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Bottomless Dinner

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Ryan's such a tease. (REALLY short, don't get mad!)

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This is the first one-shot based on a video! Yay!
I love the video so much (even though it's only 20 seconds long) :)

“Hey, we’re Panic! At the Disco.”

Hurry up, you fucktard. This smile won’t last forever.

I gave a half hearted smile to the camera and flexed my fingers anxiously. Jon was talking like a turtle in slow motion. I just wanted to get back to the apartment and pick up where Ryan and I had left off the previous night.

After nearly the best night of my life, we were woken up around noon - which was way too early if you ask me - and sent to hair and makeup. Hours later we were shoved in front of a camera. I protested at first, but Ryan told me it would be over soon and gave me a seductive grin.

That shut me up real fast.

“And our song ‘Nine in the Afternoon’ is nominated for ‘Best Pop Video’ at the MTV Video Music Awards.”

Great for us. Now hurry the fuck up, Jon.

My telepathy with Jon wasn’t working - not that it ever did. Why didn’t those morons behind the camera pick Spencer to say the line? At least he didn’t take ten years to finish talking like Jon. I stuffed my hands into my pockets to avoid wrapping them around the bastard's neck and throttling him.

“So if you vote for us and we win, we’ll come to your house and make you dinner.”


My stomach rumbled when he said dinner, reminding me that I hadn’t eaten anything except for a bag of chips. Just a few more moments of smiling until they shut of the camera and-


I raised my eyebrows as Ryan blurted that out. I could just imagine him standing in front on the stove wearing nothing but a pair of boxers lowered just enough-

“Bottomless dinner.”

Damn it.

Ryan must’ve read my mind. Maybe the telepathy only worked with him. I smiled and shook my head. He knew that he gave me an idea, dangling that precious image in front of me before confirming its nonexistence.

What a tease.

“And cut! That’s a wrap!” the director shouted. I started to walk of the set, only to be pulled back by a pair of skinny arms snaking around my shoulders.

“I know what you were thinking.” Ryan purred in my ear, sending chills down my spine.


“Look down.” I glanced down to see a slight bulge in my pants.


“Fuck you, Ross.” I tried to suppress a smile.

“I know you want to, Brenny.” he whispered before biting my ear playfully.

I swallowed and bit down on my lip, trying not to arouse suspicion from Jon and Spencer.

“Let’s get back to the apartment and I’ll make you dinner,” Ryan paused and kissed my cheek, “bottomless.”

I know, it's painfully short. Go ahead and criticize the length of the story like the little trolls you are. But If you're one of the people who doesn't care about that, just know that I LOVE YOU!
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