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Girl To Call My Own

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A poem about news I found out today :)

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Girl To Call My Own by Gia

A girl to call my own
Surely sweet she will be
Sometimes it's crazy to think
Soon she'll call me mommy

Everyday gets a little brighter
No matter what they say to me
I know I'll always be a fighter
For they do not know just how much you mean to me

I still have a long way to go but I'll wait
For I know when you come, it'll be absolutely great
For you there was nothing I won't do
Because you already have my love, that much is true.

I have no doubt you'll be filled with beauty
If you're anything like your dad, then you will be a cutie
I can't wait to feel you move and kick
Even though your name, I still have to pick

We can't wait to meet you, but do take your time
My sweet baby girl, princess of mine
So stay here in your warm little home
One day soon, I'll have my girl to call my own.

a/n: this was really just written for fun and based off the fact that I really did find out I'll be having a girl :) My bf and I are very excited.
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