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Taking the Final Step

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Anderson is faced with a choice that could potentially destroy his already dwindling faith... or at least, that's the way *he* sees it. AU Double-drabble; some spoilers for volume 8

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Disclaimer: I don't own Father Anderson, or Hellsing. However, Veeken is my own creation.

WARNING: This is an AU fic, so it ignores the latter events of volume 8.

"Ae dinnae care what ye say - you cannae make me do this!"

"Well, I /could/, but I'd rather you decided on your own."

"Ha! That's rich! Either way I'll end up bowing to yer whim, just as if ye were yer father."

"But I'm not."

"But that does nae change things!"

"Need I remind you that you're not even a priest anymore?"

"And don't think ae don't sometimes regret that! After Millenium attacked... and now /this/!"

"You killed Maxwell... or as good as."

"And ae dinnae think this will lessen the stigma."

"But you made the choice of your own free will /then/."

"As ah'm supposed tae do /now/."


Anderson sighed. "Ae know ah'm going to regret this, but..." He held out his hand.

The girl paused. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, just give the blasted thing tae me an' get it over with!" Anderson snarled.

Veeken blinked, then placed the hardback book in his hand. "Geez, one little book, and you get worked up into a frenzy."

Anderson groaned as she calmly walked from the room. Once the door shut, he turned his glare to the book's cover.

"What are ye looking at?!" he ineffectually growled, the Mona Lisa's eye on the cover staring back unblinkingly.

"The Da Vinci Code", he groaned. "Ae must be insane..."


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