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Fucker it's like a fucking War zone

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Got some results!

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School for me today = God dammed mother fucking war zone (we had 2 sides, and I got dragged in for speaking against a bitch and standing up -shrugs- she's a hoe)

Results! (Cause you are all amazing)
Wait note
(This is going to sound weird) but yes there will be relationships (who would pass up the chance if the boys were the same age as you)
BUT I won't be all like scenes (detail bro)
It leaves more to the imagination (say it a certain way, and it sounds fine)

Ray-OH OH OH I KNOW THIS!!! Skeff ;P
Mikey- detonationmouse (yes, romance...a Chemical Romance :P)
Frank- dancingdragon

Office smarty person- bloodbunny15

so if you want a romance (MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE) just ask, and I will give it to you

Wait, I lied...I will put how it started (in advance sorry, I am a hopeless romantic so)

Yeah, nods
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