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The Secret Artist

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Rated for language. FRERARD When Gerard Way starts working at his brother's private school, he encounters teacher, Frank Iero, who will change his life forever.

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Chapter 1 – The Secret Artist

Gerard Way was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, tomorrow was a new day at a new High School although Gerard wasn’t really as ecstatic as you might think. He was dreading all the teenagers he’d have to face, their cliché groups and worst of all, his kid brother.

Mikey Way was getting ready for school, his final year to be exact. He was 17, ready to leave the school he practically owned and to start life in a college, which he would also rise up in. Mikey Way was popular and not jock popular, I mean real popular, everyone loved him; everyone wanted to be his friend. He had the majority of girls falling for his good looks and charm, even a few guys too and that’s what made Mikey Way the most popular kid in Belleview Private School.

Gerard has always been popular in art school; he was a nice kid so everyone liked him (even the teachers) so Gerard had a pleasant high school experience. He used to get into trouble a lot with his best friends Ray, Bob, Lindsey and Kitty and they would always skip class and muck around. But as they were such bright kids, their grades would be the most high in the class, even when they would skip the classes they desperately needed to go to.

Gerard was very fond of Mikey. He loved him, that was for certain, but Gerard could never understand why his brother was loved so much when really, none of them knew him like he did. Mikey was a lovely boy, but so different to Gerard. They were into the same music, same clothes and same movies but Gerard –even though he was always close to Mikey- couldn’t get his finger around why Mikey was so touchy when he brought up Pete. He learned that Pete was a no-go subject when talking to Mikey; it usually ended up with Mikey storming out the room, slamming the door behind him, while Gerard sat there, clueless to why Mikey didn’t want Pete brought up.

Gerard had never met Pete but as soon as Mikey had uttered a single word about him Gerard didn’t like him. Pete was higher up than Mikey in school. He was in Mikey’s gang, along with Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie and quite a few others Gerard couldn’t really identify. Mikey liked to keep his friends secret from his home life, vice versa, so that meant nobody knew about Mikey’s older brother, the secret artist.

Gerard refused his brothers offer to take him to school. Gerard was actually disgusted with the way Mikey offered and that was saying something. Gerard didn’t understand why Mikey would hide his brother from the world but would offer to take him to school; he was always a bit of a mystery to Gerard. He parked his car up and saw Mikey talking with a bunch of his friends, all dressed in their uniform that was messy and creased, even before the school day had started. Gerard shook his head and walked into the school building. He went to reception where there was a youngish woman who was tall, had black hair and red lipstick. Gerard recognised her straight away.

“Lindsey!” Gerard said, smiling at the young woman.
“Hey! Well are you ready, Gee?” Lindsey asked, opening the office door and letting Gerard into the office.
“I guess” Gerard smiled, slightly uncertain, and was greeted by the office staff that seemed fairly nice in Gerard’s opinion.
“Okay Gee, there’s not much paperwork to do today so I’m leaving that to Mia and Christa. As for us, I’ll be showing you round today and plotting you into Mr.Iero’s music class for the afternoon” Gerard smiled at Lindsey and hugged her, he loved his best friend and was amazed when he got a job working with her!

Gerard and Lindsey were about to leave the office when the office door swung open and there stood Frank Iero, the man who was about to change Gerard Way’s life forever.
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