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She could say, perhaps, that it started with his sunglasses.

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Sakura could never remember how it had started. Not that she thought about it often. At least, not voluntarily.

But every once in a while, the thought would spring up and she would stare off into space, trying hard to remember.

She could say, perhaps, that it started with his sunglasses.

He always wore them and Sakura could never think of an instance that she had seen his eyes.
When she finally realized this, she found herself wondering at the strangest times, just what exactly his eyes looked like.

Sakura would sneak looks at him whenever he was around, and think about there shape and color and would his gaze be calm or piercing?

It quickly became something of an obsession.

Sometimes she would catch herself and force her attention on something else. Mostly when he would stop by the hospital to see Hinata before a mission, where he would tell his wife how long he should be gone and to not overwork herself while he was away.

Hinata would smile and say she wouldn't and to be careful and I love you and bye.

Sakura acted like she hadn't heard a thing.

Sometimes she felt guilty, and other times she pushed the guilt to a small, back part of her mind and kept looking.

And she watched and wondered, and could never remember when her gaze started to look at places on him other than his eyes.

It took Sakura a some time before she figured out Shino was watching her back.

For a while, she kept looking and he just kept staring back and that was all that happened.
But then Sakura flirted and he flirted back and Sakura kissed and Shino kissed back. It escalated and when they fucked she took his glasses off and stared into his eyes while he pulled on her pink hair.

Sakura knew it was wrong. Guilt stabbed at her every time she saw Hinata, and it got harder and harder to sleep at night, to work, to do anything.

So when she found herself kissing Shino's eyelids and putting his glasses back on and staring at the reflection of herself in the lenses, Sakura knew that was it, that was the last time she would see them.

Afterward, she would wonder if any of it was worth it.

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