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Four Mikey Way Drabbles

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One hundred words of Pikey, Waycest, Gabekey and Frikey. Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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Four Mikey Way Drabbles

War – Pikey

“C’mon, Sweetness, snuggle time!”

I sigh at my hyperactive chipmunk of a boyfriend, refusing to look up from my maths homework because the last time I gave him any form of consent, I wound up boxer-less and unable to do any kind of important school work until the next morning.

“Busy, Petey. Later.”

He groans, the very sound making my body scream at me to give in to my boyfriend’s request.

“What’s wrong, Sweetness; on your period?” He giggles, hands snaking slyly around my skinny waist and making my mind whir hungrily. “I know you want me, Mikey.”

“Fine. You win.”

Trust – Waycest

“Close your eyes.”

“Why, what’re you gonna do, Gee?”

“Nothing bad.” I pause, offering him the kind of smirk that I know makes my baby brother shed all thoughts of deniability. “Well, not the kind of bad that you don’t like.”

“I dunno, Gerard. Mom’s meant to be home in ten minutes. I think she’s already getting suspicious.”

He blushes slightly at the memory of our mother asking about why we were screaming each other’s names late last Saturday night. Thankfully, she bought the ridiculous idea of us having a fight.

“C’mon, Hon. Don’t you trust me?”


“Prove it.”

Clothes – Gabekey

“Hey, Gabe, you seen my favourite pants?”

“Yes.” I reply contently, looking up from where he stands in the doorway of our shared bedroom; dripping wet from the scorching shower that he just took. Without me. Bastard. “What of them?”

“I need them.” He crosses his arms over his bare chest, the very chest that always burns under my starved touch every night. Most days, too. “I’ve got a job interview.”

“I prefer you without them.”

I prop myself up on the bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and letting them feast on him.

“I hate clothes on you.”

Fall – Frikey

I always liked Fall the best out of all the seasons. Everything about it is just so him, so Mikey Way.

The turned colour of the leafs match his irises perfectly. The bitingly cold air is the same arctic temperature that his skin always is, thus making it impossible not to cuddle up to him. The burning sunsets remind me of all the ones we’ve watched together.

And what’s more, it’s the time of year that I first met him as a kid. We were both jumping in the same pile of crunchy leafs.

Knocked each other off our feet.

A/N: So I’m on a sugar-rush and insanely hyper, meaning that I have little to no attention span. My cure? A first attempt at drabbles. I hope you liked them and thanks for reading! :D
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