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Perfect Date

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FERARD Gerard takes frank on a date.short fluffy one-shot

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A/Nso hi!this is the first fic i've ever posted(but not written) so go easy on me will ya?ummm so its probably not the best but atleast there arent any spelling or grammatical errors(atleast there shouldnt be, im a real prick about it)and well R&R please? :)

The Perfect Date
gerards pov
I look at him, face pouty, somewhat angry expression on his face, eyelids half shut. He was groggy,cranky and angry.I'd woken him up early on a Saturday morning and dragged him outdoors into the sunlight, which he hates with a fiery passion

"You look like a pissed off elf" I comment on his height, or rather, lack of height

He pouts even more and turns away from me. If we weren't in public I'd make it up to him by kissing him softly on the lips.... But he gets embarrassed.....
We'd been riding the public railway for over twenty minutes now, getting closer to our "surprise" destination every minute. He didn't know where we were going, he just knew I'd woken him up way too early on a Saturday and dragged him out without any idea where I was taking him. If he hadn't been so sleepy, he wouldve probably been nervous or anxious not knowing where we were headed. After another twenty minutes, we were near our stop and Frankie was still as sleepy and cranky as ever

"Frankie we get off here" I say, as I grab his hand and pull him out, just as the subway doors close.

We walk up out of the sub station, me trying to get us through all the crowds of people, all the while I'm holding his hand. When we finally make it out of the sub station,i look back at Frankie to see he's wide awake now, blushing furiously, and I realize I'm still holding his hand! I smile to myself, secretly proud I made him turn such a cute shade of pink.
We walk on, seeing as how even i became a little tired from the long trip, I take us to the nearest starbucks and order two caramel machiados, because I know it's his favorite

"Yay coffee! " he muses, smiling happily.
I sigh. He's so damn perfect

We walk along the crowded busy streets of Venice beach california, passing shops of all different types and cultures. With surf shops and seafood restauraunts, I'm nervous that Frankie already knows where we are. I watch him taking in all the sights, the strange shops,and all the interesting people. And then we reach it. The scenic view of the blue ocean, melting into the bright, clear, blue sky.
Sun reflecting on the ocean, creating a wonderful natural glimmer of light. Then Frankie turns to me surprised

"Gee you brought me to the beach?"

I smile at him, and he smiles back with a look of pure happiness in his golden hazel eyes

"You're so corny!"

He adds making me feel awfully embarrassed. And then he really surprises me, right then and there he kisses me. With loads of people around watching. He snakes his arms around my neck and I nervously wrap mine around his slim waist as some people stop and stare. Okay... so maybe I get a little embarrassed too. Then Frankie pulls himself closer to me and I melt into those soft warm lips of his without thinking it further
When we finally break apart, arms still around each other, he looks at my flushed face, smirks, and says

"Now we're even, don't think I just forgot all about the elf comment".
He smiles at me.

We take off our shoes and walk across the sand toward the shore

We walk along the shore for what feels like foerever, hand in hand, holding our shoes with the other.

We get strange looks from people and i start to feel really embarrassed. Frankie senses my embarrassement, and holds my hand tighter, assuring me he isnt going to let go anytime soon, and that he doesn't care that people see or what they think of us.
As we walk along the shore, we find a spot completey deserted of beach goers. Frankie pulls me toward the dry sand and sits down , watching the waves.
I sit next to him, being able to watch only him, as the sun lights his perfect features, and brings out his already amazing hazel eyes that I can never get enough of. His dark brown fringe falling over the side of his face contrasting to his pale perfect complextion.

Hes so perfect, and he's all mine.

A small whispered 'wow' slips from my mouth and Frankie finally turns to me and smiles, and then I realize I've been staring all this time! I feel my face flush, and then Frankie's soft lips on mine.
Suddenly he turns and hops onto my lap without breaking the kiss. His soft warm lips moving tenderly on mine. He wraps his arms around my neck, tangling his thin hands into my shoulder-length, dyed- black, hair. He slowly pushes me down so that Im lying on the sand with him on top of me.
Suddenly he slides out his tongue and pushes it into my mouth! My eyes jolt open and I jump. He reaches his arms up to hold my shoulders, to ensure me that it's ok. I close my eyes again, letting frankie's tongue explore my mouth. I can feel my face slowly heat up, Frankie has never tongue kissed me before. Both of us are too shy to try it because neither of us has ever done it before, I don't know why, this is fucking amazing.
I could sense his nervousness by the way his whole body had tensed, and his hands, clasped on my shoulders, were shaking. I tighten my arms around his waist and entwine my tongue with his, and he relaxes, melting completely onto the kiss knowing that Im not uncomfortable.
We remain like that for a seemingly long time. When we finally break apart, our faces are beet-root-red and we're both panting slightly.

He smiles at me and giggles. We stay like that even longer. He begins kissing down my jaw to my neck where he nips and bites softly at the soft flesh. Then he kisses his way up to my ear and whipers into it with a devilish smile

"Hey Gee how 'bout sex on the beach?"

He quickly jumps off of me. Shocked I sit up quickly, my face red hot once more, being able to only muster up a "Whuh?"

Frankie smiles at me from where he stands and says

"Another point for me!"

I get up and walk over to him, standing on the wet sand of the beach, I shoot him a look and smile. I kneel down on the wet sand, salt water seeping into the knees of my black skinny jeans, and I begin to drag my finger through the sand.
It's a big heart, written inside

'Gerard + Frank 4 ever'

I chuckle lightly at my own corniness and stand up. Frankie's face is now a ripe-tomato-red and I smile.

"Now we're even"

He smiles a little, still a very lovely shade of pink

"I love you Gerard"

In happy surprise, I say

"I love you too, Frankie"

He smiles up at me and I kiss him.

Holding each other kissing, souls welding into one, hearts melting along with the sunset.
A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Yep, this turned out quite the perfect date
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