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Hotel Mirrors

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November 25, 2014
10:45 pm
New Jersey

Gerard paced back in forth in the dark hotel room. Broken bottles were scattered, and he was holding a half empty one in his hand. He took another swig of the intoxicating liquid, cursing himself as he did it. He ran his free hand trough his hair, and let out a deep sigh of frustration.
“Damn it.” The words were slightly slurred, but not extremely noticeably. He had gotten good at hiding his drunken speach years ago.
He knew the guys would be pissed at him. And what would the fans think? he was supposed to have given this up. He had given it up. Just...not tonight. Not tonight.

Tonight was the day that Frankie died, two years ago. He remembered that day. It was November 25, 2012. His hair had been red that year, he thought. A freak accident with a ferris wheel, cotton candy, a convertible, and a giant plastic dinosaur had taken his dear Frankie away from him.

Gerard took another swig.

It wasn’t until he reached up to tuck his electric blue hair out of his eyes and behind his ear that he noticed he was crying. With that one realization, he collapsed onto the bed, and buried his face into the pillow.

“Damn it, if there is a God, he fucking hates me.” Gerard mumbled into the pillow. It was too soft for his liking.

Suddenly, everything was wrong. He hated all of it. He stood up, and began to tear the room apart. The covers were ripped from the bed, the pictures torn from the walls. He took all the towels from the bathroom and ripped them to shreds, and left rips in the hotel’s floral wallpaper. The threw the TV out of the hotel window, grinning when he heard the satisfying sound of it completely being destructed on the pavement. He busted the windows out, pulled apart the sink.

He completely destroyed the entire room. Every inch of it, except for the stand up, full length, old fashioned mirror in the corner. The wood paneling around it was intricately delicate, and stunningly beautiful. He left that for last. As he stood in front of it, about to smash it into a million pieces, he saw his reflection.

It was the reflection of a man broken, lost, abused, and desolated. it was the reflection of a dead man, a hopeless man who had lost everything.

The worst part was, it was him. He saw himself in that mirror, in a way he hadn’t for a long time.

Gerard fell to his knees there, in front of the mirror, surrounded by the rubble of the destroyed hotel room. He sat there, entranced by his reflection, and began to cry once again. He was crying for his Frankie, his wonderful, beautiful, perfect Frankie that he missed with everything he had. Gerard sat there and cried, his face buried in his hands.

He heard a small sniffling. Like someone was crying. But it wasn't him, that noise hadn't escaped from his lips.
It was so soft, just barely anything. Most people wouldn’t have noticed it, and Gerard nearly didn’t. But he did, and he wiped his eyes free of the tears. He again looked up at the reflection.

But this time, he didn’t see the broken, dead man with electric blue hair, and sunken-in, tired eyes.

He saw his beautiful Frankie.

His wonderful Frankie with his many tattoos, his glorious hair, and his brilliant eyes.

Frankie smiled.

Around him was not the broken rubble that was around Gerard. It was a pristine white place, a place that seemed inviting but scary at the same time.

Gerard couldn’t believe it.

“Frankie!!” He tried to yell, but he could only whisper, because he had been crying.

“It’s okay Gerard, you’ll be okay. it’s going to be fine, I’m here, baby. I’m here.”

“Frankie, baby, I’ve missed you. More than you could ever fucking know.”

Frank seemed not to hear him, but tears were welling up in his eyes. “Gerard, I miss you, so much. I need you. Baby please come back to me. You have no idea what It’s been like without you. I need you.”

“Frankie, baby, I need you too.”

Again, Frank seemed not to hear him. “Gee, baby, please wake up. Please.”

Gerard didn’t understand. “What do you mean, Frankie? I’m right here. And’re dead.” It pained Gerard to speak those words, the words that had haunted him for two years.

Frank still didn’t hear him. Gerard didn’t know what to do, so he looked around again, expecting to see the rubble.

He didn’t. Instead, he saw himself. Laying in a hospital bed. Suddenly, Frankie wasn’t in a mirror anymore. He was there, in front of him. The pristine white was the hospital.

Gerard had no idea what was going on. He looked down, and just kind of touched his own arm. Or rather, the arm of himself that was laying there.

And then, somehow, he was in him. He was him. His eyes were closed, and he could feel the hospital bed beneath him. He could hear the machines of the hospital beeping.

He opened his eyes.

Frankie was there. And the second Gerard’s eyes opened, his entire expression changed. He stopped crying and went up to him from where he was sitting and hugged him. Gerard clutched at Frankie like there was no tomorrow. He breathed in his scent, the scent he never thought he’s smell again. This was his Frankie, and he was real, and he was alive.

Finally they pulled apart, and they both looked so happy.

“What happened?” Gerard asked, curious as to how he went from a hotel room when Frankie was dead, to a hospital room where Frankie was fine.

“You don’t remember?”

“No, not at all. What day is it?”

“It's November 25, 2014. We were at the fair, 2 years ago...there was a freak accident with a ferris wheel, cotton candy, a convertible, and a giant plastic dinosaur. I almost lost you, baby, You've been in a coma.”

Gerard blinked. “Wait, what?!”

“You don’t remember at all, do you?”

“No. Well, I remember something...but..” Gerard looked around the room he was in.

There, in the corner, was the mirror from the hotel. Reflected in it was the rubble that he had caused there. He saw himself, with blue hair, looking just the way he had before. Except, in the reflection he was dead, with a slit throat and clutching a picture of Frankie.

Gerard looked at the Frankie that was here, in front of him, obviously waiting for him to finish.

“ you see that? In the mirror, there?!”

Frankie turned to see where Gerard was pointing.

“Gerard...there’s nothing there. There's no mirror. Baby, are you okay?”

A/N Hi guys! I just wrote this really fast, and I'd love feedback. R&R, I wanna know if this is any good. :D I have no idea where the idea for this came from, I just had Famous Last Words playing and I heard "jet black hotel mirror" and I was like, "hmm lets do something with that, shall we?" and so, this little baby was born. :D

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