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Another night on tour

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Alrighty, I know you all hate my other story and think its shit and stuff, so im going to have a go at a oneshot, I would like honest feedback too, thank you :) Oh anf its frerard :3

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As gerard look back at the raving audiance, he smiled at them and left the stage.
Another day, another concert...he loved them but after awhile he got sick of his own voice, which made him sing quieter.
this wasn't his best show, but it wasn't his worst, he was just looking foreward to tonight, him and Frankie are going out on a date.

"So Gee are you ready for tonight"said the excited Frank Iero bouncing around behind stage.
"Ready as i'll ever be!" Gerard gave Frank a smile and took a long sip of his coffee.
"Well i'm going to go back to the hotel and get ready for tonight" Frank waved back at the other band members and excited the room.
"So Gee are you going to go back to the hotel room too?" Asked a very curious Ray Torro.
Gee pushed back his long red hair and sighed "Yeah might aswell, maybe I can get some sleep before the date".
"You don't sound too happy" Ray gave him a puzzled look.
"Nah, i'm just really tired, all these concerts are making me want to sleep all the time"
"Hahaha getting old there Gee?" Mikey stood over in the corner and laughed at his own smart remark.
"yeah toataly" Gee rolled his eyes. "I'm going back to the hotel, see you guys after the date and stuff" Gee grabbed his stuff and walked out of the room.

As he arrived back to his hotel room, he imeditely collapsed on his bed.
He looked over to his doorway and saw a very sexy frank Iero standing there.
"Hey Frank, what are you doing here?"
"well I was thinking, the guys are going out drinking tonight...and maybe we could skip the date, and well, stay here" Frank gave him a very seductive look and climbed onto Gee's bed.
"I completely agree with you" Gerard climbed over to Frank and gave him a small kiss on the nose.
Frank undid his shirt and took it off completely, and did the same to Gerards shirt.
He put his hand on gerards hot chest and started to slide it down towards his crotch.
Once he reached it he stroked it for abit and undid the zipper and started to take off gerards pants.
Gee tilted his head back slightly and let it all happen.
Frank took off his pants completely and started to take off his own, but he stayed in his boxers whilst, he took off gee's.
Gee wasn't fully hard, so Frank rubbed his cock a little bit, and there you go.
Gee moaned alittle bit, and let Frank continue.
He lowered his head towards gerards hard penis, and licked his bellend.
He gave Gerard abit of a creepy smile and went back down to his pants and raped his whole mouth around gee's cock.
His tounge was teasing his penis alittle bit, by licking around softly and slwoly, then he started to suck, and bob his head, up and down.
It was only about 30 seconds later untill Gerard uttered to Frank.
"Im going to explode!"
Frank already has a hunch because he could already taste the pre-cum.
He lifted his head off his penis and gerard cummed.
Gee grabbed a tissue and wiped it off his penis, and bed.

He then smiled seductivly again and took off his boxers.
Gee new what was about to happen so he turned around and layed in his tummy.
Frankie grabbed some lube and rubbed it all over his penis, and Gerards anus.
Frank was already hard, so he climbed ontop off Gee and started sliding his penis into gerards asshole.
Gee moaned so loudly the receptionsist could probobly hear him.
As Frank inserted himself into Gerard he also moaned alittle bit.
He fully did it and started thrusting over and over again.
After about aminute of that, he quickly pulled out and cummed into his hand.
they were both panting rather heavily, and layed down on the pillows.
"Thanks Frankie" Gerard smiled and gave him a kiss.
"Anytime" He gave him a creepy look and winked.
Frank layed on Gerards chest and fell asleep.

Gee thought to himself."Well that should give me quite abit of energy for tomorows concert" He smiled and fell asleep also.
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