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Ever Fallen In love?

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“Its a part of growing up” I told myself “But when did growing up become losing yourself?” Oneshot

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Hello :) This story here was originally a short story written for an English assessment, and I thought it'd fit as a one shot :) Read away

Here I am, 24 and top of my game, One of the most accomplished chemists in this part of the world, and what do I have to show for it?
Degrees, Articles, awards, Students and Teachers, constantly badgering me for some of my knowledge, But still I go home to an empty house, have take-away for dinner and sleep alone in my double bed with Peanut, my cat.

Its not that I chose to live alone. I had found love. His name was Gerard. He was 5'7foot tall, artistic, clever, and an Archaeologist making his way in the world. He'd already discovered an Incan tomb and asked me to marry him under a solar eclipse. We had grown together, from stumbling, awkward teenagers falling in love to two young adults finding their way outside of school. I thought my life was perfect, until he ran away to Europe, Barefoot with a one way plane ticket.

“Men are intimidated by a stronger figure, Frankie” My best friend, Bob promised me. “They're just like children, They don't like authority”
I guess Bob was my only real friend at this current moment. I wasn't very social, and he wasn't very easily deterred. We'd been friends since we were 15 when he copied answers off my science homework, and in return, he introduced me to Gerard.

I shook my head and continued up the steps to a work party, celebrating a new medicine I had created, An easier medication for young diabetics. Tonight was huge for everyone but me. The usual hugs and handshakes and “well dones” were exchanged, but none of it hit home.

I mingled with the fellow scientists that competed with me, the interns that aspired to be me, Their dates and my former professors, and right then, in a room of 500 people, I had never felt more alone.

My name was called, “Franklin Iero” and I was once again congratulated for my miraculous work. “A short speech and its over, Frankie” a voice in my head whispered. I scrabbled in my jacket pocket for a pill, one that'd make the voices go away, and then I stepped onto the podium.

Lecture given, applause received, but I shouldn't be in this hall with these people, discussing science and politics. I should be in the rolling hills, the blistering heat, the country. I shouldn't be in a suit, I should be dancing under the stars in the nude at some tribal ritual. I longed to feel the sun beat down on me, to swim in great oceans, to discover the world, All with Gerard, But He was in Herculaneum with a younger, free-er model in his bed and I was here, long forgotten.

“Live a little Frank! The essay can wait. The party needs you” He called, Pulling away my research. “No Gerard!” I hissed for the hundredth time. “You changed. You're just as boring and soulless as the rest of them” He muttered. The door was slammed, and it was over, but in fact, It wasn't.

I was still a stranger in my own body, no longer connected to the free, happy teenager I was just 5 years ago, the one who skipped school to go to the beach, who snuck out at night to count stars with Gerard.

The voices had come once Gerard had left. I think it was my way of compensating for being alone. Peanut cant talk back, and Bob doesn't understand what its like. He was still a free spirit, waking up in a different womans bed every morning, drinking till he dropped every night. I used to be him. I hadn't seen the inside of a night club since I started medical science.

The party wasn't over, but no one would notice if I slipped away. No one noticed anything other than what they wanted to see these days. You'll see the face but not the pain, The smile hidden by lies, and the excuse of your clothes stretching at the dry cleaners when your ribs begin to show.

I walked swiftly back towards a cab. Another night home alone, another take out menu to browse and one more bucket of Ben and Jerrys Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough icecream to cry into.

“Its a part of growing up” I told myself “But when did growing up become losing yourself?”

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