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Hi, You just so happen to be my heros

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What happens when a fan gets to lucky to help work on an album with her favorite band?

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I woke up, hearing the familiar sound of 'Time to Dance' playing out of my alarm.
"God, if it wasn't such a good song I would probably be pissed right now." I mumbled into my pillow, not bothering to shut it off as I stretched leaning back and stretching.

One thing you should know, I absolutly LOVE Panic! At The Disco, yeah so um don't judge me.
My phone went off, and I was greeted by a screaming Kacey when I answered.
"SAM SAM SAM DID YOU HEAR?!" I was guessing it was about the contest Panic! had been running, you send in a video, of anything.
How they changed your life, why you like them, anything..ANYTHING!
Me being me, sent in a guitar cover of London Beckoned for Songs about Money Written By Machines.
"No, I just woke up 30 seconds ago." I was getting annoyed
She let out a sigh, this wasn't going to be good.
"You know how we have this whole plan of meeting them?" Well, I kind of got that, we met Brendon but that was for about 2 minutes.
Still, we got to meet...a part of Panic!
"Well you get to meet your hero." I glared, yes Ryan just so happened to be my hero and she made fun of me for it, but why would that matter..unless.

I ran over and turned on my computer.
"COMMON!" I yelled hearing her laugh
"Computer being slow?" I nodded, remembering she couldn't see me.
"Well I just nodded..don't judge me." I joked hearing her laugh.
"They picked a winner." I felt my heart sink as I checked my e-mail and nothing new popped up.
"I didn't win." It came out as a whisper, of course, that e-mail and cover, how many people did that, probably almost everyone that entered.
"Go to their website, not your e-mail." I shrugged, why not see who won.

Logging into my account.
Username- SamWritesSins
Password- LuckyBitch11

It took a few clicks until I reached the page with the contest.

/Winner Announced!/
I smiled clicking the video and putting my phone down, having it on speaker.
"Fuck, does everything have to be slow?" I asked, hearing Kacey burst out laughing.
"Yes, it loves to torture you." I heard a knock on my door, revealing..none other than Kacey.
"Really? Talking to me on the phone while you're at my house?" She laughed, before nodding.
"Of course, video's loaded." I clicked and it showed a shot of the band, on a couch.

"Hi, we are Panic! At The Disco." I smiled at the video already.
"We have been having a contest, going on, for you to help us work on our new record. We asked you to send in whatever! Make it diffrent make it plain, we watched them all." Spencer explained and Kacey sat beside me, on my desk.
"This one video popped out to us." Brendon used his hands to make his point
"This, girl she played guitar, had the same kind of makeup and wrote us such a nice e-mail. Being all like formal, calling us Mr and all that." Brendon shrugged and I sighed
"Probably not me." I muttered playing with my fingers
"The link is in the description of this video." All 4 pointed down
"The winner of this contest is....." Ryan stopped grinning, fucking suspense!
"Sam, or SamWritesSins." I felt my jaw drop and tears form in my eyes.
"Can't wait to work with you." Brendon finished and I couldn't breath.

"BREATH! DON'T DIE!" Kacey jumped off my desk.
"THEY PICKED ME OHMYFUCKINGGOD!" I screamed jumping up and down.
"Yeah get dressed or whatever the fuck you do, school?" I let my head drop, fucking school.
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