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no title until the end

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killjoy fanfic Emily and i are stuck in the industries unknowing of whats to come of us. with frank ieros help we are able to escape and find out things about ourselves we would never know

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Cherise POV

“Emily, wake up! Wake up, Emily!” I try shaking Emily awake but this time the industry has her way too drugged, “Come on Emily! Get up! Its morning!”
I glance over my shoulder and see a drac look into the room. It opens the door and pulls me away from her effortlessly. I try to fight it but im too weak. It picks me up and puts me on my bed saying nothing. I know its expecting me to stay there as it walks out and closes the door again.
I stare at Emily and repeat, “Please wake up. Please wake.”
She still fails to move. Our stunt last night caused this. We tried to run. Well, I tried to run but she stopped me and took the rap too. They gave her new pills and she hasnt awoken since. I try holding the bed so not to move but it doesnt work.
I fall to my knees and slide to her bed, “Wake up, Emily!! wake up! Youre not leaving me!”
she turns her head and looks at me, “of... course not... never.” she lets out a breath and passes out again.
I hold her hand and stay by her side until another drac comes, “No! Please! Dont make me leave her!”
the drac says nothing and picks me up by arms, “no! Emily wake up! Dont let him take me! No!”
he covers my mouth and carries me out of the room. Tears begin to stream down my face. He stands me at the door of the food room where the other kids are inside eatting.
Hannibal stops in front of me and wipes my face, “no more tears.”
I look away from her and force the tears away. The drac lets go and I go inside. Without Emily im all alone so I shy away from the lunch line and sit in a corner against the wall trying not to cry in front of everyone else.

Emily POV

“Where is she?” I moan.
My head still spinning from the night before but this isnt a first ive been drugged for her. Surprisingly my bodies not used to it. The meds aren’t worn off yet but I get out of bed a little too fast and fall to the floor.
“Where is she?!?” I yell into the silence trying to stand, “Where’s Cherise?”
Hopelessly I lay on the floor trying to stop my head from spinning, the worry of her safety and hunger from no food in a day and a half not helping. I sit up against the wall and slowly scan the room for any signs for where they might have taken her, theres nothing only our beds and the closet. A drac opens the door and I try to back away. Too slow as always after being put down he picks me up and carries me out of the room.
I try to get away but its no use. Im too weak, im always too weak, “Where’s Cherise?”
He says nothing and makes me stand at the door of the eating room still dizzy unable to stand straight. I glance in and see cherise in the corner, a look of panic in her eyes. I open the door and start running toward her I stumble and the room starts to spin but before I can fall two hands catches me.
I look up to see who it is. Eyes blurred and glazed over I can’t tell. Hes older than cherise and me but I’ve only seen him around here once. My face falls into his almost shoulder length jet black hair as I pass out to the sound of cherise’s voice.
When I awake im laying in a bed but its not mine. There’s a blanket over me and the guy from the eating room standing next to the bed. No expression crossed his face. I quickly sit up pain piercing my temples.
“where’s Cherise?” I ask slowly trying to move off the bed but notice ive been strapped down, “What? What is this?!?” I look up at him, “Whoever you are, get me out of here now! Where’d they take her?”
“You have to lay down until the pain goes away. Your friend will be fine.” He says in a low voice, “you have to stay calm or they’ll come back with more like before.”
I close my eyes tight holding back tears, “Again… how long have I been here? Where is she? I need to know shes okay… who are you?”
He glances at the door, “names don’t matter. Shes okay. They put her down too. She paniced and when you woke up and they were taking her you attacked I tried to stop you but it was too late. Shes not hurt and youll be out soon enough you just have to stay clam. I just saw her earlier today.”
I look at him tears swelling in my eyes, “how long have I been here?!? How long has she been there?!?”
“its been three days. They have you both on ivs to keep you alive… I don’t see how you can be awake right now.” He goes toward the door, “I must go for now. You weren’t supposed to get any visitors.”
He leaves me to cry until I fall asleep again.
Cherise POV
I awake with a searing headache. I try to remember what last happened and how I got here but its close to impossible. Someone hit me. I ran to Emily when she passed out in that guy arms. Who was he? I try to move but my arms are strapped down.
“Let me out!” I yell trying to come loose, “Please let me go! I didn’t do anything! I want out! Where’s Emily?”
I jerk back and forth the pain in my head becoming worse. Hannibal enters the room and I lay still. She holds a needle. I hate them and she knows it more than anyone.
“I see you’re awake. Is there a problem young lady?” a slight smile crosses her face as I stare at the needle, “this will help you calm down.” She says showing me the needle.
I move as far away from her as I can but the further away I moved the more exposed me strapped down arm became. My heart began to race faster as she moved closed.
“Please don’t!” I scream with tears streaming down my eyes which helped nothing, she hates tears.
She holds my arm and sticks the needle in, “This will help. No more tears.” She said sternly.
My breathing starts to speed up along with my heart but as the medicine worked its way through my body everything began to slow down quickly, “Where… Where’s Emily?” I ask as I pass out
I feel someone’s leaning against my said and someone’s hand in mine. I slowly open my eyes to see who it is. At the sight of Emily I hold her I turn my head and hold her hand tighter. I try to open my mouth again but im unable to.
She looks up at me weakly, “you’re okay… good.” She lets my hand go and I try to reach for her but my wrists still strapped down.
“Why cant I go? Don’t leave me!” I start to panic voice still barley a whisper but she gives me her hand.
She looks down at the ground in disappointment and whisper, “They found out about your cutting. They want it to stop now… you have to calm down and act okay or they’ll never let us see each other again.” She glances at the door as the black haired guy walks up and gives her a nod, “im not supposed to be here… you can do this cherise.”
She stands and kisses my cheek, “Please stay calm.” She walks out of the room to the unknown guy. Leaving me panicked and in tears.

Emily POV
The walk back to our room was one of the worst. Thanks to that black haired guy I got to talk to her though. She cuts. This guy walking next to me, he knew and I didn’t. How did he know? Has he been watching us? What does he want anyway? He walks me all the way back to my room barley glancing down at me once. For being a year older he was still short but I was pretty short for my age as well. He treats me like another one of the kids here. Like he’s a drac taking me to my doom that is my room.
He opens the door, “Im sorry you had to find out that way.” Is all he said as he closed the door again.
I sit on my bed hold ing my knees head swirling with worry for cherise. I know what she does is wrong but I cant help but wonder why she does it. She must have good reason.
As night comes theres still no sighn of cherise coming back tonight or me sleeping so I sit up against the headboard staring at the ceiling. Sleep hasn’t been an issue in a long time but once she comes back it will all be fine. I hear the knob click and twist and jerk my head to the side to see Hannibal. As always she has a needle. I sit frozen on my bed no questions asked for standing behind her there are three dracs ready to act if they have to.
She smiles at my new reaction, “This will help you sleep Emily.”
As she stabs the liquid into my arm a warm feeling flows through my body and I fall onto my pillow in a ball and I look up at her, “Can… can cherise come…”
I wake up to a brightly lit room. I glance over at cherise’s bed and see her sitting up holding her knees. She looks at the wall daydreaming. What did they do? I slowly stand and sit next to her. This isn’t aloud but this is a moment im sure she needs me. I notice shes not wearing a jacket or long pants like always. Her legs are covered with scars. I slowly hug her and she flinches and looks at me.
“Youre okay!” she says in her normal happy voice, “Im so glad!” she hugs me back and notices her arms and moves away, “I… im sorry.” Her voice becomes low and she covers herself up.
I hold her tight, “Its okay cherise. Im here, its okay. You don’t have to worry anymore, Im here now.”
A drac comes in and I immediately stand from her bed and back away, “Im sorry. It wont happen again.”
I move to my bed and sit and he points to the door instructing us to get up and go. I glance at cherise looking at her arms and seeing the paleness of her face.

Cherise POV
Why did Hannibal have to do that? Take all my long clothes like that. That’s the only thing I’m conferrable in. I look from my wrist remembering why they’re there to Emily who I can tell is worried and without any more hesitation get up from the bed. The look on Emily’s face changes when she sees the rest of my legs. I look away ashamed in her having to find out this way.
The drac stands waiting. As always Emily leads the way out. I stare at the ground making eye contact with no one. I walk side by side with Emily practically holding her hand. I didn’t want to face Hannibal today. I didn’t want to face anyone. We stop at the doors of the eating room and I see two pairs of feet in front of us. Emily grabs my hand and this makes me jump a bit.
I look up and its Hannibal but shes with a bald man. Iv only seen him once when he spoke to the group of us. Hannibal glares at Emily and she lets go of my hand. Shaking slightly I glance between the two as he looks at me. I can tell hes examining my scars but I say nothing.
Hannibal leans over to Emily and whispers something in her ear I try so hard to hear it but I cant. Emily opens the door and leaves me with the drac, Hannibal, the bald guy, Korse. Im paralyzed with fear. I want to scream and run after her but I cant. He continues looking at me and says something to Hannibal.
She smirks at me and says, “You can be fixed. Today will be it for you. You can go.”
Still unable to move they walk away leaving me at the door. I crumble onto he floor in tears holding my knees. This cant be happening, a death sentence? I thought id never see the day. I know I had a death wish but that was before Emily showed up. With her I at least have hope. I hear the door open and see to sets of feet again. A hand touches my shoulder and I flinch still shaking with fear.
“Cherise, are you okay?” Emily asks, her voice more unsure and shaky than ever.
She hold me in her arms like a child and I see who the other feet belong to. Its that black haired guy, the one who let her come see me when they had us separated. He helps me to my feet and walks us back to our room. Tears still streaming down my face and Emily still unaware of what was to come in my future.
He goes in and closes the door placing a chair against the door knob, “We’re getting you two out tonight or else they will kill you, Cherise.”
“How do you… who are you?” I ask, “Please! I want answers!”
“In here, my names Frank. I keep tabs on everything planned in this place. I heard about you and how you were… depressed a long while ago. Everything went away until now. For some reason they want you gone now. You two are important for some reason. “He answers quickly, “We, the killjoys have a hideout near here we can get you some real clothes there. What you have now is too noticeable.”
He moves the bed and opens a vent, “You have to come now.”

Emily POV
I glance over my shoulder and between the two of them. Cherise takes my hand ready for me to go but as he goes in I push her in after him and close the vent. Cherise looks back in panic and he takes her hand and pulls her along.
“Emily!” she yells, “wait! Frank, we have to get Emily!”
I look at her tears welling in my eyes, “Cherise, you have to go. I can’t yet I have to get my sister. I can’t leave her here, cherise. They will kill you if you don’t leave now… please trust me. You’ll see me again I promise. Frank will be back for me. Now go.”
He pulls her arm while she looked back at me until they turned a corner. I moved the bed back and backed into the corner. There was banging on the door and it flung open. Korse, Hannibal, and two dracs entered the room.
“Where is she?!?” Hannibal yelled at me, “Where is Cherise?!?”
I said nothing and backed into the corner. The dracs grabbed my wrists and held me up against the wall. Pain shot through my arms. I ball my fists and fight the pain.
“It will only get worse. Now tell us, where is she? She’s no good to us or anyone else.” Hannibal says anger flaring in her face.
I try to move but the dracs make it nearly impossible and she takes out a needle, “I.. I don’t know! I don’t know where they went! I swear.” My heart starts racing.
She sticks the needle in my skin and I wince, “WE!!! Who is she with?!? Tell me know or I will kill you and that little sister!” my body goes numb and she knows it, “Oh yes, you didn’t think I didn’t know about her. Beth, correct? Yes. You’ll go fast but her… no ill savor that one. Now, you tell me, who is she with and where are they going?!?”
She presses some of the liquid into my arm and I cry out at the burning pain, “I don’t know where they went! I don’t know! The guy, hes Frank!” I start to cry, “Please don’t hurt my sister!”
Korse whispers something to her and she pressed the rest of the liquid into my arm, “That’s all we need.” The dracs let go of me and the four walk out of the room leaving me to scream out in pain.
The liquid worked its way through all my muscles and I winced and cried out in pain, “Bethany! Don’t hurt her!” I wince in pain and grab my arm, “No!”

Cherise POV
As we get out of the vents a car pulls up a ways away from the building and the alarm system of the building starts going off, “Run!” frank says grabbing my hand and running for the car, “Shes told them about me.”
I follow him tears falling from my eyes, “She wouldn’t do that on purpose unless she was…”
I look at the driver and see it’s a slightly older guy with pink hair, “Are you okay?” he asks as I climb into the back seat.
Frank answers before I can say anything, “he friend is still on the inside.” He lowers his voice so I cant hear and the pink haired guys eyes widen.
“What? What did he say?” I choke out through tears, “Tell me please!”
The driver looked over his shoulder at me and back at the area ahead of us, “He said probably being tortured. To him she didn’t seem like the one to work against you.”
I lay my head against the window and start to cry quietly again, “Im so sorry.”
“nothing to be sorry about.” Frank speaks firmly, “We’ll be back for her and what they say about not crying is all bullshit. Cry all you want, Cherise”
As the car gets further and further from the industry I let myself cry without holding back. This is the first time we’ve truly been apart.

Emily POV
The pain still searing through my body and the alarm buzzing in my ears I try to stand. I do and stumble to the door. I twist the knob. The doors still unlocked. They must have assumed I couldn’t handle this. I slowly left the room and went toward my sisters. All the rooms and doors looked the same but the wings were separated by ages. Hers was three away from mine.
As I pass halls I look over my shoulder for others. Slowly the pain leaves my body and im able to run. I sprint until I reach her room. The door is slightly open. I go run around a corner and pear back at her room. I hear a voice but I cant tell who it is, most likely Hannibal. I continue glancing around the corner waiting for her to leave the room until I hear a small scream, Beth. I want to run to her but cant. If they caught me again we would never get out.
When the scream stops I hear footsteps coming towards me. I back away from the hall and wait for them to pass. Once they’re all gone and far down the hall I run to beths room. I look in to see her lying in bed passed out. I open the door and run to her. Shes out cold so I pick her up and lay with her a moment
“Beth, wake up! You have to. We have to get out of here.” I shake her softly to try and wake her but nothing works, “Come on beth please wake up.”
As I tried to wake her door slowly opened and a drac entered I looked up and held her close as he came near me. He took out a needle and injected me in the arm I winced in fear that the same pain from before would come but it wasn’t. The room began to spin slowly then faster until I passed out still holding on to Beth.
I was awoken by a hand over my mouth. I began to breath hard and tried to scream but when I saw it was Frank I stopped and grabbed his arm
“where’s Bethany?” I whisper, “They caught me with her. We have to find her now.”
Frank smiles, “Im already way ahead of you.”
He moves aside and standing behind him was a pink haired guy holding her. I stand quickly and fall into franks arms more dizzy than ever.
“Beth! Is she okay?” I ask not trying to leave franks arms.
The pink haired guy answers, “Shes okay, just sleeping. She was passed out but im sure she’ll wake up in the car. We need to go but with a sleeping child this will be harder.”
“I don’t care.” I say trying to stay awake, “Just please get us out…. Wheres Cherise?”
Frank takes my waist and leads me to the vent, “don’t fall asleep yet. Its not time to sleep yet you can do that after we get to the care.”
Back in the vent they slowly move to the outside, “how much further?” I ask leaning on frank, “my head kills.”
“we’re almost there.” He answers as alarms start to go off, “crap! We need to move faster”
He takes my hand and moves as fast as he can pull me casing my head to spin more. when we reach the end frank kicks out the vent and helps me out. The pink haired guy jumps out with me sister and we all move to a car parked a few feet away.

Cherise POV
As I lay in the hide out frank and the pink haired guy brought me to I hear footsteps hoping none of them come in. I hold my knees up to my chest still wearing my shorts and tee shirt. Frank didn’t bother giving me other clothes seeing the shock I was still in. being without Emily was one of the hardest things ive ever had to deal with and now no Frank either.
I stare at the bottom of the door as the light changes every time feet walk by. When they stop my breathing starts to speed up uncontrollably. I see two sets of shoes stop and voices but im too lost to focus on what theyre saying. As they continue to stand there I cover my face.
Moments pass and the door flings open, “No! don’t hurt me!” I scream at the top of my lungs.
Emily holds me like a child, the same way she does every time Im in this state, and rocks me, “Its okay, cherise im here im right here. We’re safe.”
She brushes the hair from my eyes and has her sister sit on the foot on the bed. Embarrassment washes over me seeing her sister. Knowing she sees me like this. I cry in Emilys arm trying to stop with no luck.
“Don’t leave me ever again okay! Please don’t!” I say into her arm through tears.
“Never.” She answers, “You and my sister are safe now. We’re all okay now”
She keeps holding me until I stop crying, “Emily, im so sorry… I know im bad. Im not worth anything. I don’t understand why Frank saved me. Im a depressed kid. Nothing good to anyone.”
As tears come to my eyes she takes my shoulders, “You are worth it cherise! youre worth everything! No ones perfect ofay? Everyone makes mistakes. Your scares mean nothing theyre only scares.” She hugs me tight and makes me smile.
Frank comes to the doorway, “Hey, you all need some new clothes. Follow me. Poison and I found something.”
Emily takes her sisters hand and follows behind frank. I stay behind them keeping her sister from seeing my scars not that it mattered anymore. Looking into the doorways I could see people of all ages dressed in many different colors. As we pass the doors I look back and see some of them peering out of them at us like we were from a different planet.
Frank turned into a wide open room with three different outfits laying out, “here they are.” He shows, “Hand chosen by poison himself.” He hands us our outfits.
Mine having a crescent moon on it, Emilys a toxic sign, and Beth a sideways smile. All of our symbols seemed to represent us in one way or another. How poison knew, I don’t know. We all take our outfits back to the room and put them on.
“I love it!” Beth pipes out speaking for the first time.

Emily POV
I stare at my sister in shock not sure if she had just said that or if I was hearing things but when I saw cherise looking at her too I knew she had spoken. I ran to her and hugged her tight, big smiles on both of our faces. Cherise smiled at the two of us and laid on the bed in the corner.
I let my sister go and went to her, “Hey, are you okay?”
“im fine.” She answers with no emotion in her voice.
Of course that was a lie, “Come on cherise please tell me what wrong. Ive been worried about you.”
“im tired. No sleep since ive been here. Don’t worry.” She closes her eyes tight, “just don’t leave me okay? I have no one else.”
I hug her tight, “ill never leave you. You’re my best friend cherise, practically another sister.”
I let her go and lay with beth in the only other bed. Assuming sleep wouldn’t happen for anyone here I laid awake staring at the ceiling thinking about the last few days. As the hours past the noises coming from the other side of the door came to a halt.
Soon there was nothing left but the sound of the air coming from the vents. I glanced over at cherise and she was still curled into a tight ball. Beth was sound asleep fearing nothing for the first time in a long time. Here she felt safe so why didn’t we? Beth turned over and hugged me around the waist still asleep. I smiled down at her in approval becoming tired I slowly drifted into sleep.
Not to far into my sleep I hear a cry come from the darkness. Its cherise crying in her sleep. It sounds like shes in pain but that’s impossible. I move beths arm and go to cherise to wake her. Looking at her she looks more pale than normal even in the dark. I softly press on her arm.
“Cherise, wake up. Youre having a nightmare.” I say trying to wake her.
She jerks up and stares at me. Eyes wide open, “They caught us!” her breathing was hard and fast. She slid her knees to her chest and layed her head on her knees and cried, “Im sorry Emily.”
“do you want to talk about it?” I ask worry filling my head.
“No.” she answers.” You need to sleep. Go back to bed. Ill be fine.”
i puts my arm around her and hold her close, “Please tell me, Cherise. if theres something bothering you I really want to know.”
she looks at me, tears hidden in the dark, “Please Emily, don’t worry just go to bed for now. Ill be okay I promise.”
I hug her, “You can tell me as soon as you’re ready.” I lay back down with my sister who hugs me immediately and try to get back to sleep.

Cherise POV:
I watch as they fall asleep and go to the door and sneak out. As I walk down the numerous halls and become lost in the mazes I begin to run with fear. The walls all look the same and the ceiling and floors. My breathing becomes heavy as I move faster. Out from a side hall comes Korse along with Hannibal and in her grasp she has my sister Michelle. I let out a scream.
“Let her go!” I stop in my tracks Hannibal holding a knife to her throat, “She didn’t do anything to you!”
Korse points at my and motions for me to come with him, “Let her go first!” I yell with tears and anger in my voice.
Hannibal lets go of her neck and points the knife at me, “You, come here now.”
I hold back tears and move towards her looking at the ground, “Michelle, run. Go now, go get out of here.”
Korse grabs me by the back of the neck and a drac grabs my sister, “No!” I scream, “You said you’d let her go!”
Tears start streaming down my face and Hannibal grabs one of my arms and puts the knife to it, “I will give you a reason to cry.”
She nods at the drac and he presses my crying sister to the wall and shoots her in the head.
I let out a scream and Hannibal presses the knife into me skin and cuts one deep gash, “You will learn your place no matter what it takes.” She repeats this and I let out another scream.
Everything goes dark and someone’s shaking my shoulders, “Cherise wake up! You’re bleeding! Cherise please wake up!”
I open my eyes wide and look up at Beth, “Where… Where’s Emily?”
“She went to get Frank. You wouldn’t wake up. I know where she went. We can go get her if you’d like… but first” she looks down at my freshly scratched arm, “We should clean that up. Nightmare?”
I sit up and cover up my arm, “You can call it that… lets go fine Em. I’ll take care of this later.”
She glances at my sleeve a few times but started toward the door. She opened the door and I hesitated leaving. She looked through every doorway until she found the one she was looking for while I stared at the floor only looking up when I heard Emily’s panicked voice.

Emily POV
When I final found Frank he was with three other guys. Two of them I didn’t know and poison. They were in the eating room with all the other people staying here. Running in I didn’t notice at first but then slowly saw everyone’s eyes on me. I slowly came to a fast walk up to frank and the guys and tugged on his shirt to pull him out. The other three watched as he followed.
“We can’t wake up cherise!” I say as soon as we’re in the entrance room, “She’s having a really bad nightmare or something!”
As I start to panic he looks over my shoulder and I look over to see Beth running toward me with cherise in tow. Cherise’s head is bowed low. I can tell she’s deep in thought.
Beth comes to me and whispers, “She hurt her arm. She’s bleeding pretty badly.”
I look from cherise to Frank and ask him for the bathrooms and a first aid kit, “Is everything okay?” he asks as she stands by me.
Before she can answer I say, “Yeah just a small accident. That’s all. Nothing big. Beth how about you go with Frank and I’ll be right in there. He can get you some food.”
Beth does as she’s told and follows him as we go into the restroom. I take cherises sleeve and slide it up carefully, “Oh my. Cherise, are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” She answers speaking to me for the first time today, “I’m sorry.”
I start cleaning up her arm, “you don’t have to be. What was the dream about?”
She looks in the mirror and back at the ground, “just a bad memory is all… no big deal.”
I finish and wrap it, “you can tell me when you’re ready.” I say and go to leave the room.
“Do you ever get annoyed that I don’t tell you things?” she asks rolling down her sleeve.
“yes.” I answer cleaning up the first aid kit, “it’s just I’ve told you everything and I know you have a lot going on that you aren’t telling me and I wish you would.”
She lets out a sigh, “my sister’s death… that was the dream. My twin sister’s death.”
Her breathing becomes choppy and I can tell she’s about to cry, “I’m so sorry cherise. I had no idea.” I hug her tight and she stands still blank faced, “cherise stop… you’re here now. That days gone.
I take her hand and we walk into the eating room where there’s another girl standing next to Frank and the guys. Her hair long and blond but pulled back into a ponytail. I had no idea who she was.
As we came closer the girl, Beth and all the Guys turned toward us, “see told you cherise! you do have a big reason to live!” Frank grins nudging the girl toward us, “Remember her?”
I look at cherise and her eyes widen, “This isn’t possible.”
“Who is that?” I ask her.
“Its… it’s my sister. I… I thought she was killed. I don’t understand.” Cherise stares at the girl pale and blank faced, “Michelle?”
Michelle smiles and runs to cherise to hug her, “Yeah! It’s me! I thought I’d never see you again!”
I go to Frank and stand by him, “Thank you so much Frank… for saving us.” Seeing cherise embrace Michelle still dazed and confused made Beth and I smile.
“Well I was serious. She had a reason to live right here all along.” Frank says rejoining the guys leaving us alone.

Cherise POV
Still in shock I could barely hug Michelle back. She took me by the shoulders and looked me in the eyes.
“You look like you haven’t slept in weeks.” She said in a concerned voice.
Emily walks up to us and replies before I can think of something to say, “Because she hasn’t.” Michelle looked to Emily, “I’m Emily. She and I have been roommates for the last four years and she always has nightmares. She doesn’t sleep much at all. I try to help but she doesn’t talk about it.”
“So since I disappeared.” Michelle says looking back at me.
I hold my sides, look at the ground and whisper, “I’m sorry Michelle, I thought you were dead. That days haunted me ever since.” Tears come to my eyes and I want to run away but Michelle hugs me tight.
“I’m here and alive.” She tells me over and over.
“But how?” I ask
Michelle looks at me, “Well I was passed out on the floor a while. No one came around except Frank. He noticed I was shot and checked to see if I was alive. Noticing I was he brought me straight here. Once I was well enough to remember everything he started looking for you for me.” A smile crosses her face, “the minute he found you he just needed the right moment to bring you here.”
“And me?” Emily asks.
“You and cherise are really close. Cherise has become too attached. She would have hurt herself without you.” Michelle answers.
I bow my head again and frown, “I’m sorry. I know I’ve been taught better.”
“Enough of that.” Michelle starts, “You’re going to smile and that’s final. No more looking at the floor and no more cutting.” I look up at her with wide eyes as everyone in the room looks toward me, “All the more reason for you to stop. There’s no reason for you to be sad anymore.”
Emily and Beth look at Michelle surprised at what she was willing to blurt out loud in front of everyone like it was nothing, “I won’t.” I answer in a low voice, “You’ve changed sister.”
Michelle hugs me tight, “I know but that’s how I learned and if you do cut I’ll do what the industry does and not let you hide them… I’m not losing you again.”
I look around at the other people and Frank who were still looking at me, “okay… I’ll try not to.”
Frank comes to us, “Hey! Do you guys want food? Follow me I’ll show you how the lines go.”
Helping the tension in the room lower frank and Michelle led us to the kitchen area. Slowly the other curious kids and teenagers stopped looking at us.
Beth walked next to me and asked, “Cherise, can I know your dream? Was it how you lost Michelle?”
I continue looking straight forward until tears come to my eyes. I glance at her and run out of the eating area to our bedroom. I slam the door and slide to the ground crying, “She’s here! Why am I so upset now!?!”
There’s a bang on the door, “Cherise, what’s wrong? What happened?” it’s Emily, “Please talk to me.”
“She’s changed! Michelle’s changed!” I cry and start scratching my arm, “Does she care Emily?”
“Of course.” She answers, “She wants you to stop cutting. Please let me in.”
I pull down my sleeve, wipe my face and open the door, “I’m sorry I ran.”
Behind her Michelle was coming closer.

Emily POV
I go in and hug her, “It’s okay I understand. You have a lot on your mind and even more now.” When she doesn’t answer I look into her eyes I see that she’s not looking at me but behind me. I look back and see Michelle.
She comes in, “Cherise, what’s wrong? Talk to me.” She glances down at cherises arm and already sees the blood seeping through, “Why?!?” she yells slamming the door and sliding up her sleeve seeing the new scratches and the covered ones from last night, “And what are those?”
“Those were an accident,” I interrupt, “She did it in her sleep.”
“No excuses!” Michelle yells, “Was it a nightmare? Is that it?”
Cherise shakes her head eyes filled with fear and I step in front of them, “Michelle, stop this. You’re scaring her!”
Michelle pushes me out of the way and starts to yell at cherise but cherise cuts her off, “Don’t ever push her! I love you both okay. I’m sorry I did it. It was the nightmares. You can take my jacket.” She takes it off and hands it over to Michelle, “Just don’t mess with Emily anymore.”
Shocked Michelle takes the jacket and goes to leave the room, “you can have it back when those heal.”
As she leaves cherise falls to the floor in tears and I sit with her, “talk to me, Cherise. You can have my hoodie. It’s fine.”
“No, she’s right. I need to stop this. Every time something happens I hurt myself. This ends today… the dream is the day she died… well I thought she died. I guess she didn’t but that doesn’t matter anymore. She’s alive and what they did to me shouldn’t matter either.” She looks at the blood on her arm and wipes it away, “Come on. Let’s go eat. It’s been forever,”
I stand and follow her still worried. She seemed to be acting too okay about all this. We go back into the eating room get food and sit with Beth who sat with Frank so she wasn’t alone.
“Sorry it took so long.” I apologized, “Everything’s okay. Just needed a moment” I smile to see if they’d believe it. Beth did but Frank didn’t at all.
We all sit and eat our food. Cherise no longer next to me but next to Michelle. Not just her sister but her twin. Neither of them stated it but now that they were side by side. Michelle continued glancing at the scars and Cherise’s arms like they made her a martin. I could tell cherise noticed her looking and tried to ignore it but there was no possibly way to.
Frustrated I stand and yell, “Michelle, You’re no help at all! Stop doing that!”
She looks up at me in shock, “What are you talking about? I’m just eating my food.”
“Stop looking at her… arms like that! We all know now!” the other kids around the room look our way at the scene waiting to see what was to come, “You were the one to make that clear!”
I want so bad to jump across the table and punch her in the face but as I’m about to do something about it Poison and another one of the guys stand and come to us, “Girls,” the guy speaks, “I’m Kobra kid but you can call me Kobra.” I sit back in my seat, “you all know my brother Party poison. We would like to talk to the four of you now please.”
“And Frank too?” Beth asks.
Kobra smiles, “Yes. Frank can come too. You do know him best.” Turns to lead the way out.
I hesitate going still mad at Michelle but when cherise stands and goes I walk on the opposite side of her with my sister still keeping an eye on Michelle as cherise watched the floor.
Michelle glances at her, “I thought I said no looking at the floor?”
Cherise looks up at Kobras back and I nudge her arm, “you don’t have to listen to her. You’re fine if you want to look at the floor. It doesn’t bother anyone.”
“no.” cherise whispers, “I need to change… ill change.”
As we enter the room Kobra was leading us to Frank closed the door, “So here’s the deal lady’s,” Kobra starts, “There will be fights if you three don’t settle this now. I had Beth come because she’s Emily’s sister and not much of this is Cherise’s fault.”
“What do you mean?” Cherise asks surprisingly, “This is my entire fault! Michelle and I just found each other and she asked me to stop cutting and I couldn’t even last a day.”
“But it’s not her fault!” I blurt, “Michelle thinks she end something’s she’s done for years in one day and its impossible. Yeah Cherise is a cutter. It’s been bad, really bad actually but it’s gotten better and now her twin comes along and adds all this extra pressure!”
Michelle faces me anger filling her eyes once again, “You have no idea what it was like!” she screams, “She’s never stopped this even when I was there... and our family! Nothing makes her happy!”
At that I smack her across the face as hard as I can, “Don’t ever say something like that about her!” as I yell cherise sinks back into a corner.

Cherise POV
As the fight continues I sit in the corner and cover my ears wishing Kobra would make them stop. Their voices rise and tears come to my eyes. Every word Michelle spoke was correct. I was careless and thought of no one else.
“Shut up!!” I scream at the top of my lungs.
They all look at me, shock in Michelle and Emily’s eyes, “I know I don’t care! Im a messed up person who needs to stop all this now! Michelle is right no matter how much we like it or not! Just stop please!”
Kobra smiles at me and I give him a confused look, “So its settled now. Cherise will stop her bad habits and you two will stop competing.”
Michelle and Emily both look at him and Michelle spats out, “I do not have any reason to compete! Cherise is my sister.”
I stand and face them both, “Okay that’s enough you two. Kobra said so. Just stop. Emily’s been my close friend for a long time now and Michelle is my twin sister who’s been gone for a long time. Im not choosing so stop fighting… ill deal with my own problems.”
Without a glance at anyone else I leave the room and go back to our own. Once back I lay down and close my eyes. After an hour of laying down I hear the door open and someone sit on my bed but I keep my eyes closed.
“Cherise? im sorry for what I did for you. I know it was wrong.” It’s Michelle and she lays my hoodie on me, “I shouldn’t take it from you either.”
The door opens again and someone else sits on my bed, “Hey we’re going to go start practice target.” This time its Emily and I knew she wouldn’t admit to being wrong but that’s okay. Michelle didn’t say anything so I was happy, “Cherise you can come too.”
I sit up and put on my hoodie, “I’m cold. Not hiding okay. I’m okay.” I smile and follow Emily, “Come on Michelle. You’re coming too.”
She stands and follows smiling for the second time since we arrived. I knew she was happy to hear I planned on changing.

Emily POV
Yeah that’s right things would have to change but what she did was wrong. I cant stand what she did to cherise. shes changing for all the wrong reason and all her emotions are fake now. First chance I get im talking to cherise about all this. She cuts its what she does. I know its wrong but she doesn’t need to be forced to stop like that.
As we reach the target room we meet up with another one of the guys who were in the eating area, “Hey im jet star. You can call me jet. Ill be teaching you how to use the ray gun. Its the only weapon you kids use.”
Michelle looks at us with a smile, “Youll love them!”
Jet star hands us each a gun, “Now since Michelle has already learned this portion she’ll move into the next training room and be back after you’ve all learned aim.” Michelle smiles and leaves the room, “so what ill have you do is hit different targets at different distances and moving targets. Who wants to go first?”
Instantly Beth raises her hand in excitement. I take it and ask, “are you sure about this, Beth? It’s a gun we’re talking about here.”
“yes!” she answers with the biggest grin on her face, “Please let me do it Em. Please!”
I let go of her hand, “Okay, okay go ahead.” I step back and stand with cherise.
Jet star hands her a gun and shows her how to fire it, “Don’t ever point it at anyone else while in this stage of your lessons.”
Jet stand with us and beth starts shooting at the targets hitting them all, “Holy crap shes good!” I smile in approval.
Cherise continues to watch as shocked as I am but doesn’t say anything until shes up to shoot, “I… I don’t think I can do this.” She tries to hand the gun back but jet refuses to take it. She holds it out and aims at a target, “I really don’t want to…” she shoots and hits straight on and I see tears in her eyes.
“Okay that’s enough ill take it. Don’t make her do this.” I try to take the gun but jet stops me.
He pushes me back a little, “This is the only way she’ll get over what happened all those years ago… let her do this.”
I continue to watch her shoot the targets, tears beginning to stream down her face. As soon as she cant shoot the targets straight anymore she drops the gun to the floor and sits against the wall crying.
Jet smiles down at her, “Cherise that was really good. Michelle only lasted three targets before she was done the first time. Emily your turn.”
I look between him and her and take the gun, “Im not sure about this… cherise will you be okay?”
She looks away from the three of us, “Yeah of course… ill be fine.”
Beth sits with her as I start shooting. Surprisingly hitting the targets with no problems at all, “Jet, Why is this so easy? I thought this would be hard.”
He smiles at me in approval, “youre not shooting bullets that’s why. Youre barley shooting anything at all. Just a shock. It’s a deadly shock depending on the gun but that ones not deadly. Well that’s all for today. The three of you can head back to your room. Its getting late.”
Cherise looks up at him, “Michelle’s coming too right?”
Jet smiles, “A little later. Her training goes longer.” He leads us to the door, “Good night.”

Cherise POV
As we go back to our room I take emily’s hand and whisper, “I really want to know what they do in that other room. Can we check it out after Beth’s asleep?”
Emily nods in excitement, “Yes! Of course we can! I want to know what we’re getting ourselves into.”
The three of us go back to our room and not long after Beth’s fast asleep. I get out of bed and go to the door where Emily is already standing ready to lead the way back to the target room. She opens the door for me and closes it as quietly as she can. We go down the halls and retrace our steps back to the room. When we get there Jet Star is in the room Michelle went into. She and the other students were running throughout the room, all with guns, shooting at each other.
I turn away from the window and fall to the floor, “How can they be doing that?”
I look up at Emily as she continues staring wide eyed into the room, “Ch.. cherise… Michelle just got shot.”
I bolt to my feet and look through the window to see her on the floor, “No!” I scream through my now covered mouth. Just as I wanted to scream Emily caught me.
Michelle stands and laughs, “Gosh jet! The close shots always hurt so badly.” She giggles and walks toward the door and we both move away as she opens it, “Hey, what are you doing here?”
“We wanted to see what was next.” As Emily answers Jet comes to the door.
“So, you wanted to see? Well if that’s the case ill just give you a taste of whats to come.” He points his gun at Emily and nod at Michelle who points hers at me, “this is the first step. Being shot.”
Emily stand still and I hold back tears, “Michelle, you wouldn’t really do this would you?”
Michelle smiles, “Don’t worry, Cherise. its all just a part of training. Once your shot once itll never hurt so bad again trust me.” She pulls the trigger and I hear Emily scream and go quiet.
The next thing I know we’re laying in our beds in our room. I sit up and look at Emily, “Did… did that realy happen?”
Emily frowns and turns her head, “I wish I could say no… but it was only training right?”

Emily POV
Sitting up I could feel a bruise across my ribs, “oh man he got me good.” I lift my shirt slightly and see the visible bruise, “That’s going to be there a while.”
Cherise looks over at me still laying on her side, “He did that to you? How could they do this?!?” she tries to sit up but is in too much pain, “This is just too much! What about beth, Em?”
“No way!” I say with anger, “Shes not being hurt. I don’t care how much she wants to shoot that gun. This is way too much.”
I stand and go to Emily’s bed and shake her awake, “Emily, no more guns for you. They hurt.”
Beth sits up and looks at Emily a moment, “What happened? Why cant i?”
I glance over at cherise and slowly show Emily my ribs, “We wanted to see what Michelle was doing so they showed us what we had to go through. They shot us both.”
“Why would they do that?” Beth asked in shock pressing my stomach.
I put my shirt down and step away, “Don’t do that! It hurts a lot, Beth! Just promise me you wont go back down there.”
Beth rolls her eyes at me, “I can handle myself, Emily. I’m not a little kid anymore.”
“That’s not right to say.” Cherise yells and stand from the bed, “You cant talk to your sister like that. She’s right. This training and this place is bad news, Bethany.”
Just as our voices begin to rise Frank enters the room, “Hey, how are you two feeling?”
“Fine!” I answer in a stern voice, “In pain. What’s new?”
Cherise gives me her please calm down look, “Sore is all. We didn’t know theyd do that.”
Frank looks between the three of us, “Yes. I’m sorry its just part of the training. Beth wasn’t though right?”
“No she wasn’t.” I say clenching my fists, “and I wont let her either. This is way too much for her right now.”
“I agree.” Frank replies, “Shes too young to go through that right now. I wont let it happen.”
Beth looks at all of us with rage, “This is so stupid! If I want to train I will train! You cant stop me!” runs to the door.
I grab her arm and pull her back, “Im not letting this happen to you. I don’t care what you say or want! Its not going to happen!”
Frank takes Beth and my arm, “You two need to stop this right now. You two are sisters.”
As Frank talks to us I’m distracted by cherise sitting on the bed staring at her arm, “Hey cherise! snap out of it! What’s wrong?”
She whispers, “My sister… she shot me. Why would she do that?”
I tense and glare at the floor, “We should talk to her, Cherise… you should talk to her.”
“I can… I will.” She answers.
“Come on. lets all go get some lunch. We let you all sleep in. you can talk to her there.” He smiles at us and leads the way out of the room.

Cherise POV
Im exhausted. Walking down to the eating room was one of the longest walks of my life. Sleep didn’t happen last night. Not at all. The thought of Michelle shooting me was swarming my head the whole night and I still didn’t become sore enough to sleep. With Emily and Beth now upset with each other hiding things would be harder.
As we enter the eating room I take emily’s hand when I see Michelle, “Are you okay?” she asked holding my hand tight.
“No… I don’t want to do this. I cant talk to her.” I turn to walk out and Emily takes my hand.
“If you talk to her now thisll be a first step. You can do this. Its your sister.” She says in a calm voice.
Slowly we go to the table where her and jet are sitting, “Hey sleepy heads.” Michelle pipes, “Did you all sleep well?”
Beth skips over and sits next to her, “Yes! Amazingly! Had no idea I was that tired.”
Emily and I sit across the table from them, “How are you feeling?” jet asks with concern.
Emily takes my hand and holds it tight, “Fine of course. Why wouldn’t we be?
“The first shots always the worst.” Michelle says in a low voice, “bruised? That ones pretty normal too.”
I tense at her words, “Yes of course we are! We weren’t ready for that!” I scream at her the anger spilling over in me, “You shot me! My sister, the one I tried to save, shot me!”
As faces turned our way Emily nudged me but it was too late. I was too mad and words started spilling out but Michelle wouldn’t stand for it, “You will learn one way or another just like I did. Your friends wont always be there to fight your battles for you.”
“No? really?!? I had no idea!! Thought maybe my sister would be there too but apparently not! All you did was make things worse! I can stand up for myself just fine but being shot by my own sister?!? Really?? That was the right thing to do for sure!! Youre a jerk Michelle! You know our past and what happened! I thought I lost you!”
Jet stops me, “Cherise, Im sorry we did that. I had no idea it would effect you so bad. I don’t know your past like you and Frank do. We will take our time to get to that level. This will not happen again I promise you.”
“She’ll be fine.” Michelle cuts in, “If I could do it so could she and I was the one who was shot remember.”
As I start to cry Emily yells, “Michelle, you’ve gotten on my last nerve! You better watch your back in training! I swore I wouldn’t get you here but when im ready I will get you back there!”
Beth stares at us in shock unable to speak or respond to anything, “What… what happened down there?”
“We’re done talking about it.” I say looking at jet, “No more fighting here. Emily’s right. When we’re ready, and we will get there, ill shoot her back in training.”
For the first time Michelle gives us each a worried look, “that’s the right idea.” Jet answers, “Don’t fight here leave it for training. It only brings us closer that way.”
With that we all eat and Emily tries to hold back laughs at Michelle’s worried face.

Emily POV
As we ate cherise looked more sure about herself than ever. With her sister being a jerk the way she has cherise isn’t so soft anymore. The cutting has seemed to stop and so has the emotions. Im not sure if that’s a good or bad thing though.
When we’re done eating cherise, beth, and I go down to the training room, “I really don’t want Beth to get shot jet star… is there any other way?”
“I’m sorry. No there isn’t. getting shot the way you two did only happens once. We’re leaving it up to you to do it too.”
I stare at him with wide eyes, “What?!? Theres no way im shooting my sister! I will never do that!”
“You have to. Just like Michelle did. Do you think that was unplanned? We assumed you’d want to know and if you did we were ready… it took Michelle some time to except the responsibility too.”
“I don’t see how!” cherise yells out from behind me, “Shes been freaking heartless this whole time! I’m pretty bad but not even im that heartless! Theres no way Emily will ever be will to hurt her sister like that.”
Beth stand next to cherise in shock and holding her side, “You wouldn’t really make her shoot me would you? Shes my sister.”
Jet lets out a sigh, “Im sorry girls but that’s the point of that section. You have to learn that death can happen and if it does youll already know what it feels like to be hit. We have a loved one do it because sometimes you see a loved one die. The shock of what happened will wear off in time.” At that he hands me a gun, “Get it done with now and you all can move onto shooting Michelle.”
I hesitate and take it, “i… I cant do this. Theres no way I can shoot her. I don’t care if it doesn’t kill it hurts like crazy.”
Beth stand in front of my with her arms at her sides, “just do it and get it over with… ill sleep it off Emily don’t worry.”
I hold back tears and point the gun at her.
Cherise backs up, “Emily, you don’t have to do this! Its stupid!”
Ignoring cherises words I hold my breath and pull the trigger letting a tear fall. At that moment cherise caught her before she hit the floor.
Jet looked at Emily in amazement, “I… I cant believe you shot her. It was good… but no ones ever shot someone the first time like that… youre a really good listener. You three can sleep today. Ill carry beth back to the room. She’ll be okay.”
As I move to the stairs not waiting for them cherise runs up to me, “Why did you do that? Shes going to hate you!”
“I know… im sorry.” I answer staring forward still in shock at what I had done.
Cherise grabs my shoulders and stops me staring into my eyes, “Are you okay, Em? I know that was hard for you.”
“Im fine.” I answer blankly.
As jet catches up holding Beth in his arms we all walk back to out room and I lay in my bed curled in a ball. Jet lays beth in her bed still passed out. When he leaves cherise lays next to me and hugs me.
“Itll be okay. I promise itll all be okay.” She says in a calm voice.
As she hugs my I start to cry on her shoulder, “I shot her! I shot my sister!” I scream, “I’m so sorry!”

Cherise POV
As I hold the teary eyed Emily she finally falls asleep. I stay with her a moment until I cant handle my own thoughts. The image of Michelle being shot and shooting me still flashed across my mind. I slowly stood up careful not to wake her and walk to the bathroom. I close the door and lock it even though theyre both asleep.
As I stare in the mirror I roll up my sleeves, “You know you aren’t going to do it… theres already enough and Emily would hate you for this.” I slowly unwrap my cuts from the nights before and see theyre still bleeding, “Aww man… im horrible.” I sit on the floor and cry, “I cant cut. I cant.”
As I cry I hear a knock at the door, “Cherise, are you okay?” its frank. He stands at the door a moment, “Ill break it down if I have to.”
I try to wrap my arm again and fail so I open the door, “Will you help me? Theyre still bleeding.”
He smiles and kneels down to me, “Any new ones?” he analyzes my arm, “Doesn’t look like it. Let me wipe these with alcohol. We don’t want them getting infected.” He grabs a bottle of alcohol from a draw and pours it on my arm, “Better?”
I smile and look at the floor, “yes. Much better. Thank you… umm I was thinking about it.”
“I know.” He says rewrapping my arm, “No need to worry. Youre okay. That’s why we’re here. We want to help you.”
I look away tears still in my eyes, “Im not worth it Frank. Im really not. Who would want me?”
He finishes and smiles, “We do. Come on get some sleep. Ill be back to check on the three of you in a bit.”
He leaves me to sleep and turns off the light. As the minutes pass I finally close my eyes and drift into a light sleep until I hear the door open again. In the shadows I see long blond hair, Michelle.
She slowly moves over to Emily’s bed holding a gun, “No one scares me. You included.” She aims the gun at Emily and pulls the trigger.
I cover my mouth and try not to scream as she walks over to my bed, “You still up?”
I shake my head, “No. please don’t! we didn’t do anything.”
“You let her talk all that crap… you think im horrible don’t you.”
I cry as she points the gun at me, “No! youre not, Michelle! I love you. I don’t care what they say! Please… don’t do it again.”
“Why would you say those things if you love me? You know this is only a lesson. This one… don’t make threats you don’t know how to keep.” She smirks and pulls the trigger and everything fades to black.

Emily POV
I jerk awake and hold back a scream from the pain, “nooo how could she?!?” I look over at cherise’s limp body and hold back tears, “Cherise? Cherise, are you okay?” when she fails to move I slowly stand and go over to her, “Cherise?”
One one of her arm I could see blood seeping through the bandages. I move to the door as fast as I can, “Frank! Someone! Please help!”
At the sound of my yelling Beth woke up and moaned, “Emily, whats wrong?” she turns over and faces cherise and me, “Whats wrong, Emily?”
I run back over to cherise’s bed and try to shake her awake, “shes lost too much blood this time!”
Frank and poison come in the room, “What happened?” poison asks.
“Michelle came in and shot us again! I was asleep! Help her. Shes bleeding again! She cut!” I cry and hold cherise’s hand.
Frank takes her arm and unwraps the bandage, “She didn’t cut again. It was from being shot again. The shock sped up her blood flow. It was bleeding yesterday too. Poison can you get me some new gauze and I can stop the bleeding and rewrap it.”
“Will she be okay?” I ask not letting go of her hand as poison got the supplies from the bathroom and brought it to Frank.
He starts to stop the bleeding and cleans up her arm, “She’ll be okay. When she wakes make sure she eats and drinks plenty of water. Michelle can get very angry when shes forced to show weakness.” As he finishes he makes me let her hand go and puts it under the blanket, “Let her sleep. You and beth go eat. Cherise will be fine. Her arm needs to heal before she continues training.”
I hesitate not wanting to move but Beth stands and takes my hand, “come on Emily. I want… what time is it?”
Poison smiles, “It’s 4am.”
Beths giggles, “We didn’t sleep long at all. Lets go get breakfast.”
“You were asleep for a day and a half.” Poison says with a smile leading us out of the room and I look back at cherise, “She’ll be okay. Don’t worry.”
Frank joins us and pushes us into the hall and all the way to the eating hall, “Come on time to eat. Nows the time no ones awake and we can keep you company.”
Beth lets go of my hand and grabs a try, “im not too sore Emily.” She says with a smile, “Im really not.”
I do the same and get some toast and jelly, “that’s good. Im really glad I didn’t hurt you.” I smile and go to the table where Frank and Poison are sitting, “Are you two not eating?”
Frank laughs, “Not until later. Looks like you’re not either.”
I look at my toast, “im not very hungry but I will with cherise. Maybe she’ll actually want to if I do too.”
Beth sits next to me with a plate of pancakes and starts eating, “I love them so much!... don’t judge me.”
We all laugh at her quietly with her mouth full of pancake.

Cherise POV
As I slowly sit up, head spinning I look down at my arm, it freshly wrapped but slightly bleeding through. I stand weakly and stumble to the bathroom for more gauze. This blood loss couldn’t have been good if they fixed it without me waking up. My stomach shoots pain where she shot me and I cry. As I put another wrap around my arm the room spins and Im forced to sit on the floor.
“this cant be good… where’s Emily? I need her.” I lay on the cold tile and pass out again.
When I wake I see frank and Emily standing over me, “Looks like you made it this far.” Frank says with a smile, “You need food and water. You’ll feel better that way.” He takes my hand and helps me up, “I see your arm finally stopped bleeding. That’s really good.”
Emily takes my other arm and we all walk to the eating room, “Im here for you.” Emily says in a low voice, “It’ll all be okay I promise… they have to get better.”
I stumble trying to focus on her words but find it impossible, “Can I sleep now? Im so tired.”
Frank looks at me, “No cherise you have to eat first. You eat and then you can sleep.”
“But im so tired.” They push me into the eating room with all the othere kids and as soon as I see Michele I back away until I hit frank, “I want to leave. I don’t want to be here.”
Frank pushes me forward and to a table, “Its okay im here. Say the word and we can have her stay away for a while.”
I hold back tears and shake my head, “Yes please do that… for now… im just scared it will happen again.”
Frank smiles, “Go get some food and ill go talk to her. Itll be okat cherise. I promise.”
As I go up with Emily I look back and watch Frank go over to Michelle, “Hes actually doing it.” I say with a smile.
“Well yeah. He normally sticks to his word.” Emily says with a smile.
We go up to the counter and get food. Emily makes sure I get more than enough to take care of my dizziness and orange juice to help my stomach… she knows I hate orange juice. We go back to the table and sit with poison and frank.
“Wheres Beth?” I ask.
Emily lets out a long sigh, “She insisted on training so jet took her.”
“Oh im sorry… I think she’ll be okay.” I assure her.
Frank glares at me, “Eat your food. I know your waiting around.”
I stare at the food a moment and take a bite of pancake, “Happy?”
“not until your plates empty.” Frank says with a smile, “Emily make sure she finishes. Poison and I need to go.”
Emily nods as he walks away, “You really do need to eat it all and the sooner youre done the sooner I can go to Beth and stop worrying about her.”
I sigh… she did that on purpose. She knows im not one to hurt people so I start eating faster.

Emily POV
I smile as she eats. I know that was a jerk move but I am really worried about Beth and she knows it too. As she finishes I take our trays up to the front and we head down to the training area.
“we don’t have to train do we?” Cherise whispers.
I hug her tight, “No we don’t. after what happened you don’t have to for a while. Don’t worry.”
After we get to the room jet greets us, “Hey girls. Took you longer than I thought so I let Beth go ahead and move up to the next section of training.”
I let out a sigh, “So now shes shooting others too, Real people?”
Jet nods, “That’s correct and as soon as you and cherise are ready you girls will be too.”
“No… I don’t think so. She will never want to and I refuse to. I don’t like this at all. Can I take her back up now? She needs rest or food or something other than this.”
“No I cant do that. This is the perfect place for her to be right now and if it weren’t for that attack last night you two would be in there as well.” Jet explains.
As he said that we all heard a crash come from the room. Immediately Jet swung the door open to find a statue had been taken down some how. Somewhere in the room we heard cries. I knew it was Beth and I started searching around the statue.
Beth screams, “Emily! Im over here! It hurts! Im sorry!”
The three of us runs to where shes pinned under the statue and jet asks, “What happened Bethany?”
Us along with all the other trainees in the room lifts the statue and Emily slides her out from underneath, “Im sorry… a few of us was climbing it and it started tipping… I didn’t dive soon enough.” Beth holds her wrist and cries.
Jet picks her up, “Don’t worry we can have that fixed soon. Come on Emily cherise. as for the rest of you no more training for today. I want you all to put the guns back and head to the upper levels now.”
As everyone heads up Beth makes sure she can see cherise and me behind jet. This was the first time ive seen her this protective of us. I couldn’t help but wonder if she didn’t trust him. jet goes into a hospital area and bandages her hand.
“there that should do it. No training for a while. Youre good to go.” Jet smiles as we all walk out.
As soon as we reach the end of the hall an alarm goes off and the lights flicker off.

Cherise POV
The worst thing that could ever happen in an underground hideout! The lights go out! I cover my ears and lose track of Emily’s hand in mine. I start to panic and cry.
“Emily, im scared!” Bethany screams into the darkness, “Wheres Jet?”
Emily says, “Beth, just stay calm okay? You cant panic right now. Cherise, where are you? I hear you. Come to me.”
“I… I cant move, Emily. Im too scared… I hate the dark!” as I speak a red light at the end of the hall starts to blink and Emily takes hold of me, “What is that?” I ask standing and walking toward it.
Emily takes hold of my arm to stop me, “I think we should stay put, Cherise. we don’t know whats down there.”
“I want to know.” I pull away from her and start moving toward the light.
As I get closer pair of hands come out of the shadows and pull me in and I scream at the top of my lungs, “Emily!! Don’t let them take me again!!”
As im drug further into the dark I see Emily running toward us and the person holding me stops, “Don’t come any closer or the girl is dead.” He holds the barrel of a gun to my head.
I cry, “Emily!!”
She stops and stands still, “Let her go! Cherise, im right here.”
“Don’t hurt her! Please don’t hurt her!” Beth screams, “Let her go!”
“What makes you think I should let her go?” the man questions, “Shes no good in the industry… what makes you think she’ll do any good here?”
Emily cries, “She is good enough!! Shes perfect!” she takes a stop closer and he cocks the gun ready to pull the trigger.
“I said not a step closer!” He yells at Emily.
I scream, “no! please! Don’t do this!!” tears stream down my face.
As I cry he slowly pulls me into the darkness watching Emily and Beth disappear again. The further away we get the lower my hopes become, “This will be the beginning of Emily’s training.” He says as he blindfolds me and drags me through the dirt outside

Emily POV
As Cherise is drug into the darkness I stand completely still, “Emily, what are we going to do?” Beth asks.
“Theres nothing we can do… shes gone. They have her now.” I answer staring into the dark.
After a few moments the lights flicker back on and Beth sees the tears in my eyes, “We can do something sister. We can think of something… we don’t even know who that was.”
“That’s the point!” I scream, “We have no idea who that was, where they’re from, or where they’re taking her! We know nothing!”
As I begin to raise my voice louder party poison runs up to us, “Are you okay? Is everyone here?”
“No.” Beth answers for me, “Cherise was taken. We’re not sure who it was though. They… they had a gun to her head.”
As I hear her explain what just happened before our eyes I break down and cry, “I tried! I tried so hard… I told her to stay with us but she had to see what the red light was! Poison, where could she be?”
“Do you want to save her?” he asks calmly.
“What?!?” I answer.
He repeats, “Do you want to save her?”
“Of course I do! Shes like my sister!” I yell at him, “I’m sorry but she cant co back there!”
He smiles at me, “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.” He says as he walks away, “You coming?”
Slowly i follow him back down the hallway still holding beths hand as tight as I can. We go to the training area. The one place I didn’t want to be and he hands me and Beth guns.
“Now…Shoot me.” He says looking me in the eyes.
I look at him in shock, “Shoot you?!? I cant shoot you!”
Beth holds up her gun and aims at him, “Like this… all you have to do is pull the trigger.”
“I cant do that! I cant shoot you.” I argue.
He shrugs his shoulders, “You have to. The only way youll shoot them is if you can shoot me. Now.. shoot me. Aim and pull the trigger. Its that easy.”
Shaky, I hold the gun up aiming for the middle of his chest, “theres no other way?” he shakes his head and I pull the trigger.
“Good.” He says with a smile, “Wasn’t loaded. We never tell the kids but if theyre willing to shoot us theyre willing to shoot anyone.” He hands me a gun and grabs one for himself, “Now we train.” As we walk into the training room I hear Beth shoot.
I turn around and see her aiming at him who was aiming at me, “I’ve got your back sis.”
He smiles at me, “You might want to run now.”
As the words fall out of his mouth Beth and I sprint across the room and he follows after me, “Oh wow hes fast!” I turn and shoot at him.
“No holding back Emily. This is the real deal now. Think about your friend.”
Beth runs and shoots him in the back.

Beth POV
(oh damn new POV… what??? Lol XD)
I run and ride around the corner waiting for him to come unsure of where Emily ran to. When he finally shows up I aim and shoot him in the side with a smile on my face.
“I win!” I yell as he falls to the ground.
I run across the room to where Emily is and hide with her, “He’ll be up soon. Even at that close a range they don’t stay down long with these weak guns.”
“What are you doing?” Jet yells, “This isn’t a team match! This is all for yourselves!”
I turn my gun to Emily and she does the same, “I cant shoot you Beth.” She complains as I pull the trigger and shoot her, “Oh my gosh! You shot me!” she yells as she grabs her side, “Ill get you back for that!”
I sprint to another building and peak around the corner searching for her or jet, neither to be found. As I continue scanning the room Emily and jet jump out from behind the statue and shoots me.
“Hey! Not fair! You said no tag teaming!” I laugh.
Emily smiles, “Youre right he did.” She turns her gun to jet and shoots.
“Good.” He smiles and shoots at her and she screams, “Not ready for friendly fire so much huh?”
Emily and I stand and go to him, “No… sorry. Im just scared itll be like before with michelle… but I can do this. Cherise needs us.”
I smile and take Emily’s hand, “Come on lets go to bed for now. You need rest.”
“No”. Emily says sternly, “One more time… I want to be ready sooner.”
Jet backs off and points his gun at us, “Be prepared.” Aims for me.
I duck and roll behind the statue as Emily runs away as fast as she can.
“That wasn’t fair you never said go.” I giggle and run away, “Ill win for sure this time!” We all run and I search for Emily, “Come out come out where ever you are!”
I turn around and see her pointing her gun at me, “I win!” she pulls the trigger and shoots my leg.
“Oww!! That hurts!” I scream out and she runs to my side.
She bends down to my side, “Im so sorry! Are you okay?!?”
I open an eye and aim my gun at her, “Gotcha!” I pull the trigger and shoot her in the arm.
This time she didn’t panic only laughed

Emily POV
Its safe to say this is the best and worst day ever. I can shoot and ive lost that fear. As Beth and I go to our room for the night the thoughts of the days events speed through my mind. Tonight itll be impossible to sleep. Cherise is somewhere out there trapped by someone and theres nothing I can do about it. I want so much to leave tomorrow and save her no matter what the costs but that thought isn’t realistic either or at least to my knowledge it isn’t.
As my sister slowly drifts into sleep I look up the ceiling worrying about cherise and where she might be. Soon my sisters fast asleep and I creep out of the room and down the hall. I search for Michelle’s room. If anyone’s willing to help my save cherise it would be her… after they are sisters right? I find Michelles room and go in.
Facing away from me she askes, “What do you want? I thought I wasn’t to go near you two.”
“its only me.” I answer as she slowly turns to face me, “Cherise has been taken… im not sure who took her though… I wanted to ask for your help. The killjoys, I mean the leaders wont allow me to go find her right now but im really worried.”
Michelle glances at the door and back to me, “as am I but no ones ever worked around them not even me. Poison’s a hard one to sneak around. He might be quiet but he knows everything that goes on around here.”
“Is there any possible way to make this work? I already have everything we need.” I say in hopes she’ll agree and know what to do.
She smirks, “So you were expecting me to say yes?... well that’s good because I was.” she holds out her hand and I give her a gun, “this will be fun… and no payback on your part?”
I shake my head, “No. I just need your help.”
She gives me a look and heads out the door. To me this was a good sign. Maybe she excepted my form of ‘I forgive you’ and she won’t be a jerk anymore. As we make our way down to the training deck she stops me and glances around the corner.
“Theyre having a meeting.” She whispers as I join her to listen in.
“this was one of our greatest ideas yet!” frank says excitedly, “Taking her away has really upped Emily’s confodince.”
Jet replies, “I agree but how long will this last? How long can we play this game until she actually ready?
I think this will work, “Poison explains, “Shes learned faster than any of our kids in training. Shes worried and probably not in bed but this works… cherise what di you think?”
“I think this is great!” she answers with an odd spark in her voice ive never heard before, “But when do I get to go back? I don’t like being away from her either… you guys know that.”
Frank smiles, “Soon. Really soon. We already have everything set we just need her to be fully ready.”
Jet comments, “I would say tomorrow or the next day. I cant believe how much shes doing… have you conceded maybe you held her back?”
Cherise answers with a hint of sadness in her voice, “No. I would never do that. She can do whatever shes ready for! How can you say that?!?
“those jerks!” I say, “I cant believe she was willing to put me through all this crap just to train me!! She knows how much this hurts” I clench my fists and walk away.
“you know” Michelle says with a smile, “We can always get them back… what do you say?”
“im up for anything.” I answer with a smile, “Im so mad at her right now.”
“We’ll make plans after breakfast tomorrow but for now please go to sleep.” She says with a smile opening my bedroom door.
“Goodnight,” I say, “and thank you so much.”
For the first time I hug Michelle. I can tell shes taken back a moment but she hugs me back, “Goodnight Emily.”

Cherise POV
As it gets late the meeting room where im sleeping for a while becomes darker. The lights are already dim as it is so its hard to see the other side of the room. Frank decided to stay in here with me and that made me feel a whole lot better about this plan. I glance over at him and hes asleep so I try to do the same.
As I begin to drift off I feel a pair of hands grab my arm and cover my mouth. I try to jerk away but its impossible. Im pulled off the couch and drug out of the room. I struggle to walk but they wont allow it. As we make our way through the building I cant tell where we’re going. They open a door and a bright light shines in my face. It’s the sun. we’re outside.
I look up to see who it is and its Korse, “If you want a job done you have to do it yourself.”
As we get near a van the drac covering my mouth lets go and pushes me into the van, “No! “ I scream at the top of my lungs.
Hannibal ties my arms and legs and covers my mouth with tape, “Good to see you again cherise.”
I begin to struggle and cry as the slam the door, “Oh no tears cherise Emily will be joining you soon… beth… we don’t need her.” She taps the drac driving and we speed away.
I lay back and stare at the ceiling crying thinking, ‘oh god Emily run oh please run…’
We drive for a long time and after a while she injects me with something, “You need sleep. Looks like you havnt slept in days cherise.” I cry and slowly pass out unaware of where I was going.

Emily POV
As morning finally comes I become antsy to talk to Michelle about our plan. Leaving beth to sleep I run to the eating room and im grabbed and pulled aside by frank his eyes slightly glazed over.
“What?? What is it Frank?? You look… you look like you’ve been drugged.” I say nervously.
He rubs his face nervously, “It’s cherise… shes been taken.”
“Yeah I know. She was two days ago frank.” I reply knowing the truth.
“No!” he says grabing hold of my shoulders tight, “that was a trick! She was taken for real Emily! We tried to save her but they were too strong…”
His voice travels off as he looks past me. I turn around and see poison caming toward me. He takes my arm firmly and pulls me away from the eating hall back to my room and wakes beth.
“What’s so special about you two?” he says in a firm voice forcing beth to sit up still half asleep, “I asked you a question now answer. Why do they want you so badly?”
I try to move away from him with no luck. He has the both of us pinned down and Frank comes in holding, a now crying Michelle. She struggles to cover er face but she wont let her move.
Frank stares at me with red bloodshot eyes, “We weren’t supposed to lose her poison now what are we going to do? They’ll be back for sure. Emily!! Why did they know where to find her?!? This place is bullet proof!”
I look between the two of them unsure what to answer yet so I just come out with it, “We have tracking devices im sure and they knew it would make you both come since.. since shes your sister!!” I quickly cover my mouth shocked at what I just said.
Frank lowers his eyes to the floor and lets out a tear and in a low voice states, “My sister died… two years ago in the fire… theres no way that’s her.”
“That’s not true!” I yell still trying to get away from poison with no luck still, “Shes known this whole time but she didn’t want you to worry! You know Michelle is why cant you believe she is?!? You know theyre twins!!”
Michelle stares at frank in shock, “You didn’t know! What did you think you could just lie to me and yourself this whole time?? She is my sister and yours too! And you know the truth about them too don’t you…”
Poison and frank both glare at Michelle like she stabbed them with a knife, “What is she talking about?” I ask n a low voice.
“nothing important.” Poison answers letting go of beth and me and letting us go.
“don’t you dare lie to them too gerard way!! You know theyre youre sisters too!!” michelle yells pushing frank away.

Beth POV
As Michelle comes toward us and poison lets go I back into the corner of the bed. I want all this to be over. I can tell Emily doesn’t know what to do shes in as much shock as I am. When frank grabs for Michelle she refuses and dodges his hands.
I hold back tears and close my eyes tight and scream, “Wheres cherise?!? I want my mom!!” as tears uncontrollably rushes down my face I feel a pair of arms wrapped around me.
I lean on their chest thinking it would be Emily but to my shock it isn’t. I open my eyes slightly and see poison holding me tight, “itll be okay. I’m here now. We’ll get cherise back.” He strokes my hair as I cry harder.
When I can finally calm down Emily’s staring at the two of us. This is a side of me ive never let out. She’s never seen me cry since our parents were killed. I wanted to be as strong as they were and it worked up until now. He lets go of me but stays close.
Frank looks up from the floor and says, “What are we going to do to get cherise back poison? You know its us they want. If we go in there and give in they might let her go.”
Michelles eyes widen at this idea, “no you are not doing not doing anything like that!! Im not losing you!”
“shes right… they cant lose us. They need us. We have to take that place down once and for all. That’s the only place we’ll get them off our backs and all the brain washing to stop. Girls I want you all to stick together for now on. frank, the others and I can start making plans.”
As he moves off the bed I take his arm by mistake, “umm… thank you gerard. We can help. Cherise is our friend… and we are trained now.”
I let go and he hugs me, “I know… we’ll need everyone for this one.” He smiles and walks out with frank following close behind.

Cherise POV
As I awake from my endless nightmares I open my eyes to more darkness. I try to move but my arms are strapped to a bed and the same with my feet. I tense up and immediately start to panic. I have to be back at the industry but where at in the industry and do the others know.
I voice tears through the darkness, “Welcome back cherise. did you miss us?”
That voice, I know that voice but I cant remember. Is it Korse or Hannibal?
“you were trapped there for a long time weren’t you?” another lower voice says and I know that ones Korse the other has to be Hannibal, “you seem healthy enough for this test now.”
A blinding light turns on above me and I close my eyes tight unable to take the bright light. As I turned my head away my mouth was forced open and a pill shoved down my throat. I tried to cough it up but they wouldn’t allow it. A gagged a while until it went down. I opened my eyes wide to see Korse covering my eyes and looking at a pair of dracs.
“All water diet for three days got it?” Hannibal says with a smile on her face as she looks to me, “Lets see how thisll effect you… im sure if it works your family will have to come before its too late.”
Before leaving Korse gave me an IV, “That’ll keep the liquids in your body… no need for us to come back for a while.”
Korse and Hannibal smile as she shuts off the light and slams the door shut. I flinch at the noise and try to move and get the IV out but the straps are too tight. I lower my head and close my eyes, “What am I going to do? What are they trying to do kill me?”
As time passes I slowly fall asleep still not sure about what time it really is. My stomach and muscles keep tensing and aching uncontrollably and ignoring it is becoming harder and harder.

Emily POV
I hold beth in the corner of her bed as the day drifts on and it becomes dark outside. Michelle lays in my bed staring at the ceiling waiting for the guys to come back and scratching the top of her hand.
I whisper, “Youre going to hurt yourself Michelle.”
She jerks her stare at me, “We cant just lay here… with the passing time she could be dead by now. Whats taking them so long?” she stops scratching and now rubs the red slightly burned skin, “Im sorry. Im just worried about my sister.”
This was a whole nother side of Michelle ive never seen before. Her eyes are red im sure from silent tears but I know she wouldn’t admit it. We are all worried about cherise but without a plan we could all be killed.
Suddenly the door opens slowly and franks head peaks from the other side and we all sit up, “we want you all to sleep.”
Immeadiatly Michelle gets up, “Youre kidding me right? This is our sister the loger we wait…”
Frank hold his hand up and cuts her off, “we have a plan but we need to tell everyone tomorrow during meeting… you need to rest to be ready for tomorrow night.” He begins to walk out.
“that’s our sister Frankie… they could kill her.” Michelle says in a low quiet voice.
Frank lowers his head, “I know… shes strong… she can do this. I know she can.” He leaves the room and closes the door.
I lay beth down and stay next to her, “Ill stay right here tonight okay? Im not going anywhere.” She nods and closes her eyes as I stroke my hand through her hair.
Michelle lays down and faces the wall. After I while I hear her sobs in the darkness and when im sure beths asleep I go to Michelle and hug her, “Itll be okay I promise. We will get her back. The guys know what theyre doing.”
When she finally calms down and falls asleep I go to the middle of the room and sit to watch the both of them, “I wont let anything happen… not ever.”

Cherise POV
I wake up and feel weaker than ive ever been. My head wont stop spinning and I want to vomit even though theres nothing in my system. Theres a light coming from somewhere but I cant tell where. I look around the room and see nothing. The rooms empty other than this chair. I lean over as far as I can and dry heave still unable to throw up.
The door quickly opens and I see Korse come toward the chair, “You slept long enough?”
A question… that was a question. Why is he asking queations? He never asks questions. These people don’t care theyre heartless.
He asks again this time in my face and tapping my cheek lightly, “youre not passing out again already are you? We have another pill for you but it seems like this ones effects are strongr than we though.” He takes his hands down my side and I jerk a bit, “I can feel your bones a bit already. One more pill will do the trick for sure.”
I look down at my sides and turn my head away from him as he takes out another pill, “come cherise this will all be over soon. If your friends really cared they would have been here already.” He pulls my chin toward him and opens my mouth, “you never wanted to eat before why do you care now?” he opens my mouth and puts it down my throat, “this just speeds up that.”
As he turns out the light and closes the door I cry and try to throw it up, “No! theyre killing me!” I cry until I have no more energy and pass out again.
When I wake up im surrounded by dracs and the straps have been removed. I draw my knees up to my chest and hold them. The alarms are going off and the only light in the room is from the red blinking lighs. My stomach shoots pains worse than ever before. I try to make it stop but it wont. A hand grabs one of my now boney wrists and pulls me off the chair.
“come. We’re taking you to the holding chamber.” Hannibal says angerly. I try to walk but im too weak and my knees give out, “Korse pick her up now! We have to move.”
He picks me up and takes me to a chamber with five other dracs, “what… whats going on?” I ask hopelessly.

Emily POV
When the plan was made we were on our way to the industry. Beth looked more fearless than ever and she said I did even though I had all the worry in the world on my mind. We all grabbed a ray gun including every person in the hide out who was trained to shoot and hopped into the car with frank, Gerard, jet and Kobra. The rest of the killjoys rode in the back of a van with shooters ready for anything.
“we’re going with a full forward strike. No sneaking around accept me, frank, and Emily. Michelle, beth I want the two of you to stick together at all times. We need Emily just incase. We don’t know what they could have done to her and we will need a familiar face for her to see.” Poison says with in edge in his voice.
Frank looks back at us, “when we radio you get out. Run as fast as you can. All the killjoys have a radio. Run for a vehicle whether you have cherise or not. That’s what matters the most is that we lose as few as possible.”
As we approach the building alarms start going off, “Run now!” gerard yells to us and at that moment there was gun fire coming from every direction from both drac and killjoy.
Frank took my arm pulling me back from the door and slammed it closed, “We’re going in from somewhere else.” He drives into the distance and we all get out and walk to the side of the building to the vent system we were saved from, “This is it. Start crawling and check every opening. This system is connected to the whole building and with our distraction in the front they wont notice us.”
We start crawling through the system failing to find her in every opening until the last one. I look out and see her passed out and paler than ever laying on the floor surrounded by dracs and Korse kneeling over her. I wanted to yell at him but I couldn’t give away our position yet. As gun fire come closer to the room we see the door swing open, Its Michelle and Beth. They were looking for her too im sure of it.
As they start shooting at the dracs the three of us climb out of the vent and drop out over cherise grabbing her thin arms, “This isn’t good! Shes dying!” I yell over the noises.
Frank picks up her almost lifeless body as Korse turns to us, “What do you think youre doing with my girl? She needs our medicine or she’ll die now.” She tences up in franks arms and holds her stomach, “the process has already begun you cant stop it now.” He aims his gun for frank but poisons faster and shoots the gun out of korses hand.
“youll leave these girls alone! Theyre not yours!” poison yells shooting Korse to the floor, “Come on we need to get her out of here now.”
As we all run out of the room a message comes over the radios from jet, “Its all set in three minutes this place is dust. Everyone get out now. Leave the rest behind.”
A feeling of shock comes over me as we run to the main entrance, “what did he do?!? Theres no way we can all get out!”
“Stay positive Emily!” Michelle yells at me as we get out the doors, “Get her in the van now.”

Cherise POV
I hold my knees and lean against Michelle. She holds me tight like she’ll never see me again. My eyes wont stay open even though they all insist I do, “i… im tired… please can I sleep…im out now.”
Frank climbs back to us and taps my face and I flinch and cry, “Cherise whats wrong? Itll be okay just tell me what they gave you.”
I burry my face into Michelle’s side and cry harder. I want to throw up. The pain in my stomachs too much and it wont go away. when I dry heave she lifts my head away from her, “cherise what did they give you sweety. We have to know. You’re very sick.”
“I don’t know… it was a new pill… he said it would end me sooner… since I don’t eat.” I cry out and hold my stomach tighter with no relief.
Frank looks out the window as jet pages us a countdown, “Stop the vehicle poison.” Poison stops and faces us toward the building. “This is it… it’s all over now.”
As jet said zero there was a loud explosion coming from one side of the building, “That was the warning. The rest comes at sun rise.” Poison explains with a smile.
As we get closer to the hide out I pass out against Michelle with all her efforts to keep me up coming to an end. When I finally wake up again I see a light shining through the window in our room. Emily is sitting at the foot of my bed. Her face is fuzzy but I can tell its red from crying.
“hi… im sorry.” I sit up slightly and look at her and notice michell and beth on her bed on the other side of the room.
Immediately Beth runs out, “Its okay cherise. please don’t be sorry. We’re all here for eachother.” Emily says in a low voice.
Michelle comes over to my bed and sits next to me, “We were so worried about you.” She holds me close and wont let go, “everyones okay now. We’re all here and alive.”
As they speak their voices sound distance like we’re in a tunnel. I try shaking my head and clearing my vision but nothing will work. Soon Poison and frank come to the door with beth close behind.
“cherise, are you okay? How are you feeling?” poison asks coming close to my bed.
“better… now that im back… can this be stopped? I feel sick.” I ask with worry in my voice.
Frank stands next to poison, “It can be in time but first you have to eat and… give it time to pass. Your system wont take anything in right now.”
I nod in approval. The idea of dying isn’t a thought I would like on my mind at this moment and if I can help it I refuse to let it happen. The three of us stand and go to the eating hall. All the halls and rooms are dark meaning its still late but they want me to try and im more than willing.

Michelle POV
As time moves forward and the dark becomes a dim light from the sunrise jet radios frank, “Hey… go outside all of you okay? Youll want to see this.”
I take cherise hand and make her drop her fork from trying to eat, “Come on… our new beginning is here at last.” She willingly follows along with Emily and beth hand in hand and we all followed poison and frank out.
In the distance we can see the industry slightly and Beth speaks up, “What can we see from here?”
“Everything.” Poison answers as a huge explosion goes off and a wall of fire covers the industry with tall flames, “Now… now we can keep running.”
A smile comes across all the girls faces and mine. The guys walk inside and make the announcement. We are free. We can come out of hiding and into the light where we deserve to be.
Looking back on our path we chose to take we’ve learned a lot. We’ve made new friend and family. Faced our biggest fears and defeated the enemy.
In time cherise was no longer sick and was stronger than ever before. We’ve taken all the bad things that’s happened in our lives and learned from it all. With our new families ready to begin and a new world made new we left the hide out in search of a new home both familes together no matter what happens.
As for the other killjoys they were reunited with their families that where missing and if they were ghosted forever the older and younger kids came together to build their new families and new life.
Yes there will always be memories that will be impossible to get rid of but losing the past all together isn’t always a good thing either. The memories are reminders of where we’ve come from and now we know exactly where we’re going.
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