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Chapter 6-9: Order of the Phoenix: part 1

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someone goes back in time to change to the timeline in Luna Loovegood's body.

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Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling

Chapter 6: Order of the Phoenix: Part 1






As Harry rode the train back from Hogwarts, Hermione spent the whole trip crying on his shoulder. Ron was less than sympathetic to her grief. As he comforted his friend he realized that his childhood was over. He now had a mission: kill or be killed by Voldemort. All of the spells he had learned in the Chamber of Secrets would help, as would the extra lessons from Lupin and Moody. But now he had to get serious about Defense. Play time was over! If only he could do magic over the summer so he could hone his skills!

The next day Harry went over the Dailey Prophet in minute detail look for and announcement from the Ministry about Voldemort's return. He found nothing. But he did find, in an article about the Tri-Wizard Tournament, a quote from a Ministry official who implied that Harry was a glory hound of questionable sanity. And another article suggested the Dumbledore was going senile. Harry was out raged!

He put on his invisibility cloak, snuck out of the house and walked several blocks away to a deserted alley. From there he caught the Knight Bus to the Leaky Cauldron. He wasted no time with pleasantries but walked straight through, into Diagon Alley and over the Gringott's Wizarding Bank.

After waiting in line for what seemed like an eternity, Harry finally made it to the counter.

"May I help you?" said the goblin behind the counter.

"Griphook?" inquired Harry, who thought he recognized this goblin.

"You recognize me?" asked a shocked Griphook.

"Yes. You're the goblin who took me down to my vault the first time I came here," said Harry. "Why shouldn't I recognize you?"

"It's just that it is very unusual for wizards to remember the names of individual goblins. I'm took that we all look alike to you," replied Griphook. "How may I help you, Master Potter?"

"I was wondering if there was someone here that I could talk to about getting emancipated," said Harry.

"Of course. Key please?" said Griphook.

Harry handed the key to the goblin who pressed it on a pad on the counter and handed it back to Harry.

"The key is correct. Follow me please," said Griphook, as he led Harry down a hallway and into an office.

Within the office, a goblin dressed in a nicer suit than Griphook's sat behind an ornate desk.

"Master Harry Potter wishes to speak with you about getting emancipated," explained Griphook before he left Harry alone with the goblin.

"Harry Potter," said Harry as he strode up to the desk and offered his hand. "And you are?"

The goblin looked at Harry as if he'd grown another head. Then, slowly, he broke into a smile, grasped Harry's hand firmly, shook it and said: "Grindbar. I am pleased to make your acquaintance Master Potter. Please be seated and tell be why you want to be emancipated?"

"Voldemort's back," said Harry.

Grindbar jumped with startlement!

"Voldemort's back and I need to do magic over the summer so that I can prepare to fight him," said Harry.

"I see. Well there are several emancipation options depending how old you are," explained Grindbar.

"I'll be fifteen at the end of July," replied Harry.

"Oh dear. Oh dear. At your age I'm afraid there is only one way to get emancipated," explained Grindbar. "You would have to get married."

"Married!" exclaimed Harry.

"Yes. If you were married you would be considered and adult by default," said Grindbar. "You would be able to do magic with out restriction and you would have full access to your accounts."

"Don't I already have access to my vault?" asked Harry.

'That is just your trust fund," said Grindbar. "The other vaults you won't have access to until you come of age. If you were married, you would be of age."

"Okay, what do I need to do?" inquired Harry.

"This form needs to be filled out and signed the parent or guardians of both yourself and the bride. Then bring it back to me and we'll proceed from there," replied Grindbar.

As Harry wandered out of the bank he wondered: "Who am I going to get to marry me?"

Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling

Chapter 7: OotP: Part 2: Marriage


(Young Luna's thoughts)

{Old Luna's thoughts}

[Luna's mom's thoughts]


As Harry walked out of Gringott's Wizarding Bank wondering who he was going to find that would be willing to marry him when he spotted a sign down the street that said: "The Quibbler: the Truth is Out There." This caught Harry's eye and gave him an idea how to counter the slander against him perpetrated by the Daily Prophet. When he walked in the door, whom did he see sitting behind the reception desk but his old friend, Luna Lovegood!

"Harry! What brings you here?" said Luna.

"Actually I came to give an interview about the return of Voldemort and the death of Viktor Krum," said Harry. "But perhaps you can help me with another thing?"

"Sure Harry, I'd love to help you with anything" said Luna

"Well, I just found out that in order to get emancipated, I have to get married and I was trying to figure out who to propose to. Who do you think I should ask, Hermione or Ginny?" asked Harry.

"Well Harry, you could always marry me?" replied Luna.

(Wow!) Thought Luna's younger self

[Luna! No! You're too young!] Replied her mother.

{Give me a break mother. I'm older than you} Luna's older personality admonished her mother.

[But fourteen is too young for my baby to get married!] Pleaded Selena.

{Mother, I know what I'm doing. Now that Voldie's back I need the freedom to do magic and train} explained Luna's older self.

said the sword.

{I need to be by Harry's side so that I can protect him until he's ready} older Luna told her mother.

[Well he'd better not hurt you] replied Selena.

(It's okay mommy, she won't let anybody hurt me) assured younger Luna.

By now, Harry had recovered from his shock at being proposed to by his oldest friend. He had never even considered her as a potential girlfriend, much less a wife. Then he noticed that Luna was staring off into space as she often did.

"-Uh, Earth to Luna? Luna, are you there?" asked Harry.

"What? Oh, yes Harry. So what do you think?" asked Luna.

"Well, if you really want to do this, I want full disclosure," said Harry. "What's your secret? You're more than just a seer, aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm from the future," replied Luna. "You see, the war against Voldie didn't go well. Almost all of our friends died in the war. In the end, you had to sacrifice yourself in order to kill him. So I tried to send my spirit back in time in order to change things for the better. I went back to the moment of my mother's death. She had tried to conjure a long dead spirit on the form of a sword of icy fire. Unfortunately, the spell backfired and the sword went through her heart. When I arrived, I pulled the sword from my mother's body and in the process absorbed not only the sword but also my mother's spirit. So I am a composite of my young self, my older self, my mother and the sword."

"Does the sword give you any special powers?" asked Harry

"Yes. It multiplies my strength by a factor of ten. Thus far, I haven't been able to take full advantage of this as I was afraid if I trained too hard I would stunt my growth," said Luna. "Also I heal very fast and can instantly understand and speak any language."

"Hang on! Does this mean that you have been able to read Slytherin's Parseltongue library all along?" asked Harry.

~Yes,~ Luna admitted sheepishly.

"No wonder you ended up in Slytherin," mused Harry.

"Finally, I have the ability to make the sword appear at will, like this," said Luna as a sword of icy fire appeared in her hand. "The sword can absorb any spell and can direct it back in a blast of pure energy."

"So you're not really a seer? You just have memories of the future?" accused Harry as Luna dissolved the sword.

"No. I am both a seer and I have knowledge of the future," replied Luna.

"Assuming I agree, how are we going to get parental consent?" asked Harry.

"Well, since I am my mother, I can get my mother to sign and you can get your uncle to sign, he'll be glad to be rid of you," said Luna.

"Here," said Harry as he pulled out the marriage form.

"In order to give my mother's signature, I need to meditate for a few minutes and give her control of this body," said Luna closing her eyes.

After a few minutes, Luna opened her eyes and signed the form: Selena Lovegood and sealed it with her mother's wand. When Harry went to take the form, she reached out and grabbed his wrist in a crushing grip, looked him in the eye and said:

"If you ever, EVER, do anything to hurt my daughter, I will cut off your head, make fun of it, then apparate it into the middle of the ocean where it will be used as shark bait! And I'm not talking about the one on your shoulders either!"

After this outburst, Luna relaxed her grip and said:

"You should go give my dad that interview now. And I wouldn't tell him about our plans."

Uncle Vernon proved to be very easy to deal with. When it was explained that if he just signed the form Harry would be gone from his life forever, he was all too eager to sign.

The next day, Harry picked up Luna at the Quibbler before returning to Grindbar's office.

"Ah, Mister Potter, is this your new bride?" asked Grindbar.

"Yes, this is Luna Lovegood and I have the completed form," said Harry. "Is there a ceremony we have to go through now?"

"Only if you want to," replied Grindbar. For our purposes all that is necessary is for you to complete the form and claim your inheritance.

"What do I do now?" asked Harry.

Grindbar pulled a pad and pin out of his desk and slid it towards Harry. "You need to prick your finger and get a drop of blood onto this pad."

When Harry did as he was instructed, the blood faded away and in its' place appeared four rings. Grindbar took one of them and handed it to Harry who slipped it on.

"Congratulations, Lord Potter, you are now legally an adult," said Grindbar as he shook Harry's hand.

"What are the other three rings for?" asked Harry as he gazed at his ring with its' ruby flanked by a griffin on one side and a stag on the other.

"Well, you see, the Potters are the senior most family of the Gryffindor line. That makes you the new Lord Gryffindor," said Grindbar, handing him a ruby ring flanked by a griffin and a phoenix.

"I have relatives?" asked Harry.

"Distant relatives, to be sure. Your father was an only child - as were you," replied Grindbar.

"Who's next in line to be Lord Gryffindor?" asked Harry.

"Neville Longbottom," replied Grindbar.

"Who's third?"

"Peter Pettigrew"

"Who's fourth?"

"Albus Dumbledore. It was from his hand that the ring passed when someone more worthy came forward to claim it just now," said Grindbar.

"Who's fifth?"

"Arthur Weasley"

"What about the other two rings?" inquired Harry.

"Well it seems that your mother was a direct matrilineal descendant of Rodrik Ravenclaw, the last male Ravenclaw," explained Grindbar. "Back then, daughters were unable to inherit. This makes you the first Lord Ravenclaw since the sixteenth century. Furthermore, Rodrik's mother was a direct matrilineal descendant of Harold Hufflepuff, the last male Hufflepuff. This makes you the new Lord Hufflepuff.

Grindbar handed Harry the other two rings. As he slipped them on, he noticed that Ravenclaw's sapphire was flanked by a raven and a unicorn. Hufflepuff's diamond was flanked by a badger and a hound.

"Would Lady Potter also like some rings?" asked Grindbar.

"Yes," said Harry.

"Just Potter and Ravenclaw please," said Luna

Harry looked at her quizzically.

"My older self and my mother were both Ravenclaws," Luna explained.

After Luna put a drop of blood on the pad and her two rings appeared, Luna slipped them on.

"Now, would you care to inspect the vaults while we compile a list of your assets?" asked Grindbar.

"Yes please," said Harry.

Authors note: The sword of Icy fire is based on the one portrayed in Dreadstar comics from the 1980's. Dreadstar was written and owned by Jim Starlin.

Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling

Chapter 8: OotP: Part 3: assets


(young Luna's thoughts)

{old Luna's thoughts}

[Luna's mom's thoughts]


As Harry, Luna and Griphook sat in the cart racing deeper and deeper into the depths Harry could not believe how much was happening so fast. Just yesterday, he was single. Now he was Lord Potter Gryffindor Ravenclaw Hufflepuff. Presently, they came to a stop at vault 32.

"Here we are. The Potter Family vault," said Griphook.

"Uh - I was never given a key," said Harry.

"Your ring is your key," replied Griphook. "Simply press into the matching indentation on the door and it will open."

Harry did so and when the door opened, he couldn't believe his eyes! The room was filled with chest after chest full of galleons. One entire wall was filled with shelves of books.

"Why would someone put books in their bank vault?" asked Harry.

"Normally only rare, out of print books are kept in a vault," replied Griphook. "It is usually because they are too valuable to risk theft. So they are left here when not being read."

Harry and Luna looked through the titles. There were books on transfiguration, defense, charms, astronomy, care of magical creatures, and ancient runes. They both agreed to wait until they had seen what was in the other vaults before taking anything.

It was only a short ride later to vault 4.

"The Gryffindor Family Vault," announced Griphook.

This vault was easily as big as the great hall at Hogwarts. It had even more gold in it, but also there was a collection of weapons. It seemed that the Lords Gryffindor had been collecting weapons for a thousand years. Each generation would enchant and add a weapon to the collection, which was mostly swords. Some of the more recent entries were interesting. Harry's grandfather had added a bazooka. His father had added a machine gun and his father had added a gatling gun. There was also a collection of rare books on various subjects.

Vault 3 was the Hufflepuff Family vault. In addition to the massive amount of gold, there where shelves full of jars and rare seeds for magical plants. There was also an equal amount of space devoted to vials of potions of all types, many of which, Harry had never heard of.

Vault 2 was the Ravenclaw Family vault. Like all of the others it had a massive amount of gold. Not surprisingly, there was a huge library in the vault. It had entire sections devoted to charms, occlumency, legilimency, defense, and the dark arts. Each section was bigger than the whole of the Hogwarts library. But the biggest surprise was the weapons, enough to equip an army. Apparently, Rodrick Ravenclaw had been expecting a war in the sixteenth century and had enchanted enough pikes and arquebuses to arm a large force.

Harry and Luna took a book on each subject from the Ravenclaw vault and headed back up to Grindbar's office to see a final tally of their assets,

"Lord and Lady Potter, please understand that many of the investments that were made by the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff families were in businesses that no longer exist," said Grindbar. "They merged with other businesses which, in turn, merged with other businesses until the present day, when we rent out the proxies for the interest you own in various things and deposit the rent money in your accounts. Without further delay: here are your assets:

Potter Family Estate

Liquid Assets:

Vault 32: Potter Family Vault - 604,090,858 Galleons

Vault 765: James Potter Personal Vault- 1,000,433 Galleons

Vault 795: Lily Evans Personal Vault- 603,326 Galleons

Vault 687: Harry Potter Trust Vault- 3,964,390 Galleons

Vault 4: Gryffindor Family Vault - 1,813,985,034 Galleons

Vault 3: Hufflepuff Family Vault - 2, 895,532,909 Galleons

Vault 2 Ravenclaw Family Vault - 3,123,542, 978 Galleons

Total Money Assets: 8,438,755,538 Galleons

Ownerships in Businesses:

Wizarding Business:

Daily Prophet 15 percent- Potter Family

Daily Prophet 10 percent - Gryffindor Family

Daily Prophet 10 percent - Hufflepuff Family

Daily Prophet 20 percent - Ravenclaw Family

Gladrags of Hogsmeade 10 percent- Potter Family

Auguries Apothecary 10 percent- Potter Family

Quidditch and More (France) 15 percent- Potter family

The Darker Side of Life (Bookstore in Knockturn Alley) 75 percent- Ravenclaw Family

Poisons and More Apothecary (Knockturn Alley) 20 percent- Hufflepuff Family

Estimated Value of Stock Holdings: 7,230,331,059 Galleons

Muggle Business:

The Belvedere (Restaurant) 25 percent- Potter Family

Grunnings International Drills 100 percent- Potter Family

Nestle 39 percent - Hufflepuff Family

Proctor and Gamble 45 percent - Hufflepuff Family

Lloyd's of London 53 percent - Gryffindor Family

Microsoft Computers 34 percent - Ravenclaw family

Estimated Value of Stock Holdings: 1,654,010,231 Galleons

Total Estimate Value of Stock Holdings: 8,884,341,290


Potter Family: Potter Family Ancestral Home- 1 Gryffindor Drive, Godric's Hollow

Gryffindor Castle - Godric's Hollow

Potter Manor- Scotland countryside

Lily Evans family home- 11 Pine Drive, Little Whinging Surrey

Ravenclaw Tower - Wales

Hufflepuff Manor - England

Extended family homes no longer in use:

24 Park Street, Bristol

10 St. Thomas Street, Bristol

16 McCold Way, London

12 Browning Street, Birmingham

32 Eldon Street, Sheffield

Gryffindor Family Property Liquid Value: 27,345,746 Galleons

Ravenclaw Family Property Liquid Value: 22,942,478 Galleons

Hufflepuff Family Property Liquid Value: 21,492,384 Galleons

Potter Family Property Liquid Value: 12,049,374 Galleons

Total Property Liquid Value: 83,829,982

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Potter Vaults also contain numerous paintings, books, statues, weapons, furniture, etc.

Gryffindor Vault Heirlooms Liquid Value: 20,034,257 Galleons

Ravenclaw Vault Heirlooms Liquid Value: 45,765,123 Galleons

Hufflepuff Vault Heirlooms Liquid Value: 39,567,345 Galleons

Potter Vault Heirlooms Liquid Value: 18,405,321 Galleons

Total Vault Heirlooms Liquid Value: 123,772,046 Galleons

Total Liquid Value of The New Potter Estate: 17,530,698,856 Galleons

Converted to Muggle Money at The Current Exchange Rate of 1 Galleon to 23 Pounds: 403,206,073,688 Pounds Sterling or $775,728,165,168 USD.

After perusing the papers, Harry asked, "Who is the current holder of my proxies on the Daily Prophet shares?"

"They are currently being rented by Lord Malfoy, Lord Nott and Marvolo Publishing Corp.," said Grindbar.

"As soon those leases end, I want back voting control of that stock, said Harry. "Also, get back control of all of the Knockturn Alley businesses for me."

"The leases end on December 31st. I will make certain that no new leases will be issued on those proxies," said Grindbar.

"I think I'd like to take a look at some of our properties now," said Harry. "How do I find them?"

"First star to the right and straight on 'til morning?" mused Luna.

[Luna behave! You're not helping.]

"Each of your family rings is a portkey and will take you and anyone you are holding to the properties of that branch of the family," explained Grindbar. "Simply concentrate on the place you want to go and it will take you there."

"Thank you for all of your help, Grindbar," said Harry as he gathered up the papers.

"It was my pleasure, Lord Potter," replied Grindbar.

"You still need to get your possessions from your Aunt's house," observed Luna.

"Right. We'll Shadow walk there," said Harry as the two of them stepped into the shadow behind the door and vanished.

Harry had not yet learned to apparate. But Shadow walking was a trick he learned from Slytherin's library in the Chamber of Secrets where he and his friends had been training for three years. It allowed them to step into any shadow and step out of another one anywhere else.

When they stepped out of a shadow in Harry's room at 4 Privet Drive, there was a purple haired woman sitting on the bed waiting for them.

"Hello Harry," said Tonks. "And you must be Looney -"

"Stupefy!" shouted Harry and Luna as they simultaneously sent stunners at Tonks.

Tonks blocked their stunners with a hastily cast shield charm, then turned the tables with a silencio charm cast at Luna.

Luna's sword appeared in her hand and absorbed the power of Tonks' spell as Luna said: "Friend of yours?"

"I never saw her before in my life!" yelled Harry as he grabbed both his trunk and

Luna and portkeyed to the Potter home in Godric's Hollow.

When they appeared at the Potter home, it was nothing more than a pile of debris where a house had been. As they walked around the yard in silence, Harry thought: (This is where it all started. All my life I have wondered about the house my parents lived in and now that I find it, it's a heap of rubble. Wait a minute. What's that?)

Luna's thoughts were more like this:

(Ooo, look at the pretty castle!)

{Poor Harry, this must really be painful for him}


[Luna, will you be quiet! Some of us are trying to maintain a somber expression!]

(What are you going to do about it? Spank me?)

{Wait a minute. There is a castle, there, through the trees!}

(Told ya')

"Whose castle is that?" ask Luna.

"Let's find out," replied Harry as he took Luna by the hand and led her through the trees and towards the castle.

As they approached the fortress, it became obvious to Harry that at one time, the Potter home had been the servants' quarters for the manor. The castle itself appeared to be a medieval keep that had been updated many times over the centuries. The drawbridge was down and there was a wooden wall where the portcullis should be with a set of double doors in the middle of it.

Their knock on the door was answered by a house elf, who peered up at them with large expectant eyes.

"Excuse me, we would like to introduce our selves to the master of the house," said Harry.

"I believe you have already met him," said the house elf.

"Who is he?" asked Harry.

"He is you," replied the house elf. "Please come in master, Lord Gryffindor. Your guest is awaiting you in the drawing room."

"Guest?" asked Luna. "Oh yes, the previous owner of the castle."

"You know who the previous owner was?" asked Harry as they were led down a hall filled with magical paintings of priceless art objects.

"Of course, we're in Gryffindor Castle and we know who was wearing Lord Gryffindor's ring before you," replied Luna.

Luna heard the sword say in her head.

"Ah, Harry, please come in. We have much to discuss," said Dumbledore from his armchair in the drawing room. "And Miss Lovegood, I might have known you were behind this."

Author's note: The Potter family assets are largely copied from a great fic called: Harry Potter and the End of the Dark Lord by danielc. It can be found here:

The assets of the other branches of Harry's family were my own inspiration.

arry Potter is owned by JK Rowling

Chapter 9: OotP 4: Home


(Young Luna's thoughts)

{Old Luna's thoughts}

[Luna's mom's thoughts]

(Oh shit! It's the headmaster! Run for it!) thought Luna's younger self.

the sword demanded inside of Luna's head.

[Calm down, both of you] admonished Luna's mother.

{Quiet! All of you! I've got to be prepared to block any Legilimency probes he may send at us} thought Luna.

"I said: How does your father feel about this?" asked Dumbledore.

"He doesn't know yet," replied Luna.

"I see," said Dumbledore with his eyes twinkling.

"Harry, I know you don't like staying with your relatives, but this is not the way," said Dumbledore. "Surely you must have been told that the Gryffindor ring disappeared from my hand when it appeared before you? You can't get away with this. She's only fourteen."

"It's not about my relatives, it's about training," replied Harry. "We need to be able to do magic over the summer so that I can prepare to face Voldemort."

"But you need the protection of the blood wards," said Dumbledore.

"YOUR BLOOD WARDS DON"T BLOODY WORK!" yelled Harry. "When I went back to pick up my possessions, there was a strange woman in my room just waiting for me!"

"You must mean Miss Tonks," said Dumbledore. "I sent her to guard over and protect you."

"So now I'm a bloody prisoner kept under lock and key by you?!" growled Harry.

"Harry, it's not like that at all," said Dumbledore. "Come back with me. We'll get a quick annulment and you can spend the rest of the summer with your godfather."

During this whole time, Dumbledore had been careful to avoid eye contact with Harry. Now he turned his attention to Luna. When she felt his gentle Legilimency probe touch her mind, Luna opened up to him that part of her mind that she kept closed to the others. She flooded his mind with images of death and horror that she had witnessed in the future.

"Aaahh!!" Dumbledore screamed as he clutched his head.

"Does Master wish to use the wards to remove this person?" asked the house elf.

"Yes. How do I do that?" asked Harry.

"Simply say: I, Lord Gryffindor, cast this person out," said the elf.

"Harry, don't!" pleaded Dumbledore.

"I, Lord Gryffindor, cast Albus Dumbledore out," said Harry.

With a popping sound, Dumbledore vanished.

"What happens to people who are cast out by the wards?" asked Harry.

"Their memory of the castle's location is erased and they are transported to the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, Master Lord Gryffindor sir," replied the house elf.

"Please, call me Harry," said Harry as he offered his hand. "You are?"

"Moo." said Luna.

"Binky, Master Harry sir"

"Moo!" said Luna.

"Do I own you?" Harry asked the house elf.

"Moooo!" said Luna.

"Yes, Master Harry Sir," replied Binky.

"Moooooooo!" said Luna.

"You're right, Luna. Hermione is going to have a cow when she finds out," said Harry. "How many house elves do I own?"

"There are thirty-two in Castle Gryffindor, Master Harry sir," answered Binky.

Binky gave his new Lord and Lady a tour of the Castle, which had been extensively renovated over the centuries. The most recent upgrade had been done in the late 1940's by Harry's grandfather and the castle had all of the modern amenities of that era including running water and electricity. There was an extensive library including a large section on magical history.

After dinner, Harry and Luna retired to the Library. They sat in comfortable armchairs reading for several hours until Harry stifled a yawn.

Luna closed her book and rose to her feet.

"Harry, I think it's time we went to bed," said Luna sleepily.

Harry sprang to his feet with a goofy grin on his face. When they came to the master bedroom, Harry stopped her and picked Luna up.

"I believe there is a tradition about carrying the bride over the threshold," he said, carrying his bride into the room. Once he'd carried her to the bed, Harry gave Luna a deep, passionate, kiss to which she responded eagerly. Not breaking contact, Harry set her down upon the bed and leaned her back. By now, Luna was moaning with pleasure as their tongues danced with each other. Suddenly, Luna stiffened and pushed Harry away.

"Stop! Stop!" Luna panted.

"What's wrong?" panted Harry.

"I just think we're going too fast," replied Luna.

"But we're married," responded Harry.

"So that we can do magic over the summer," reminded Luna. "Yesterday you said that you hadn't even considered me as a possible girlfriend."

"Is this about Amanda and Stan?" asked Harry.

"What about them?" asked Luna?

"Are you hooked up with them?" asked Harry.

Luna burst out laughing!

"Are you lovers with Ron and Hermione?" giggled Luna.

Harry hung his head in embarrassment.

"Look, we're married now," explained Luna. "It will happen, just not tonight. When you can convince me that you've really, genuinely fallen in love with me, you'll find me quite easy to seduce."

"Right. I'll sleep in one of the other bedrooms," said Harry as he started to rise.

Luna pulled him back down onto the bed.

"I'd really rather we share a bed," said Luna. "We are, after all, married. Let's just cuddle up together and sleep together and not do anything else."

"Okay," said Harry. "I'll just go change into my pajamas."

"Oh," said Luna. "This brings up another thing. I don't like to wear anything to bed. If I sleep in the nude, are you going to be able to control yourself? We are going to have to get used to seeing each other naked anyway."

"If cuddling my naked wife is all I can get tonight, I think I can live with that," said Harry.

The next day, they toured Ravenclaw Tower. It was a massive, seventy story tower that, like Gryffindor Castle, had Muggle repellent and Notice-me-not charms on it. It was maintained by a large staff of house elves who kept it in good condition, even though it had not been modernized since the 16th century. The biggest asset of Ravenclaw Tower was, not surprisingly, its library. It was obvious that the books in the Ravenclaw vault had been a small minority of the books from the Ravenclaw collection. There was floor after floor filled with books. Many of the ones that had not been considered rare and valuable enough to preserve in the vault back in the 16th century had become quite valuable, indeed.

On the third day, they visited Hufflepuff Manor. It was a 14th century country manor with lush gardens. After the serfs had been set free, their place had been taken by some Mennonite witches and wizards that farmed the land and paid a share of their crops to the house elf who managed the estate. These Mennonites were a lot more conservative than their Muggle counterparts, and didn't use any technology more recent than the 14th century. Inspecting the gardens, it became apparent that the seeds in the vault were just a backup in case the magical crops here failed. The Wards placed on the estate had kept all outsiders from the Manor since the 16th century. Hufflepuff Manor also boasted what must have been the best potions lab in the world, best in the 14th century anyway.

Harry and Luna spent the rest of the week studying their new books. One day, Luna made a startling discovery!

"Harry, look at this!" bubbled Luna as she pointed out an obscure spell from one of the Legilimency books she had gotten from the Ravenclaw vault. "If we cast this spell, we will be able to instantly absorb all of the knowledge from any book we touch. True, it will be book knowledge and not practical knowledge. We will still have to practice any new magic we absorb in order to get good at it. But think how much faster we could learn if we didn't have to waste time reading and comprehending!"

After this, their knowledge grew exponentially!

Harry mate,

Things have been in an uproar here ever since you sent Hedwig with your last letter. I don't know what you've done. The adults won't tell us. But I hope that you are okay.


Dear Harry,

Thanks for the seeds that you sent me. I've planted them in my green house and have been doing research on them. Where did you get them? Some of them have been thought extinct for centuries! Do you know where to get more?

Yours truly,


Dear Harry,

Thank you for the book on Advanced Occlumency Techniques. Remember how mad Professor Snape got when we first started teaching ourselves Occlumency, back in 2nd year? Ron and I are staying with Padfoot. All of the adults are very angry with you but won't tell us why. Can you?

Your Friend,


My Sister,

Thank you for the potion that removes the ministry's restriction on underage magic. Where did you get it? Since I got it, I've been practicing spells out of the Dark Arts book you sent me. They are a real hoot!

You father came to visit me again. You really need to tell him that you got married. Or at least, let him know that you are okay. I try to reassure him, but I won't betray your confidence. He won't hear it from me, but HE NEEDS TO KNOW!

Friends Forever

As in Spirit

We are Together,


For next two months, Harry and Luna divided their time between absorbing the knowledge from every book they could get their hands on, practicing the magic they had learned in those books, and corresponding with various members of the D.A. that they had sent books to. One morning, Luna opened the Daily Prophet and gasped!

"Great Merlin Harry, Look!" exclaimed Luna.

The headline read: Harry Potter's cousin receives the Dementor's kiss!
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