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chaper 6

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Chapter 6

Asher knocked on the door. Benji didn't answer but she walked in and closed the door behind her anyway. She just stood by the door watching him for a minute still crying her.
"Do you want something?" Benji said quietly. She snapped out of her daze and went and sat next to him on the bed.
"Benj, please just listen to me."
"Why should I you wouldn't listen to me."
"Benj please we really need to talk."
"No get out."
"Benj." She pleaded.
"GET OUT!" he snapped. She got up and left. She went to her room and decided if he wouldn't listen to her maybe he'd read a letter if she wrote him one. When she had finished writing the letter and slipped it under Benji's door and went down stairs to Joel and Kayla. Joel and Kayla left soon after she went down stairs because they had a table booked at a fancy restaurant.
Up stairs Benji got the letter and started reading it.


I thought I'd write my feelings down for you seen as you can't stand to listen to me at the moment. I can't begin to say how sorry I am. I'll start at the beginning. That night when I went to surprise you at the show I was so happy to be seeing you again. I'd missed you so much but then I bumped into Alex. It broke my heart finding out that you'd slept with her. Especially from her bragging about it. When I came home yesterday and found out that she was pregnant, pregnant with your first child. It killed me. I know I was out of control. I went to the bar to see Evan but while I was their she had to leave and I was sat on my own. I ended up having drink after drink after drink. When Joel came to pick me up I didn't even know where I was. When we pulled up outside I did kiss him but he pushed me off him straight away. None of this is his fault please don't be mad at him. It would kill me if I came between you two. I didn't remember anything about last night until Joel told me this morning. I know none of this is any excuse for what I did and I understand if you want to leave me for Alex. Actually no I just lied. If you left me for Alex my life wouldn't be worth living. You are my life and I couldn't spend the rest of my life with anyone but you. I forgive you for sleeping with Alex and getting her pregnant. It still bothers me but I can learn to live with it.

Love you always

By the ended of the letter Benji was sobbing. He felt so guiltily for reacting the way he did when what he did with Alex was so much worse. He decided to go find Asher and talk to her. When he got downstairs Alex was asleep on the sofa in the living room. Benji sat next to her for a while admiring her, she was so beautiful he couldn't imagine life with out her. Just then Asher started to wake up. He smiled at her.
"Hey." He said.
"I read your letter. I'm so sorry for all the shit I put you through Alex, getting her pregnant and for reacting the way I did when you told me about you and Joel. A least you two had to guts to tell me."
"Benj I real am sorry."
"You don't need to be I did something much worse and if you can forgive me for that I can forgive you for what you did."
"So we ok?" Asher said looking at him.
"If you want us to be." Benj smiled. They hugged. "So where do we stand?"
"I don't know. Want to give our marriage a go?" she suggested. Benj pulled away and smiled.
"Are you serious?" She nodded. "Defiantly, I love you so much."
"I love you to Benj." They kissed and ended up having sex. When they'd finished 'making-up' they fell asleep in each others arms.
At five pm Benji woke up to his phone ringing. It was Joel.
"Hey Benj. How you doing?"
"If you checking that we've not killed each other you'll be happy to know that we've talked..."
"What you two actually managed to talk and not fight?" Joel said laughing. Benji laughed too.
"Ha ha not funny. Yes we talked and we sorted everything out."
"You mean your friends again?"
"Better than that we're giving our marriage another shot."
"Benj that's great. I'm so happy for the two of you. I knew you two couldn't stay mad at each other for too long no matter what either of you have done. Just one thing, don't fuck up again."
"Don't you worry I wont. Ash is all I want, all I'll ever want and all I'll ever need."
"That's good to hear. So you really expect me to believe you two just talked and didn't do anything else?" Joel said. Benji hadn't noticed that Asher had woke up and heard what Joel had just said. She took the phone off Benji and said:
"Joel Madden how dare you ask such a question but if you must know we had the best make up sex ever and..." Asher said laugh pretending to be offended.
"Ok I've heard enough can you put Benj back on please?" Joel said laughing. Asher gave the phone back to Benji who was laughing too.
"Hey Joel."
"Hey Benj. Well you two seen to be getting on just fine."
"Yeah we are. What you doing tonight?"
"Paul's coming over to hang out. Why?"
"Well Billy's coming over here for dinner why don't you, Kayla, Billy and Paul come too and we can all have dinner together."
"Sounds good to me see you about six thirty?"
"Yeah see you later bro."
When he'd put the phone down he noticed Asher was sat looking at him smiling.
"What?" Benji said smiling back.
"Nothing I'm just happy."
"Good because so am I." They kissed.
"So what was all that about dinner?"
"Joel, Kay, Billy and Paul are coming over for dinner at six thirty. Is that ok?"
"Yeah that's fine but you know it's like five thirty now and we've not cooked anything."
"Shit is it really that late." Benji said jumping up.
"Yeah it is." She laughed at him struggling to get dressed.
"Want me to do anything?"
"No it's fine I arranged this you don't need to do anything."
"You sure."
"Yeah you stay right here and let me do all the work."
"Well if you're sure?" He kissed her then ran downstairs to start cooking. Asher had a shower and got dressed. When she got downstairs it was six twenty. Benji was still running round trying to get everything ready. Asher laughed to her self.
"Benj let me do something."
"You could set the table if you want." Benji said great fully. He passed her the plates, knives and forks. She had just finished setting the table but was one knife short.
"Benj I need one more knife." She called to him.
"No problem." He said and passed her one. Through the door.
"Are you sure you want to give Ash a knife Benj?" Billy laughed. Benji glared at him then laughed and carried on cooking. Asher came through to them.
"Hey guys how long have you been here for?" Asher said smiling at them.
"Not long. Just admiring your work." Kayla said giving her a hug.
"It's not my work Benji did everything." Asher said.
"What you mean you didn't cook. I was looking forward to your cooking." Paul whined.
"No Benj wouldn't let me do anything so you're going to have to put up with his cooking for tonight."
"Ash can you come here a sec?" Benji called from the kitchen.
"Yeah. What do you want?" She said going over to him.
"Can you keep stirring this for me?" Benji said handing her a spoon. Billy said something and the others started laughing.
"What are ya'll laughing at?" Asher said smiling.
"Nothing it's just good to see the Copeland-Madden team back in action." Joel said.
"Copeland- Madden?" Asher said raising an eyebrow at them.
"Yeah you two make a really good team. That's what we always used to call you two." Billy said.
"Oh right." Asher said giving them a funny look. Benji came over and took the spoon of her.
"Ok everything's done go sit down." Benji said.
"Want any help putting it out?"
"No I'll be fine you, could get drinks if you want."
"Ok." Asher said getting everyone a drink then joining them all at the table too eat.
When they had finished eating they all sat at the table for a while talking.
"That was really good Benj, not as good as Ash's cooking but still good." Paul said smiling.
"Thanks." Benji said clearing all the plates away with some help from Joel. They guys vanished off into the kitchen talking leaving Asher and Kayla to talk in the living room.
"So is this what you really want with Benj?" Kayla said seriously.
"Yeah, we talked and sorted everything out. Being with Benj is all I ever known and all I ever want. I'm happiest when I'm with him and not matter what happens we can work through it one way or another."
"Well as long as you're both happy then I'm happy for you."
"I am I'm really happy."
"Yeah and everyone can tell Benji's happy. He's glowing." They laughed.
Later that night Asher was say goodbye to everyone as they where leaving. Benji was flat out on the sofa.
"You look after you self Ash don't take no shit from him." Billy said giving her a hug.
"I will don't you worry." She said smiling.
"And I he does do anything just let us know and we'll kick his ass." Paul said giving her a hug. She laughed.
"I don't think she needs us to kick his ass for her, she does a pretty good job her self." Joel said giving her a hug.
"See you later Ash." Kayla said smiling and giving her a hug.
"See you." Asher said waving to them as they drove off. She closed the door and went to see Benji in the living room. When she entered he sat up so she could sit next to him.
"Benj, we need to talk." Asher said seriously. Benji felt a little nervous at her tone.
"Yeah sure. What about?" Benj said sitting up and looking at her. She took hold of his hands.
"Benj I've been thinking about the whole Alex being pregnant thing and it's going to be really hard for me to deal with you know."
"No Benj just listen to me ok. Benj I love you so much and I really do want to be with you but Alex is pregnant with your first child. It's understandable that you will want to be a part of its life. The thing is I don't know if I can handle being near the baby or Alex because it will just be a constant reminder of what you did..."
"Ash please doesn't tell me that you're breaking up with me." Benji said with tears in his eyes. Asher leaned over and wiped his tears.
"No of course I'm not breaking up with you. All I'm saying is that when the baby comes I've decided I'm going to go to Canada and stay with my brother for a couple of months."
"What, Why?"
"Because Benj you'll want to be with the baby and I just can't handle that. It'll only be for a couple of months and then I'll come back. I just need a break from it all but you've got to know nothing will ever change the way I feel about you. I still love you so much." She finished Benji was now crying. "Benj don't cry. It's just better that way. Please tell me you understand." She said giving him a hug.
"Yeah I understand. It just sucks."
"Which part?" Asher said smiling.
"All of it." Benji smiled back.
"I know but we'll get through it."
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