrong with you Finnick? You're never normally like this. Is it the games? Have they changed you?" Peeta asked. "I know this must be weird for you Peeta, but I think we have a special connection... You know, like the one's couples have!" said Finnick in a slightly over excited tone. "Yes, this is VERY weird for me. Why have you only just told me this? I mean, have you always been... Gay?". "Gay! Yes that's what I'm getting at! I've always felt this way, don't you see?" replied Finnick. "Well, I suppose that explains the vanity." said Peeta. "So, you and me then?!" asked Finnick joyfully. "NO! NEVER! What the hell made you think that?! I'm not gay, I love Katniss and you know that!" Peeta shouted angrily. "Oh come on, Peeta, honey, you could get over her in no time. You know you want to be with me really!" spat Finnick. 
Peeta said nothing. He gathered the few items he had left in good condition, picked himself up from the ground and continued to walk further into the Games. He felt sick about leaving Katniss behind, but decided he would return for her the following morning.
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