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The list

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This one's a note that will allow me to put my thoughts into some sort of order

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Hey folks so I'm not really expecting you guys to read this, it's simply so that I can have a place for my thoughts and lists and what no for the Pod fictions

The story I am currently working on is Scarlet_Fitch2027's 'The Game' it will be posted with all chapters but in one go

I will then do Mikey'sGalsses' Don't forget to turn the Faucet off (one shot) though this may be posted before the game

I will then start on ShadowSoul's Saturday Night however I will not post until the whole story is done

Next is ilovefrankieieroxx's Three Cheers For Sweet revenge (oneshot)

That is all for Ficwad as of yet though I'm also working on a story with a girl over at LJ that will be posted on the audio site and LJ but not here

I will do more once I've done these but for now this is enough

Thank you if you offered me your work I have read it all but some stuff translates to pod fic better than other stuff, however if you are still looking may I suggest xXLaylaxX who is also making some C:


Ps if you still want to submit go ahead it will just be a while before I get around to you
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