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Her name is Juliet

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Do you care that your's isn't Romeo? Because mine sure as hell ain't Shakespeare.

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I recite poetry
Just to feel my lips move
Purse and stretch
Creating a tune

In other tongue
Whispering fool
No words of mine make sense
Tumbling out
Like leaves in the wind

City streets
We kissed only once
But you've shouted my name
By the eye
Thrown pebbles
Too many times

One time
I threw up blood
By your sordid feet
In the dark
Both claret and air

In a dream
You lost your arm
Why stays unknown
But I cried
And I knew
So certainly why

This time
Slowly come crawling
Is it something you tell them all?
Or am I
The vision
That wouldn't fade

This time
I won't be a coward
Neruda, he said it all
Saddest lines
I can write...

...Repent and erase.
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