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Options and Heartache

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Frank and Gerard look into their options.

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Franks POV
What? I'm- no, it isn't possible. I'm a fucking man goddamnit! Men don't make babies. It doesn't work that way. Sex or no sex, we. Do. Not. Make. Miniature. People. And to make matters worse? Not only did my lovable annoying and impossibly attractive boyfriend drag me here to begin with, but he has decided to pass out on me and leave me here on the verge of A) Wanting to kill him for the millionth time today and B) Wondering how the actual fuck i am carrying his child inside me.

"Gerard. Gerard. Sit here okay?" The doctor settle Gerard in a chair now his eyes are open and i squint at him. "You. You're Sperm fucking impregnated me!" I scream as Dr Rayne shoots me a glare. "Frank, calm down. You both consented to sex, therefore you are both held responsible." Oh Great, she chose the looks of the relationship. What a non judgemental bitch this doctor is.

"So, it's really true?" Gerard asks shakily after long minutes of silence.
"It appears so." Dr Rayne interrupts me.
" How?" Gerard practically gasps.
"The only feasible explanation i can percieve is that Frank must have been born with female organs as well as male."
"I don't menstruate." I interrupt. The fucking evil bitch is calling me a woman! What a whore! This is a freaking joke!
"Gerard, take me home now." I order him throwing my legs off the bed.
" I strongly suggest you make another appointment at the front desk for a months time. And this is for you." She says handing over a sealed envelope. I stomp away from her and dive into the car as fast as you could say fuck it.

Gerards POV
We drive in an uncomfortable silence. "So you're stuck with me now. Not a quick fuck like you planned." Frank sneered at me.
"What the fuck Frank?" I sigh, exasperated. He's being utterly ridiculous right now.
"Don't lie to me Gerard. You didn't plan on staying with me, you'd rather have that slutbag we used to work with. Her massive fake breasts and ugly, orange-"
"FUCKING HELL!" I scream, making Frank Jump. "I am not a user Frank! If i didn't want you i would've been long gone by now! I fucking stood in the rain singing freaking goldilocks Taylor Swift songs to you and now you come up with this crap! I love you okay? I fucking love you and i also fucking love that kidney bean you have growing inside you!" I breathe heavily as we stop at a red light, warning me for danger. A danger that i've turned into a person with raw emotions associated with that of a hetrosexual twelve year old girl first discovering her liking for boys. I love him. And that strange creature we managed to create. I didn't plan on leaving anytime. Ever. And the fact he thinks that little of me burns.

Franks POV
"Sorry." I mutter.
"It's okay, sorry for scaring you." He replies. He apologises? After i behaved like a TOWIE girl who had lost her false eyelash glue towards him. " You have nothing to be sorry for, i just havent had anyone stay before. I assumed you'd be the same. And it's too weird, too new. I feel differently towards you, i don't want you to go." I admit sounding like a TOWIE girl this time. He smiles softly at me and take my hand gently in his. " You thought i'd go. That hurts Frank, but i'll prove it to you, i will." He promises.
"No i believe you, i know you're not like that, it just shocked me that you wouldn't ditch me like the others." I smile at him and our lips unite until some stresshead beeps his horn because we didn't notice the light turn green and almost got ourselves killed. This time not by playboy wannabe with see through shirts and belts for skirts.

"So what are we going to do?" I take the plunge.
" I don't know Frank. I really don't know. I've always wanted children, i'll admit that. But i won't blame you if you don't want to go through with this.What was in that envelope she gave you anyways."
"Oh yeah, i forgot about that. It was probably an pology for checking out MY boyfriend." I say pissed as Gerard laughs at me. Cheeky motherfucker, like he wouldn't be jealous if it was the other way around. I'll cut my hair if we go there again, then he'll see what it is to be checked out by Dr Rayne. Aw the joys of my sexy hair.
"Aha!" I exclaim ripping open the envelope. I stop still clutching the contents.

It's a sonogram. And Gerard's exactly right. It looks just like a Kidney Bean. And the fact that we made that, becomes all too real. And suddenly an overwhelming sense of adoration for Gerard and the little Bean consumes my entire being.

THE END! I'm gonna make a sequel if thats cool with you guys! ;)
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