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Movies; the basis to any good relationship. In Frank's opinion, anyway. FRIKEY one-shot. Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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That was the first movie we ever watched together. Admittedly not through choice, but rather through being forced to by our high school music teacher who practically had an orgasm every time Richard Gere so much as looked at the camera. We were sat at the back of the class, the two of us trying to act like we weren’t enjoying the musical half as much as we actually were. In all honesty, I find the film fucking hilarious and Mikey loves looking at all of the different costumes, at the way they glimmer in all of the showy dance routines. I found that out afterwards, when we bumped into each other in the lunch queue, neither of us with anyone to sit with and both managing to find some sort of conversation starting ground on that one movie. In a respect, I guess you could say that I have that movie to thank for my boyfriend; without it we probably wouldn’t have had anything to talk about that first lunchtime and I would’ve let him slip away, taking his adorkable awkward knees and magnetically deep eyes with him. But no, we had Chicago and now I have him.

Jurassic Park.

When he came round my house the first time, that’s the movie he picked to watch. It was then that I decided he was perfect for me, what with the heart-meltingly cute way his eyes went huge at the first glimpse of Isla Nublar with all of it’s dinosaur inhabitants. Even more so when we traded t-rex impressions and he let out this kind of weak little roar, proving to me that he couldn’t be scary if his father was a Yeti. Of course, me being me, I told him exactly what I thought of him; that he’s cuter than any boy I’ve ever laid eyes on, even Billie Joe Armstrong. He just blushed and giggled, sending popcorn flying all over the living room like a small firework burst of joy. And then he told me that he thought I was pretty. Frank Iero isn’t pretty though; Frank Iero is tough and annoying, a bad influence on everything within fifty feet of him. Apparently Mikey doesn’t think that though, and thus we ended up gazing at each other like two lovesick douche bags, me leaning in for the kiss just as some guy got torn apart by the jaws of a pissed-off lizard. Yeah. Romantic.

Marley & Me.

I’ve never watched that movie with him, as a dog-lover I knew it’d make me cry, I just saw the aftermath of what it did to my baby boy. It was a Saturday afternoon and I’d just strolled into his bedroom, I’d come over to see if he wanted to sleep at mine, to find him sniffling on the end of his bed with his laptop held close to his tear-stained eyes. My heart all but stopped, panicking that he’d had another argument with his big brother again, so I tackled him to the bed in a rib-snapping hug before the poor thing even had time to realise I was in the same room as him. Turned out he’d just watched that movie. I have since banned it from both of our houses, refusing to let him watch a movie that can make him cry.

Nightmare on Elm Street.

I think that’s my most favourite movie to watch with my boyfriend. Because it scares the living shit out of him, meaning that I always end up with my little angle huddled into my chest and my lips being forced to his porcelain skin in order to distract him from whatever atrocity is taking place on-screen. That’s the film that led to our first proper make-out session. One that involved a lot of sweat, moans and wandering hands; one that made the two of us, two kids rejected by the society that they rejected first, feel like we belonged. And of course, it ended with me telling him that I’d protect him from Freddie, which then led to him falling asleep in my arms like a tiny little kitten curling up to it’s mother. It wasn’t just Freddie that I promised him protection against, but everything; from the kids at school who punched him whenever I wasn’t around to kick them first to stopping him from putting forks in toasters. I think he understood that. Hence the fact that fell asleep with an extra huge beam on his cute little face.

The Rugrats Movie.

A guilty pleasure for both of us. It was Mikey’s first though and when I told him I’d buy any DVD for him for his seventeenth birthday, that was the one he picked. The look on the till attendant’s spotty teenaged face was hilarious. Not that I can blame him; a punk kid with a nose ring and a kick-ass Mohawk is hardly the kind of guy you’d expect to be buying a cutesy cartoon intended for six-year-olds. I wasn’t too sure at first, thought maybe one locker-slam had been one too many for Mikey’s pretty little head, but as we curled up on my worn old couch to watch it, I slowly found myself loving the movie. Maybe it’s because it’s Mikey’s favourite film from his childhood and it makes him happy watching it, even after getting beaten up, or maybe it’s because I genuinely like the movie; either way, it soon became one of my top ten films. Fuck that, top five.

Paranormal Activity.

This was the film that first introduced me to Gerard. And to Gerard’s vehement dislike of watching his baby brother being felt-up in order to distract him from scary things. And his unadulterated hatred of me having to run off to the bathroom with my boyfriend to sort out a few “issues”. Enough said.


Another one that makes Mikey cry, but in a good kind of way. He says he thinks that it’s beautiful, how Rose will always love Jack and remember him even if he isn’t there. Personally, the whole thing makes me want to vomit. Firstly because it exploits a real-life tragedy, secondly because mushy love stories like that remind me of unicorn puke. If Mikey likes it though, then I’m more than happy to watch it with him. There’s one part of it he doesn’t like though; the part where Rose lets Jack freeze to death. He says that it would have been a lot more romantic and a lot more sincere if she’d gone down with him, just like he says he would do me. And that’s where I started to fight in Leonardo DiCaprio’s corner, something I swore I would never do. I told him that, if it were us in their place, I’d want him to live for me. Because that’s the greatest act of love I could ever ask of him. He just smiled at me, I kissed him and then we snuggled down together for the night.

Just like we always do at the end of a movie.

A/N: Thanks for reading and I hope you like this! It’s been a while since I wrote a Frikey and I saw this as a way to also make references to some of my favourite films. Anyways, I hope you liked it and please let me know what you think! :)
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