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Note To Self

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She's the best in the business. And so are they. They kept it together when business bleed into friendship. But what will happen if friendship bleeds into more?

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"Lift your head, and move it just a little to the left. No, wait down some, left more. Perfect" Flash. Snap. Click.
The sounds of the photo shoot were overly repetitive, as were the poses, clothes, and make-up. The over all dullness was beginning to take its toll on her.

"Patty, can you change the CD? Umm...put in Hanson." She snapped a shot of their reaction as Taylor Hanson's high pitched happy vocals filled the studio and smiled inwardly.
"You, shit I need name tags for you all, Patrick? Yeah, and you...fuck, Joe? Good, great. Joe on the floor."

He did as he was told griping only once about the discomfort caused by his outfit. "And Patrick, put your foot on his back. Think about how you just kicked his ever loving ass at Time Splitters. Perfect!" Flash. Snap. Click.

"Alright kids, take five!" she called setting the camera down on the table to her left. She stalked off to the light table to check the prints from the hour before. She'd had the four of them held hostage in the studio for three long hours, and she was fairly sure they in fact hated her. Time and energy are the prices paid for perfection. They and she both had a reputation to keep up. Theirs as a terrifically theatrical band with wild photo spreads whenever they appeared. Hers as the best alternative photographer of year or lifetime whichever worked. This was their art, and their first time to work together.
The shoot was for an AP special on the band about their stint on Warped, and the up coming Voodoo fest. She'd been recommended to them by the Editor as the best out there, and that was all they'd settle for.

"Back in boys!" The outfits had changed and Andy was nibbling on a sandwich from catering when they reappeared against the blank white background. "Peter. You sit down. Everyone else off set. Great, now Peter"

"Pete is fine." he said cutting her off.

"Pete then, put your hands behind your head and lean back. Now grin at me, like you've got a secret you'll never be able to keep. Perfect." Flash. Snap. Click.
"Now, Andy stand over him, no keep the sandwich. Smash it in his mouth. Wonderful. Again, now look up at me. Great, smile hold. Pete don't choke. That's the next shot. Perfect."

"Now, Joe grab Patrick and throw him over your shoulder. Great, Andy you hold Pete back. Hold! Perfect." Flash. Snap. Click.

A few shots later she stood with the four of them crowded around the light table taking turns examining
the shots. "I think we've got it boys."

"Yeah. This one," Pete said pointing to a shot of Patrick being duck taped to a chair by the others, "is my favorite."

"Easy for you to say, you're not missing patches of arm hair." Patrick retorted with a wistful glance at his now patchy forearms.
"Greg was right about you Allison. This shoot was amazing."

"Thanks," She paused, trying to place his face with a name, "Andy. But please, call me Ali. Everyone else does."

"Just you wait until Ole' Billy Beckett hears we got
a shoot with the Allison Rowe. He'll flip his lid."

"I'm sorry Pete, but did you really just use the phrase 'flip his lid'?" Patrick asked raising a skeptical eyebrow at his band mate from below the brim of is cadet cap.
Pete only smirked and flipped his friend the finger before turning his gaze and attention back to Ali.

"Anyway, as I was about to say, thank you for an amazing shoot. We really appreciate it. Maybe you could catch our show in town tonight. Take a few more shots for the article? I bet you'd have a blast."

Before she could answer Ali was cut off by Joe, "Seriously Pete, what is with all the fifties throw back slang?"

Pete ignored him in favor of pressing an answer from the young photographer, "So, what do you say?"

"I...uh...," She was sorely lacking in a good excuse to say no, so she didn't. "I'll be there. When and where exactly?"

Patrick beat Pete to the punch, "We're all in the same hotel right?"
Ali nodded her head in agreement.

"Then meet us in the lobby around six, you don't mind sitting through sound check do you?"

She shook her head no and Patrick smiled. " Great its settled. The lobby around six. We'll see you there. And don't forget your camera!"

Allison faked a smile before she watched the four of them walk through the doors of the studio into the afternoon sun. She knew better than to hang out with boys in bands. Especially cute boys in bands. However, knowing better and caring that you do are two terribly different things.

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